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Sa s confrontation with Luciana was pretty terrific too As a result this book had an end of the series vibe to it even though there was an author s note promising otherwise just not soon All those pros notwithstanding the five installment journey to get here could have been proportionate instead of this race to the finishTessa Dastien finally get with the mating which was behind schedule in my opinion and I wasn t crazy about the way it went down It was the werewolf euivalent of eloping and after all of this talk about THE ceremony I inda felt cheated by the lack thereof And all of the good stuff happened off scene which was a bummer too but it s New Adult so that uibble wasn t taken into consideration in my rating Still Claudia Lucas HEA was betterSupes first public appearance is a common enough theme in Speculative Fiction and personally I tend to give this particular thread a pass or a fail based on how well its impact on the world at large is described and the masses reaction to the news Erin did ok in both of these areas however the crunch to get er all done in one installment took its pound of flesh from this fundamental element as wellLuciana was the only character that was given enough room to fully do her thing Her evolution as this series villain has been solid throughout and the author really put the pedal to the metal in this novel from the trail of carnage that the witch left in her wake to the traps she set up for the werewolves and the unveiling of her ultimate objective Erin may have teased us with lovemaking but she swamped us with actionALPHA UNLEASHED was a good conclusion to Tessa Dastien s story Oh I just love this series Tessa and Dastien are so perfect for each other As the final installment of the Alpha Girl series I wondered how it would end Perfectly is all I can say Tessa and Dastien worked hard to save the world and find their happy ending After spending so much time with Claudia in Bruja I missed getting her point of view but was glad too see her and Lucas ALPHA UNLEASED starts off taking place during the same timeline as BRUJA as well as after The flow between the two books was well executed and I liked seeing what was happening at St Alibe s while Tessa was goneBoth Tessa and Dastien have grown as individuals and as a couple I m really glad that we got to see them mate finally It was a long time coming and when it finally happened I thought it was done well but wasn t what everyone was expectingI thought everything written in the Luciana story line well done She brought a lot of evil drama and strife to the series and I loved hating her The conclusion to her story line was well executed with a ton of action and maddeningly evil and shocking circumstancesSo ALPHA UNLEASHED was the end of Dastien and Tessa s story and I am a bit sad I really like them as the main characters but I thought their story ended in a way that could have ended the series and left everyone happy with its outcome I didn t think I was going to like Claudia as a main character but I did and the Alpha girl series has a really great cast of secondary characters so I am sure I will love anything that comes in the future This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I feel that this series has gone downhill for me and not as exciting as I renember it to be. The side of good a chance if she can make it home in time but stopping the war is no longer an optionWhen witches and wolves fight no one wins Only time will tell who will still be standing after the last spell is cas.

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5 StarsDESCRIPTIONTessa McCaide has had it up to here with supernaturals Luciana may have failed to steal Tessa s magic but she s just getting started on her crusade for magical domination If her demonic summoning isn t stopped it could mean the end of everythingTessa s allies including her mate Dastien are ready to fight but they re no match for Luciana s power A little help and ancient Inca mojo from Tessa s cousin Claudia may give the side of good a chance if she can make it home in time but stopping the war is no longer an optionWhen witches and wolves fight no one wins Only time will tell who will still be standing after the last spell is castREVIEWI ve been following this series from the beginning so when I saw book five was available I snatched it up suee Witches vampires magic and wolves not to mention not stop action what could a girl wantBeing part witch Tess has never had what one would call a normal childhood Meeting Dastien helped make sense of her chaotic world even if he accidently turned her into a wolf As she struggles with the new changes in her life all Tess wants is a chance to spend time with her mate without someone trying to Ask the Past kill her The witch Luciana hates wolves with a passion and will do whatever is necessary to destroy them even steal the powers of her fellow witches Tess barely escaped with her life but others weren t as lucky Determined to stop the evil spreading across the country Tess gathers her friends and allies together but this time it might not be enough to save the world if they don t find a way to stop Luciana before she releases hell on earthI can t seem to help myself when it comes to this series I loved the characters and the world building and each successive book just gets better and better Tess and her friends were portrayed so realistically they came alive on the pages The combination of action and romance mixed with a few tough choicesept me turning the pages faster and faster Aileen Erin didn t pull any punches with her writing or her characters and I ended up devouring the book in one sitting Though the book wasn t perfect the pacing slowing a bit in some spots it didn t dim my enjoyment at all I highly recommend reading the series in order or this book might lose some of its sparkle I look forward to reading from this series and this author If you love reading paranormal new adult romances this is the series for youPosted from my site wwwStaceyBrutgercom After failing to steal Tessa and Claudia s power for herself Luciana has completely lost the plot and in a desperate bid to defeat the werewolves she makes a pact with the devil It is up to Tessa and her friends to stop her but when they discover Luciana s plans it becomes a battle not only for the survival of the werewolves and the few remaining good witches but for all of mankind Alpha Unleashed is the final good vs evil battle in this series and it really rocks It s one battle after another all of them leading to the final showdown with Luciana A great ending to the series This whole series had me hooked Alpha Unleashed is book five and the stunning finale in the Alpha Girl series by Aileen Erin This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley Ink Monster LLC and by Aileen ErinI have been on board with this series from book one page one I have watched as. Tessa McCaide has had it up to here with supernaturals Luciana may have failed to steal Tessa’s magic but she’s just getting started on her crusade for magical domination If her demonic summoning isn’t stopped

