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Bad but neither even missed they re dead spouses Okay so Lily is pregnant and in need of a ob and Logan ust happens to be in desperate need of a nanny for his little girl Now in the first chapter is when the h and her husband have a wreck where he dies Logan is the firefighter that helped her So 3 months later she brings him cookies to the fire station where she overheard him talking about needing a new nanny and that s how this book gets going Lily is already 6 months pregnant at the time Now I loved both the hero and the h Logan was so sweet I loved how he was with Lily It was so sweet reading about him rubbing her pregnant belly and talking to the baby Lily was also amazing with Logans daughter who was having a hard time after the death of her mother I loved reading about them falling in love it was not insta love but they were definitely attracted to each other early on It didn t take too long for them to get busy lolthis book is completely safe no owom drama Also I want to make my self clear even though they both had deceased spouses I never felt either were second best to each other They both had really bad marriages Great book with some steamy sex scenes short little epilogue at the end with another pregnancy SoOMG this is so sappy But sweetYes this sappyThe tropiest of the tropesThe h s husband leaves everything to HIS parentsParents want to buy the h s babyHeroine doesn t think of contacting an attorney becauseWhen hero reconsiders hiring her because she s six months pregnant she leaves limping to go to the bus Was it raining I can t remember but it should have beenGuess who The heroWoofNo there is no puppy in the book but who cares The H calls his daughter baby bug SweetPoor Hazel aka baby bugAnyhoo the h becomes the nanny and helps the traumatized motherless little girl get better and LUSTS after the H Honestly lust is the mildest word I can call itThe hero is insanely sweet and supportive and lovingFictitious is rightCan I repeat how incredibly sweet and totally made up the big hunky fireman hero is because all men lust after women 8 34 pregnant like they are Playboy models and they the pregnant women are correspondingly responsive He s such a good guy he generously has sex with her to hurry along labor What a mensch And yes that actually is a thing The H gets a little high handed and the heroine gets a little stupid but all in all sweetness and light like cookies burning in the oven the way the H cooksHEA. Her Lily is determined to keep her new ob as a nanny It means the difference between keeping and losing her baby But will her growing feelings for her new employer destroy her chance at a fresh start for both her and her baby.

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View I really enjoyed reading thisThe story is of Lily who is suffering from emotional and mental abuse from her husband of seven years Barry Castro She married young at a time when her parents had Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just died Just when she finds out about her first pregnancy they meet with an accident in which Barry gets killed and Lily is seriously injured Barry s parents want their son s baby and are willing to pay her for itLogan Anderson is a firefighter who saved Lily s life and stayed with her till the paramedics arrived The story then fasts forwards to three months after Logan s a single dad to four year old Hazel and desperately on the lookout for a nanny who won tump him Lily now twenty five is six months pregnant walks with a slight limp and brings chocolate cookies for the firemen to say thank you And overhearing Logan s reuirement for a nanny asks for employmentHazel lost her mother six months ago and hasn t spoken since Logan has been taking her to a therapist but the shock of seeing her mother die in front of her has traumatized herI loved how Lily and Hazel connected instantly though it seems a little unbelievable the way Hazel is so comfortable with Lily And when Logan and Lily finally succumb to their attraction it was really funny seeing them uncomfortable since Hazel seemed to interrupt them Oh it was hilarious And also a bit amusing when instead of facing everything head on both of them keep skirting around their mutual attraction Though understandable seeing what happened in both their pastsWhile this is a book full of adorable cuddly gooeyness it is also a bit dated And it needs editing as well particularly for the repetitions throughout the text The conflict wasn t that convincing But there s a sweet epilogue which brought it to a great end I read this a while ago but I reread all the time and still love it Though each time I do read the h gets on my nerves a little She was incredibly annoying and selfish towards the end Overall rating 425 stars wasn t uite 45 stars but I had to give it than 4 stars for a book that had none of my triggersTriggersCheating view spoiler no hide spoiler Awesome book I m really loving this author Now I usually don t like reading books where the hero has been married before and has a dead wife but in this one it work Both the h and hero have deceased spouses and both of the marriages were horrible So we don t have any oh I loved my wife so much or oh I miss my husband so much It sounds. Ghter and single dad Logan Anderson needs a nanny for his traumatized child Hazel When the fragile woman he rescued from the wreckage of a car shows up at the station to say thank you and applies for the ob he agrees to hire.

Hmm okay this was good I liked the plot and the characters but something was missingI feel like neither Lily nor Logan had that good character arc I really liked them but I didn t connect with them almost at all The writing wasn t that special it was okay but it felt maybe a bit flat as wellThis was super cute thought I loved Hazel Logan s kid she was ust adorable Also I loved the way Lily was with her and it was cute seeing Lily and Logan interacting The fact that Logan was the sweetest guy and so caring and protective was definitely a plusOverall I had a fun time with this book and it was a really fast read RATING 4 Hearts Cheesy predictable but still very cute and sweet NoRegrets of SpoilersStar RatingsHeroine Lily 45Hero Logan 55Plot 45Grovel noneCheating noneHEA yes with babiesTriggers noneAverage score 45Best Line There was nothing wrong with buying second hand stuff for the baby It didn t mean she didn t love her any less Worst Line nonePersonal ReviewThis was a sweet romance between a pregnant widow and a single father looking for a nannyRandom Ramblings I love big strong heroes going all mushy over babies I was proud of the h using the name Annabelle My heart broke for HazelOverall FeelingSuch a sweet love story This book had its faults and they were small As in petty things like being 95% sure that the book was set in America but slipping and using the British spelling of words like colour and labour but the sweet and sappy moments that had me saying AWWWWWW were I usuall y stay away from stories with women pregnant from another man but this one caught my attention and wouldn t let it go I don t even know why either It was Mes recettes au baby-robot just sweet I loved Hazel and I loved Lily and Logan wasust a perfect hero I could have kept reading about the all night Her husband was a erk and he dies in a car accident at the beginning Logan was the firefighter who helped her She ends up being his Nanny and she s seven months pregnant Hazel is the little girl who watched her mom die of a drug overdose and hasn t spoken since so when she meets broken Lily they bond big time I really liked this book It was very sweet and there is a little angst at the end that almost made me knock off a star but the epilogue saved it a feel good romance and it s safe and I read it in Scribd I saw this book sometime last month on Debbie s profile It was not a recommendation but I really liked her review and had a go at this book Thank you for that re. Trapped in a loveless marriage with a baby on the way Lily Castro doesn’t believe life can get any worse until a car accident changes everything Now alone and broke she’ll do whatever it takes to provide for her babyFirefi.

Elizabeth Kelly is a romance novelist who spends her days writing and pushing her cat Murray off the keyboard She firmly believes that a person can survive solely on sushi and coffee and only her husband's mad cooking skills prevents her from proving that theoryShe also writes contemporary and paranormal romance under her alter ego Ramona Gray