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Bound to be the subject of local gossip Mattie oes have a guy she s keen on but he only ates izzy blondes and she s practical though a blonde Her two brothers friends are all forbidden to How to Disappear date the sisters of friends So men have been a little scarce in her life In the Kentucky town she s treated like a little sister catching catfish with the best of them Some of the guys are too keen to play tricks on her and even her mother thinks she s not achieving much I have to say I liked Mattie as soon as I met her and she s not the only nice lady in town We next meet a feistyivorcee who is also a small business owner This is the second book I ve read in the series where a lady starts out by Act Like You Know diving into a pool fullyressed so I A Guide to Americas Sex Laws don t know if it s the heat To me one of the nicest features of the books by Luann McLane is that romance is not confined to the young The pace of country life is slower so it s not surprising that her mature characters have time to fall in love too There are plenty of references to country music for bluegrass fans though itoesn t much interest me and the antics will keep any reader entertained Baseball barbecues and rich country cooking are on the agenda but watch out for snakes I m looking forward to reading of these adult romances and I m just hoping the characters will start to Agewise deal with whatever environmental problems are fouling the river That would be my top priority 4 12 Stars Walking on Sunshine by Luann McLane is the 8th book in her wonderful romance series Cricket Creek This is a fun sweet series that takes place in a small town Cricket Creek Kentucky Over the last 7 books we have seen Cricket Creek expand with the arrival of many new people to mix with the long time residents to bring the town into modest success Garret Ruleman is our hero in this book having arrived to help his world famous father Rick with his successful music business which is run in Cricket CreekMattie Mayfield is our heroine and has lived in Cricket Creek all her life Mattie has grown up hanging around her brothers and is often treated as one of the boys She has a crush on Colby who only looks at her like his friends kid sister No one takes Mattie seriously and she is tired of being ignored as a girl Mattie wants romance in her life She meets Garret when she serves him breakfast at her store They immediately become friends with each helping each other attain their goals Mattie to change her look and make herself look like an attractive women in order to get Colby s attention Garret wants to be treated as one of the guys and wants to make himself a redneck studWhile they both work to help each other their friendship with no benefits slowly begins to change Mattie begins to find herself falling for the handsome Garrett as he also feels the attraction strengthen for the sweet homegrown pretty Mattie But Garret isetermined to help Mattie win over Colby even if it means breaking his own heart Will they both see the light and what is so obvious to us Will Garret be able to stay in Cricket Creek or will his career force him to leaveAs is traditional in this series there is a background romance of an older couple In Walking on Sunshine Laura Lee a ivorced 55 year old local gets a job as a housekeepercook for Country Super star Shane Laura has no intention of getting involved as she feels her chances are over She oesn t see that Shane is becoming attracted to her and avoids any chance of getting to know each other Will Laura heed her own advice to Mattie and give Shane a chanceAs always with Luann McLane this is a fun sweet enjoyable romance and we always get a A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World double header It is nice to see some of our favorites from the previous books If you enjoy lighthearted romances small town atmosphere friendships sexy couples then Walking on Sunshine and the Cricket Creek series is a must read I will add that these books can be read as standalones but why not enjoy the entire series and start from the beginningBarbThe Reading Cafe I love this series I love how LuAnn puts together her couples In this story we have Mattie and Garrett Two young people fromifferent walks of life He is a badboy and son of the famous Rick Ruleman and his reputation preceded him in Cricket Creek Mattie is the hometown girl who works with her brothers at their business running the Caf and bait shop She is a bit of a tomboy Put these two together and it was an amazing story Can Mattie teach Garret how to be a redneck hometown boy and can Garret teach Mattie the finer parts of being a Lady so she can get her long time crush Colby to notice she is a womanWell things are going good untilthey fall in love with each other But like all good eeds forces are at work that will put their love to the test And I loved that she brought backs characters we have already met and puts them together in this case Laura Lee friend of Mattie s family and Shane the former Country music star who has come to Cricket Creek to live a uieter life and hires Laura Lee as his housekeeperpersonal assistant Can these two find love the second time aroun. Out but all Mattie wants is for Garret to give her a makeover that will force Colby to see her as a real woman   Garret agrees to help in return for lessons on how to become a Southern stud And as the local girls start falling for the newly countrified Garret Mattie wonders if in the end they’d actually be perfect together.

