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Cy help make this njoyable Big fan of Walker Percy Fascinating account of his life and very interesting commentary on the south The latter part of the book that detailed his writings was a little too drawn out Tolson offers a thorough and sympathetic portrait of Percy s life and the aims of his literary and philosophical output An initially off putting broad history of the Percy family and their infl Same opinion as already recently stated Off though reading about a novelist I have Writer an authoritative portrait that brings Percy alive as it illuminates his distinguished body of work We see Percy's life and his brilliant career against the background of the American South whose colorful and tragic history is rooted deeply in the hearts and minds of its most talented sons and daughters With a novelist's ye for character and the judgment of an informed critic Tolson captures the lifelong drama of genius always attentive to its artistic psychological and spiritual dimensions Percy was the scion of a proud honorable and accomplished family a clan haunted by a crippling streak of melancholy that issued repeatedly in suicid.

Simply put this is the best biography I have ver read The writing style is superb and Tolson has an unbelievable grasp of his subject If you are a Walker Percy fan you must read this book Walker Percy is a complicated man with a complicated past The story of his The Man Without a Face early life in the context of the South is 5 star material I thought it bogged down once he started publishing books Tolson seems to lose the narrative flow in the later third But his analysis and shared sense of humor with Per. When The Moviegoer anxtraordinary first novel by an unknown Louisiana author won the National Book Award in 1962 it marked the arrival of an xceptional literary talent With his five successive novels and his wide ranging philosophical and occasional ssays Walker Percy shored up his reputation as one of America's greatest writers an ironic moralist and perhaps the shrewdest chronicler of life in the New South Yet Gone (Gone, even by the time of his death in 1990 little was known about this intensely private man Based onxtensive interviews written with access to Percy's letters and manuscripts Jay Tolson has fashioned the first major biography of the.

Et to read A first A simply marvelous biography of Walker Percy plus so much This book gives the reader a most informed understanding of the history of the South s and personality of Southerners and the influences on Percy s development and along the way there are insights into details of the books Percy has writtenPilgrim in the Ruins is well written and reader friendly and if you love Walker Percy you will Threads Of The Shroud eat upvery page and feel grateful to Mr Tolson for having done such a good jo. Es including the self inflicted deaths of Walker Percy's father and grandfather Tolson depicts the struggle of Percy's life and the heroism with which he battled his family demons and his own tubercular condition and worked his way toward a writing career Here is the young Percy in the days after his father's death traveling with his brother and his mother who would soon dieherself in mysterious circumstances from his childhood home of Birmingham Alabama to Athens Georgia and then on to Greenville Mississippi and the sprawling house of his Uncle Will Adopted at 16 by this remarkable bachelor poet lawyer planter the most important single influe.

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