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Hough so Bea isn t affected But they totally just have to avoid open fires and walk carefully and they still end up with a million bruises Omg I just love this premise I often felt the accidents weren t that bad Like possibly it was a bit of an over reaction BUT BAH I have a bit of an analytical brain and sometimes I need to shushhhhh Anyway IT WAS GLORIOUS It really focused on relationships too and it kind of reminded me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and particularly the uote of you accept the love you think you eserveBASICALLY THIS BOOK STOLE MY HEART AND IS NOW ONE OF MY TOP FAVOURITES OF EVER I plan to hug this book for eternity I just will It s that kind of book that just was all for me So I love it So therefore everyone should read it Go now what are you even waiting for READ IT Source I received a The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Random House Children s Publishers UK and NetGalley It s the accident season the same time every year Bones break skin tears bruises bloom This was a strange but captivating book and I liked the twistsI really liked the characters in this book even if they made some suspectecisions Who sits near a railway line who goes into abandoned buildings Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins during accident season a month long perioduring which you are most likely to be injured Surely that is just asking for trouble You know I say to Bea a bit breathlessly for someone who s so afraid of accidents I sure Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, do a lot of stupid stuff Bea was also a funny character and I loved her tarot cards and strange tales But every once in a while Bea continues the prettiest virgins would find an object they weren t supposed to touch and that was the witch s kiss All witches keep their kisses in everyday objects so that their hearts won t beak too often The storyline in this was pretty good and I liked the way there was plenty of mystery and I wasn t sure what was going on The story also had a bit of a magical feel to it which I also liked All around the clearing hanging from the branches of every tree is a flock ofreamcatchers the kind you can get at the Saturday market in Galway colourful webbed circles hung with little beads and feathers I also really liked the idea of the secrets box and I loved the little Irish moments such as when someone asks Will I call an ambulance only in Ireland would someone say Will I instead of Should I There was some romance and even though it was a little taboo I thought that this couple were really sweet together I m just so ridiculously in love with you The tear in my world is getting bigger Soon it ll blow the whole universe apart I try to hide it I try to stop it I try to bloody kill it but it just won t go away The ending to this was pretty good and I liked the revelations at the end This story had a little bit of magic a little bit of romance and a touch of the paranormal and it was really good75 out of 10 This book is for a very specific type of reader A reader who likes lots of weird imagery and strange writing Possibly those Pages From Bee Journal drawn to the books of Nova Ren Suma And those who enjoy not knowing what the hell is going on or what is even actually happening until the last few chapters of the book I am not that type of readerThe Accident Season is a little like We Were Liars and Charm Strange but far boring I was warned about the weird writing style and itidn t bother me so much but it could not make up for the complete lack of plo Wow what an entrancing and surprising read I was provided with an ARC of this book for review from PenguinWell that was a really interesting book with an interesting premise but I Stones of Witness didn t LOVE it Iefinitely enjoyed itneeded to know WHAT HAPPENED There was also some good representation not really gonna say in case of spoils and I enjoyed reading about a book not set in America or with American main characters That made everything all the interesting The last bit of the book was also creepily great it s the part of the book that really shinesThe writing threw me for a loop at first and it took a while to get used The tear in my world is getting bigger Soon it ll blow the whole universe apart A blend of mystery suspense and magical realism The Accident Season blurred the lines between reality and fantasy With an unreliable narrator and engaging prose it has become confusing in a good way to know where the fantasy ends and the reality begins and that s how I like it It is somehow at least for me reads like a Nova Ren Suma novel The Accident Season is a haunting novel that gave me the feeling of not just suspense and My Indian Kitchen dread but a strong sadness and anguish as well My first impression before reading this book is that I ll get a Final Destination kind of experience But this book is than just that It is a ticking time bomb of emotions waiting to explode It has a buried treasure of the ugly truths that are waiting to beug upon The main revelation actually is predictable I saw it coming already when an odd narrative has been inserted between. Ers cover sharp table edges with padding switch off electrical items but injuries follow wherever they go and the accident season becomes an ever growing obsession and fearBut why are they so cursed And how can they break free.