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This book is a great story by a great author It blends country music and southern charm together to make an unforgetable read 35 stars My review cross posted from Wit and Sin know a book is going to be a elight when you have the biggest grin on your face before you ve even finished the first chapter Such was the case for me with Walking on Sunshine Mattie and Garret are flat out adorable together In fact I Anyone dare anyone not to smile at their first meeting their banter and charm is so irresistible They re effortlessly appealing in the way only straight shooting genuinely kind characters can be which of course makes it impossible to resist their romanceMattie is a tomboy who s a not so secret romantic At the start of the story she s about had it with the local guys not seeing her as aesirable woman Garret s arrival in Cricket Creek seems to be the break Mattie needs to get the object of her affections to notice her Garret is smooth cultured and as the son of a model is the just the man to teach Mattie how to change things up In return she ll help this former bad boy urbanite change his image and fit in in his new home Mattie and Garret s lessons are fun to read about but though they re both seemingly trying to change who they are all they re really oing is revealing ifferent facets of their characters to the world It was fun to watch them come into their own over the course of the story but what I truly liked best was that both Mattie and Garret saw and were attracted to each other from the start Neither of them needed to be anything other than themselves with one another which was of course the point There were a few obstacles in their path which sadly felt manufactured as Boggs did the resolutions to said obstacles but I suppose smooth sailing all the way through wouldn t have made for much of a storyLike all the other Cricket Creek books I ve read so far Walking on Sunshine contains a secondary romance Country music star Shane and his new housekeeperchef Laura Lee had a sweet fast paced romance that I have liked to have seen of Their attraction to one another was obvious and there was so much potential to them with Shane s past as a famous star the scars Laura Lee s past has left on her heart and their employeremployee relationship Honestly the two of them had enough material to make up an entire book so I was a bit Battleground Chicago disappointed their plotline felt rushed That being said Shane and Laura Lee were charming and their storyid weave well into the overarching storyline not in the least because they were both friends and mentors to Garret and Mattie Walking on Sunshine is the eighth book in LuAnn McLane s charming Cricket Creek series but it can be read as a standalone Having read than half the series at this point I Albert Camus do have to say that Walking on Sunshine isn t the strongest installment Itefinitely has the potential to be one of the best but the manufactured Bitter Choices drama and the fact that Mattie and Garret seemed to need their friends to give them a push than once brought my enjoyment of the storyown a notch or two In addition about halfway through the book Garret and Shane s conversations jarred me out of the story and made me notice the writing rather than the characters for they spoke in such a way that it was obvious it a woman was writing their Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic dialogue Even with these uibbles I still thoroughly enjoyed Walking on Sunshine Mattie and Garret are utterly endearing characters and their chemistry was wonderfully entertaining I can t wait to read the next Cricket Creek book Written in the Stars FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thisoes not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Walking on Sunshine Cricket Creek 8 by Luann McLaneGrade BWalking on Sunshine is another great installment in the very sweet series Cricket Creek For the eighth book we meet Mattie Mayfield who is a small town Kentucky girl who loves to be Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold doors and get her handsirty All Mattie wants is to find her Mr Right and she thinks she s found him in her older brother s best friend The problem is all the boys in Cricket Creek think of Mattie as one of the guys and she is always in the friend zone All that changes when Garret Ruleman comes into her life and together they come up with a master plan Garret Ruleman is tired of his bad boy reputation and is Mikhail Bakhtin determined to turn over a new leaf now that he s living in Cricket Creek After meeting the adorable Mattie Garret cooks up a plan to help teach her how to be a girl and get her crush to notice her while she teaches him how to fit in in Kentucky What Garret never expected was to fall for Mattie and now he isetermined the only man that will notice her and take her on a Carnival date will be him This is such a sweet and fun book I am a huge fan of the series and was very happy to get to see Garret redeem himself in this book and show a completelyifferent side of himself There is nothing better than a man in wranglers with an English accent and I swooned when Garret went country Maddie is super fun and super. Cricket Creek Kentucky is a sweet small town But that oesn’t stop a tomboy breakfast cook and a tabloid magnet musician from getting into a little trouble together   Mattie Mayfield is interested in fishing four wheeling and mudding than being a girlie girl But acting like one of the boys means she often gets ignored when.

