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Didn t get started and finished till this past weekend and the book came out on Tuesday I was ready to do a review on Tuesday but then my time got away again crazy busy stuff at school so I am a couple days late with my review I am very glad to share my thoughts on this one as I m sure there are many out there who will njoy it I loved all the mythology change the way that you could kind of turn the myth into a different story but still stay true to the original or well known version Deceptive Beauties easily The trip through the labyrinth really reminded me a lot of the movie The Goonies Solving riddles and all the dangerous booby traps and paths If you are a big fan of mythology retold kind of like the Percy Jackson series or dangerous adventures like in The Goonies then this is the book for you To read my full review please go to Lisa Loves Literature This book was absolutely amazing The author is Erin E Moulton and it just came out this year This book is about a girl named Lilith Bennette who runs at night scales walls and climbs without fear She wants to follow in her mom s footsteps and become an air force pilot like her mom to find out the mystery of her mom s death and the reason why her necklace of Greek symbols has been missingver since So when Lil gets invited to Crete for a Future Leaders International conference the same conference her mom went to a long time ago she gets Dangerous Work excited and immediately accepts the invitation But things in Melios Manor are not what they seem when Lil gets pushed into a mythological adventure that leads her and her friends in to the labyrinth where the real Minotaur was kept But the labyrinth in not one of those cute corn mazes set up for Halloween This is the real deal There are death trapsverywhere with secrets and dangerous hidden deeper and deeper into the heart of the maze If anybody is a sucker for Greek Mythology or regular old adventure this is the book for you but watch out or you might just get sucked into the labyrinth too My favorite vent in the story is when Lil has to climb up the wall to get the book that Horatio wants so he can find out how to become immortal like Zeus This has now become one of my favorite books Book Report Couldn t get into this one Good action and interesting premise but the writing is uneven Some parts border on poetic but others are chaotic and choppy to the point of confusion Also the characters are all flat. Ensnared in an adventure of mythological proportions that leads her and her friends through the very labyrinth in which the real Minotaur was imprisoned And they’re not in there alone What secrets does the labyrinth hold and will they help Lil find the truth about her mother.

35 starsrounded up to a 4 since it held my interest well noughLilith Bennette is invited to Crete for a Future Leaders International conference the same conference that her mother had attended years ago Lil is still reeling from her mothers death and trying to make sense of what happened and why She also is plagued with worry about her mother s necklace of Greek symbols which had been missing ver since She hopes that by attending the conference and walking in her mother s footsteps she will start to uncover the mystery of it Things though are never what they seem and Lil finds than she bargained for at Melios ManorI m honestly not sure how I felt about this one The writing felt a bit choppy to me In my opinion the action was rushed into without a whole lot of xplanation There are alternating POV s between Lil and the villainous characters so while you get a peek into their heads to see their motivations I still didn t fu Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Keepers of the Labyrinth is an interesting read because of its take on Greek Mythology but the slow beginning and choppy writing may take away from the Forgery, Replica, Fiction enjoymentOpening Sentence The wind blew in from the Aegean and swept toward the Libyan SeaThe ReviewI was reallyxcited to read Keepers of the Labyrinth because I rea 25 starsSpoilers Keepers of the Labyrinth is ponderously paced The first hundred pages are a bore I was introduced to characters that I don t really care about and an ominous backstory on Lil Overall the chapters plod through in a very stale manner Yet there is some originality to the plot I thought it was uite clever how ach dorm had a mythological backstory And I uite liked the incorporation of the point of view from the antagonist side However I felt the characters were flat and difficult to differentiate And I asily began to dislike Sydney and Lil the second half of the book It s clear to say that they do not do well in pressurized deadly situations and thus grate on my nerves with their hostility Lilith is Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life excited when she s offered a chance to attend a leadership conference in Greece She looks forward to following in her late mother s footsteps She doesn t realize until she arrives that there are bigger forces at play As she and her new friends work together to complete the challenges they discover not one but two secret societies behind the mythological storiesveryone has hard Lilith Bennette runs at midnight She scales walls in the dark and climbs without a harness She hopes that if she follows xactly in the steps of her strong air force pilot mother she’ll somehow figure out the mystery of her mother’s death and the reason why her necklace of.

Or centuriesLilith was a great main character she had a lot of bravery and leadership skills and really helped pull the whole group together Sydney was difficult to like and Charlie was hard to read I did like Kat but maybe because she s an artist I loved the whole idea behind this that view spoilerthe myths are true just different from how they ve been interpreted over the years hide spoiler I got this book for less than 75 cents at a library sale this last fall It s something I probably wouldn t have picked up if I had to pay full price And after reading it I feel like I can still agree with that assessment It s definitely worth reading for what I paid for it but if I had to pay full price to read this story it probably would have come up with a worse rating The first thing I ll say about this book is that it isn t what is advertised So if you read the summary on Goodreads and xpect that you ll automatically be disappointedHowever the main issue I have with this story is that it lacks any world building Everything is surface level and I really hate that because this story had so much potential It discusses Greek mythology so a lot of that is already built into it The secret societies are all that the author really needed to build up in the story and they just didn t That alone was disappointing It was also really disappointing to see the lack of depth in the characters The main four characters are slotted in as being the artsy one or the historian or the protector and so they never develop their own personalitiesI like but wish I had a lot of the setting and the mythology When we finally see the girls The Empty Chair enter the labyrinth and face a bunch of different tasks it s really the highlight of the book But nothing isver xplained fully or ver delved too deep into I think if this book had an additional 50 100 pages added for world building and character development we d be sitting at a 4 or higher rated book I know I always say I want but for this book it s absolutely necessary I finally got to sit down and listen to the audiobook version and I am so pleased Elizabeth is a VOICE NINJA I was really worried about all the accents but she seems to handle the accents and the voices uite seamlessly Lots of fun First thanks to the author Erin E Moulton as well as her publisher Philomel Books for sending me an advanced readers copy of this title to review I got a little behind and. Greek symbols has been missing ver sinceSo when Lil is invited to Crete for a Future Leaders International conference the same conference her mom attended years ago she jumps at the chance to find some answers But things in Melios Manor are not what they seem Lil finds herself.

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