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I am afraid that I have no secretsThen I backspace and I typeI am afraid of my secretsThen I backspace again and writeI am afraid of everybody else s secrets The Accident Season was a book with that gorgeous cover I seen around lots of times I read the blurb got a little curious added it to my tbr shelf but still got no intention of picking up anytime soon But now that I had finished it I couldn t believe I almost pass this up entirely I blew through this in just one ay This book was an extremely well written YA comtemporary with paranormal elementsIt was eerie and a bit haunting and a lot of sadThese characters have been living with guilt and shame and suspicion and fear almost their entire lives How incredibly sad is that If only people opened up If only there were not so many secrets in their world Accidents happen Our bones shatter our skin splits our hearts break We burn we rown we stay aliveThe Accident Season is an imaginative and whimsical paranormal book that ll keep you up at night Just a little tip you might want to keep a teddy bear close while reading this one tooThe main thing that turned this into a successfully haunting read was the writing style Doyle s writing will make you feel like you re floating and maybe even kind of unsteady which is perfect to get a good feel of the story s spooky atmosphere Although for some weirdos like me it might be a bit off putting Personally it made it a bit tougher for me to feel like I said I was sort of floating throughout the whole bookAnd now let s talk about the characters While I Fantasy Man did love the idea of them Iidn t really love them Let me elaborate here See I love how Doyle seemed to go against some character stereotypes but I just couldn t get a good grasp of them Maybe it was because of the floaty feeling the book gave me Maybe it s because I felt like some of them were too all over the place like everyone kissed everyone without telling each other or because I wasn t given enough time to really figure them outThis book also had romance in it which may or may not be a good thing I mean I The Flame Of Adventure didn t love any of the relationships in particular but Iidn t mind them being there They idn t necessarily add anything to the story but they idn t take the spotlight off the mystery either Okay maybe I Divine Magnetic Lands did sort of like the main ship but the side ship Ieem this a thing now was pretty meaningless and had no chemistryIf there s one thing I appreciated most about this book thought it s that it was it actually made sense If I m being really honest here a lot of mystery and thriller books have these twists that come out of nowhere The twist in The Accident Season will make you nod your head along while still getting these chills that ll creep up your spineY all should know that I m a huge wuss but for some strange reason still love reading books that ll creep me out And Frog and the Treasure did Doyle succeed inoing just that There were a handful of scenes in this book where I just wanted to call my mom to bring me a blanket and my teddy bear They weren t particularly holy shit scary but they were The Butterfly Club definitely spooky and mind bogglingAaand Doyle also included changelings in the book which I greatly appreciated I love how she went with theescriptive route with them I loved picturing these odd creatures in my mind and it was awesome that each of them were very Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors different and easilyistinguishableAnyone looking for a magical realism book with a good twist and lovely chills will His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, definitely enjoy The Accident Season Unless youon t like getting that floaty feeling when you readDeadly Darlings The Social Potato The Book Geek Twitter Instagram Read the full review on 100% Rock Magazine There are no ghosts only the Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? dust in the light our breath and the wind in the uiet and the feeling that something or a lot of somethings are watching us So maybe there are ghosts after all Deliciously creepy and wonderfully curious The Accident Season isefinitely the perfect autumnal read The author J.M. Coetzee did an excellent job of making the story odd enough to give the reader chills but also making it flawed enough to have them second guess themselves from the very first pageSeventeen year old Cara and her family are cursed Near the end of October the accident season begins to work and accidents happen Accidents happen Our bones shatter our skin splits our hearts break We burn werown we stay alive Sometimes people Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women die The Accident Season took than one of Cara s family members away and the family grows accident prone as a conseuence Cara s sister is hit by a car Cara almostrowns their stepbrother Sam breaks bones than is The Club of Angels deemed normal and every year they try their hardest to survive Cara s mother goes overboard every year padding the house from top to bottom removing the cooker and sharp utensils or anything sharp really and making sure each kid wears at least three protective layers before leaving the house They must avoid everything that could cause them harm and if there s no way around it for example crossing th. A bewitchingark and beautiful ebut novel about a girl living in the shadow of a mysterious curseIt's the accident season the same time every year Bones break skin tears bruises bloomThe accident season has been part of seve.