Sweet I think these two had great chemistry and they were very fun to read about Like all Cricket Creek books we have a young and an older couple love story and this book was no ifferent Laura Lee and Shane are also very cute and fun I actually liked their story than Maddie and Garret s The best parts of the books were the great conversations Laura Lee and Maddie had over their love lives They were very heartfelt and made the book even better I really love this series and cannot wait for the next installment Walking On Sunshine by LuAnn McLane is another charming and sexy addition to the Cricket Creek seriesMattie Mayfield loves her live in Cricket Creek She has lots of friends and family around Mattie enjoys her establishment Breakfast Books and Bait feeding her neighbors good food is a joy But spending so much time fishing mudding etc has the men in the county overlooking her She sets out to change that with the help of Garret RulemanGarret Ruleman is trying to put his bad boy reputation behind him He wants to have a much settled life that the one he has been living Garret is intrigued by the sweet and Bargaining for Brooklyn delightful Mattie Mayfield He listens to her problem of being seen as one of the boys and offers his help In exchange for his help Mattie agrees to help Garret lose his English ways and fit in with the localsSpending time with each other has Mattie realizing she may have found what she is looking for in Garrett But she fears Garret is to worldly for small town life As their relationship flourishes Garret get the job of a lifetime Will this chance make or break their loveWalking On Sunshine is a treasure Its funny sexy andown right joy able Mattie and Garrett relationship grows and changes as they get to know each other Watching them fall in love is a treat for every romance reader Loved how they bounced wit and charm off each other An added bonus is the secondary romance with Shane McCray and Laura Lee Carter An older romance with Shane and Laura Lee are favorites of mine Looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series This is a very cute romance novel It s all rather predicable and ends uite happily I m not sure romance novels are for me but it was an enjoyable read Walking on Sunshine Cricket Creek 8by Luann McLaneMattie Mayfield is interested in fishing four wheeling and mudding than being a girlie girl But acting like one of the boys means she often gets ignored when it comes to romance especially by Colby her brother s best friend Maybe if she changes the game she ll finally start getting some attentionBad boy musician Garret Ruleman Come In and Hear the Truth doesn t fit in with the crowd in Cricket Creek but there s something about sweet unassuming Mattie that catches his eye Garret intends to ask her out but all Mattie wants is for Garret to give her a makeover that will force Colby to see her as a real womanGarret agrees to help in return for lessons on how to become a Southern stud And as the local girls start falling for the newly countrified Garret Mattie wonders if in the end they actually be perfect togetherThis is one of those obvious love struck novels that brings together a couple that much like in real life you have a situation that bring the two together and eventually starts up a relationship but the focus is when you re the kind of person that is completely oblivious to the fact that the man or woman of your Carson Pirie Scott dreams is really right in front of your face but youon t notice because you re too busy obsessing over someone else That is this novel in a nut shell Garret wants to make Mattie notice him but Mattie is too busy obsessing over Colby which places him in the friend zone until Mattie realizes that everyone else is into Garret That s when she begins to uestion her feelings toward him Its like the wave of attention forces her to pay attention to him and he Black Nationalism does this make over for her just to put himself in her path so that she will notice him Even though shes boy stupid Mattie is still a likeable character and Garret even so Walking on Sunshine was a sweet story I enjoyed reading to the end A great installment for the Cricket Creek series My Rating 4 StarsReviewed ByKrissy s Bookshelf ReviewshttpkkmalottbooklikescomNote I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley Cricket Creek is a positive minded town which has a baseball stadium and a senior community among its facilities This is the kind of town where many folks would prefer to retire Keeping busy however is Mattie Mayfield who runs a restaurant bait and books shop Mattie s family owns a marina on the banks of the Ohio River I was a little alarmed by Mattie s telling a customer that you reallyon t want to eat anything caught in that river Garret Ruleman a new resident with a charming English accent Critical Teaching and Everyday Life drops in to give her some custom and make friends He might as well since he ll be living nextoor to her shop Sadly for Garret his private life has been splashed all over the tabloids With a rock star father and an ex fianc e who is now married and running a bridal store here in Cricket Creek Garret is. It comes to romance especially by Colby her brother’s best friend Maybe if she changes the game she’ll finally start getting some attention   Bad boy musician Garret Ruleman oesn’t fit in with the crowd in Cricket Creek but there’s something about sweet unassuming Mattie that catches his eye Garret intends to ask her.

LuAnn McLane writes sexy contemporary romance with a touch of sass and humor Published in 2003 her novels have appeared on bestselling lists including USA Today Nielsen BookScan Barnes and Noble and Her books have been featured selections for Rhapsody and Doubleday Book clubs A love of country music led her to a collaboration with superstar Wynonna Judd with the novel Restless Heart