Tessa McCaide received the bite that forever changed her life from her soon to be mate Dastien struggled to accept who she now was and to grow and become the woman and alpha mate to Dastien that she is now Tessa continued to surprise me throughout this series and in this book she pretty much blew me away This book starts out sort of running along the same time line as the previous book Bruja while Claudia is traveling in Peru to find what she needs to save her twin brother Tessa Dastien and the others are floundering to try to come up with a way to take out Luciana But before they could come up with a good plan Luciana made the first shocking move a move that would change everythingIn their attempts to cover their tracks the existence of supernaturals are outed to the world Tessa is chosen as a spokesperson and she desperately tries to convince the human public that they mean no harm to anyone that they are there to protect them But again Luciana intervenes and makes it look like they are attacking peopleTessa spends every waking moment studying books of magic to try to find a way to fight Luciana s dark magic and the demons she wants to bring forth She is exhausted and is also fighting with her own visions trying to control them and use them to help them Through all of this the love between she and Dastien grows stronger I think this is what takes this story from good to great Dastien is so in love with Tessa and is her strength through everything And when he speaks French to her well I can t help but to swoon His Riding Class (Saddle Club, kisses were addictive They drowned out all the bad All the scary And I had a lot of that going on in my head But one touch and I was gone This final book is a crazy ride from the beginning to the end as the Weres Witches and Fey are all united in their fight against evil Tessa s life has been in constant upheaval since she first became part of the supernatural world Will she and Dastien finally get a chance to enjoy life as mates and live a peaceful existence If you haven t started this series yet start at the beginning The books definitely need to be read in order This is a perfect book and series for young adult supernatural romance lovers I hope you enjoy it as much as I have Finished about half before I lost interest Will not continue the series I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest reviewI finally feel like I got some closure with this series It s definitely not the end of the series but everything finally comes to a head in book five and we get some real resultsI honestly love this plot It s the number one reason that I have read this series There author does a great job weaving a fun spunky young adult werewolf book that doesn t fit the mold of every other book out there It might seem strange but I actually like all the supporting characters way better than the two main characters Tessa and Dastien I think the other characters are what really make this series stand out above others in its genreAll in all I m glad to have gotten a chance to read this book as an advanced reader copy and I ll be sure toeep my eyes out for the next in the series Reviewed by Rabid ReadsALPHA UNLEASHED tied in well with BRUJA plus the full moon ceremony was a go and the werewolves outted themselves to humans so Aileen Erin definitely delivered on her promises Tes. T could mean the end of everythingTessa’s allies including her mate Dastien are ready to fight but they’re no match for Luciana’s power A little help and ancient Inca mojo from Tessa’s cousin Claudia may give.

Aileen Erin is half Irish half Mexican and 100% nerd from Star Wars preuels don’t count to Star Trek TNG FTW she reads uenya and some Sindarin and has a severe fascination with the supernatural Aileen has a BS in Radio TV Film from the University of Texas at Austin and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University She lives with her husband in Los Angeles and spends her