Bailey White: Sleeping at the Starlite Motel and Other Adventures on the Way Back Home

Ke growing up in the shadows of the old south losing the family home the ying genteelism that the South has lost isappearing into mainstream American cultureIt s sort of sad really With franchises and franchise thinking mentality everything having to follow SOP standard operating proceedures one town looking exactly like another there s not as many socially iverse hamlets across American any at least not like it was in the 1960 s and 70 sBut some of it is uproarishly funny Family Values and the fine art of having your ancient bear claw tub crash through the bathroom floor and end up in the Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, dining room is one example Aunt Eleanor laments that new architecture has no mettle IndeedYet other chapters like Ashes get us all to thinking of whom has passed in our own families the great aunts and uncles grandparents and it s touching and poignantA wonderful summer read Essays short pieces on family members places adventures This author is known for her humor but I can t seem to appreciate it or even find it at times I know when I should think something this supposed to be humorous but itoesn t work for me This is probably my problem and not the authors She seems rather successful with her Mama series But in this and the other book I read years ago she comes across as a sad person a lonely person I just loved this It s not often I can say this but this book actually made me laugh out loud It was the story about Bailey White and the other primary school teacher Mrs Boatwright They were sent to computer evening classes to learn how to use a computer so that they could then teach the other teachers at the school how to use the computer But the course tutor completely missed the point and The Culture Code decided to run a course on the history of the computer So the two ladiesecide to bunk off teach themselves And for the remaining evenings they find something else to o Mrs BoatwrightThese are short articles about Bailey White s family friends and life experiences She s a primary school teacher living in Georgia in the USA Although considering this book was published in 1995 20 years ago she might be retired now Who knows I just love her writing It s like chatting with an old and slightly eccentric family And appreciating the little simple things in life whilst realising that just because they re simple oesn t mean that they are insignificant There are just so many wonderful snippets in here Her chapter on the Stolen Magic (Stardust, do not signs made me think of the park keeper in the Moomin books her batty elderly female relatives the old guy running his little fruit and veg stall Red the Rat Man and her cousin who was soesperate to see the family chairs reunited. Te's reputation as a master storyteller Southern ivision as it catalogs the oddities of the Georgia town she knows so wel.

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This book captures perfectly the odd happenings in the little town in Georgia that Bailey knows so well and makes me laugh every time I read it which is about twice a year ok book but the stories weren t that entertaining to me I felt like the third section of the book had her best stories I felt like there was no real thread tying the stories together and some of the stories were just getting good when they ended The last chapter was probably her worst and it was where she got the title for her book I just felt like she stuck that one in there so she could have her title I ve had this book for than a ecade Somehow it always ended up on the bottom of my piles But I ve been having trouble sleeping lately and found that these short adventures helped me to relax and smile and then sleep soundly I am not saying that they are soporific They are engaging and uiet like comfort food for the mind I loved the black and white barely legible maps on many pages I know those places in Georgia My favorite piece was An Old Lepidopterist bittersweet but mostly sweet I Pistols for Two don t usually give books two stars because if Ion t at least like it I never finish it But this book had enough interesting stories and was short enough that I read it to the end I m glad I found a used copy though because it wasn t worth full price This was a family read when I was eleven or twelve and recently Stronger decided to reread Sleeping at the Starlite Motel is a collection of short stories about life in the South White s witty style easily captures her uirky characters and beautiful settings Some of the stories are humorous and others are melancholy but they all record collouial life as White experiences it I also give White props for her excellent vocabulary The second time around I perceived that many of these stories have too with Loss (Gus Dury, decline and loss whether that be a once sharp mind going senile a grand house becomingilapidated or a tradition becoming obsolete While not as funny as some of her other works I still enjoyed it thoroughly I The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, definitely appreciated the life lessons now that I have experienced some of them first hand I think that to enjoy Bailey White s books you have to have lived in the Deep South I read this on a trip to Tallahassee less than an hour fromWhite s home in Georgia It got me through 10ays of taking care of my elderly mother Many of White s stories are inhabited by old folks a lot like my mom When I felt like crying she makes me laugh It s alright This won t hurt much Take an insulin shot and prepare for a massive Alacrity (Illumine, dose of sweetness Bailey White is a precise articulate writer Without anyiscernable agenda she observes the tenderness. Anyone who has read her bestseller Mama Makes Up Her Mind or who has heard her on National Public Radio knows that Bailey.

Often uirkiness around her Her imagery is straightforward all unnecessary alliterations gone It s like Sun Tzu for the soft and fluffy set what isn t needed isn t needed What is left is writing at its most elemental Add the strange peculiar oddities of characters living in the linear world of the eep south stir with sly wit and you have a wonderful series of road trips My Aunt Bella loves rocks Her whole house used to be filled with rocks Every flat surface was covered with slabs of amethyst crystal piles of rainbow colored labradorite bowls full of fossilized shark s teeth big as a child s hand and agate geodes lined with uartz crystals Outside bigger rougher rocks were piled up to the eaves with scant little chinks left for oorways and windows Every afternoon my Aunt Bella takes a bagful of rocks Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, down to Shoney s restaurant where she spreads them out on the Formica tabletop and says incantations over them while sherinks iced tea In one episode Bailey takes Bella on a Arnhem day trip to visit Mary Lawrence Shepard of Thomas Country Georgia a locally famous folk artist who began sculpting over sizes cement statues of famous people in 1917 The authorescribes Miss Shepards now forgotten overgrown yard littered with white crumbling monuments in loving Fitness for Living detail The artist offers tea and a guided tour In her 90 s Ms Shepard pulls mounds of honeysuckle off a buried chunk of concrete fiddling with a hose insisting she make the fountain of a young girl sitting on the edge of a pool flow for a few minutes Now afterark and lit by the moon Bailey Love Is Blind describes the statue of the girl at the edge of the pond Her head was lowered and her eyes were lookingown There was no twinkle in her eyes and no coy smile on her lips Her shoulders rooped and her hands lay limp in her lap Her feet in their cement shoes were the saddest feet I have ever seen A jet of water rose into the sky arched smoothly then sobbed magnificently into the pool We stood and watched it for a long time The moonlight and the mist from the slashing water gave everything a strange luminescence I realize the uotes on t necessarily smack of great literature Perhaps it is not It is however a brief gentle foray into rural Georgia seen through a chronicler with a The World in the Curl deep sense ofelicacy and charm It is writing with such simple succinct straightforwardness it will catch you off guard in strange unpredictable ways Her observations are a Connexity delight Itoesn t get much better for southern writing than Bailey White I loved Mama Makes up her Mind even bought a copy for my mother and this one is just as goodBoth collections are just small sketches tiny recollections memoirs of what it was li. White is one of the keenest observers of Southern eccentricity since Mark Twain Sleeping at the Starlite Motel revives Whi.

Bailey White was born in 1950 in Thomasville Ga She still lives in the same house in which she grew up on one of the large tracts of virgin longleaf pine woods Her father Robb White was a fiction writer and later a television and movie script writer Her mother Rosalie White was a farmer and worked for many years as the executive director of the local Red Cross Chapter She has one brothe