E road they must at all cost o it togetherBut this year is Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women different Cara after going through old family photo albums finds that one person is always present in the pictures A young girl called Elsie whom Cara has known since childhood and Cara is convinced that if she confronts Elsie she will find the answers to the accident seasonExcept Elsie is missing No one seems to remember her or even recall what she looked like This year s accident season is about to be the messiest one yetWhat made The Accident Season creepy was firstly the writing style Fowley Doyle has a way with words that makes you feel like you re floating like everything is in fact ghostly and otherworldly There s nothing simplistic about her style especially when it comes toescribing abandoned houses It s entrancing and addicting and hard not to get sucked into this IrelandSecondly the characters are what made the story so wonderfully poignant and curious Cara Alice and Sam are a perfect trio they would o anything for each other and love to indulge each other s wild fantasies Each characters although always narrated by Cara has their own personality something that istinguishes them from each other and each characters has secrets they would Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, do anything to keep hiddenI was swept up by the author s writing herescriptions of Ireland and every scene left me with a Born Fighting dry mouth and a racing heart I absolutely adored the romance how taboo it seemed in both cases and how itidn t eclipse Cara s race in finding out the truth about her family Elsie and the past accident seasons And no matter the romance the book focused a lot on relationships in general and it was very We Were Liars and The Perks of Being a Wallflower in this regard It was very Dr. Simon Forman different very wonderful justeliciously amazingThe best way to Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside describe this book would be slightly ghostly incredibly creepy and with a hugeose of mind blowing plot twists ready to give unsuspecting readers headaches Good headaches The Accident Season is the sort of book you can t and won t stop thinking about for a long long time 35Despite the low rating I want to say that this book was great It had an addictive uality to it it was rather hard to put A Wartime Nurse down at times I just found the twist to be rather predictable and I also DESPISED the weird relationships between the characters Overall the writing was great and this isefinitely the perfect book to pick up in the month of Octoberas it takes place in October THIS STORY IS SO WILDLY MARVELLOUS You know those kind of stories that just glue themselves to your soul And you just keep turning pages thinking omg was this made for me WELL I JUST FOUND MINE I can t possibly love The Accident Season Omg It reminded me of The Darkest Part of the Forest and The Raven Boys which are two of my most favourite books EVER It s just so full of that Split deliciously visual writing and it blurs the lines of reality and contemporary and the characters are all so REAL and fleshed out Like literally I m gasping like aried fish here IT IS SO ASTOUNDINGLY BEAUTIFUL Ahem So let me talk about the characters Ajfksdla where When Stories Clash do I even start It s mainly about 4 teens Cara the narrator and her sister Alice and her stepbrother Sam They are the most adorable siblingish trio of ever They re close They love each other They indulge each other s fantasies and are THERE for each other They re all a bit wild like they swallowed a teaspoon of magic when they were born AND THEY ALL HAVE HUGE PROBLEMS They are adorable I love them And then there s Bea the fourth part of their group who is Cara s BFF She s like a uirky eclectic tarot card reader who s sort of ignored at home so she s adopted into Sam Cara and Alice s circle I love their friendship particularly how strong it is and how they grow and change and strugglebut theyon t LOSE who this closeness YAY JUST YAY YAY YAY I m so tired of books where friends break up and move on I just love when they stick together Also SAM IS JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING IN THE WORLD He reminded me of Sam from Shiver actually Minus the paper cranes and the tendency to turn into a wolf Small etailsThen the writing OMG THE WRITING It totally just was beautiful although I o admit I got lost a bit particularly toward the end Sometimes it floated so much between reality and air that I just got lost in the blurred lines BUT BAH That The Extra Cadaver Murder doesn t stop me from appreciating the beautifulness I think Bea could set up her own secrets booth sell all the unsaid things for ten cents a pound How many secrets would fit into a pound I wonderI was absolutely hooked in and just the visuals THE VISUALS The writing was like an ice cream thatoes a party in your mouth and in your brain MY ENTIRE BRAIN LOVED THIS BOOK OKAYAlso the premise was just Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 delicious It s a little bit contemporary a little bit magical a little big ghosts and a little bit creepy Once a month every year Cara s family have this accident season Just where EVERYTHING goes wrong People evenie It s just about their family Nteen year old Cara's life for as long as she can remember Towards the end of October foreshadowed by the eaths of many relatives before them Cara's family becomes inexplicably accident prone They banish knives to locked raw.

Moïra Fowley Doyle is half French half Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband two daughters and two cats Moïra's French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies Her Irish half likes tea and happy endingsMoïra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever Sh