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I am not completely through with this book and won t be for awhile I have to return it to the library soon I really want this book on my own bookshelf with the CDs as well I liked this book on music history because it was so straight forward and really enjoyable to read for a history book It didn t over analyze the eras so you weren t bogged down in the words You could just float through musical time I liked that it really helped me remember all those things I learned once upon a time as a music major And I didn t feel like an idiot in the process. Vers • Covers than Western “classical” music also includes non Western music and uniuely American forms such as jazz • More than just names and dates puts musical developments in context with ey historical events.

Read the book when you want a uick overview of music both historically and geographically It goes without too much music theory in it and mentions literally all noteworthy little facts in the world of music This is very readable It s a good overview I wish it had better footnotes I particularly enjoyed the discussion of Greek influences on music that are still present today as well as the discussion of African polyrhythms Sadly as so often happens the History of Music section is really a history of Western music and music of other areas of the wor. A beautifully composed journey through music history Music history is a reuired course for all music students Unfortunately the typical music history book is dry and academic focusing on rote memorization of important com.

Ld is shunted off to a separate section rather than being integrated into the main narrative This is better than if other areas weren t covered at all But I found it particularly irritating that for exam I recommend this book to history buffs who enjoys the development of music mainly in the western world Or for any one who simply wants to now about how music evolved from its monophony form in the Middle Ages to our modern polyphony form Staying true to complete idiot s directive the book is pleasing to read a lovely bonus to our hectic schedules. Posers and works This leads many to think that the topic is boring but bestselling author Michael Miller proves that isn’t so This guide makes music history interesting and fun for both music students and older music lo.

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