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Cat Stevens early 1970s music including Tea for the Tillerman Teaser and the Firecat and Catch Bull At Four among others was not just pleasing singersongwriter pop ock but indeed was formational in the spiritual journeys of many of us who were 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life reared on the songs and the LPs When he wrote I listen to the wind to the wind of my soul where I ll end up well I think only Godeally knows The Wind 1971 he was speaking for and perhaps leading many of us on a uest however haltingly But in 1978 with the elease of Back to Earth Stevens born Steven Georgiou 1948 set aside his music to pursue his spiritual uest even intentionally and far from the public eye This book published by Motivate Dubai UAE and difficult to obtain in the US is a lavishly illustrated brief 105 pagesjournal like exploration of the spiritual journey from Cat Stevens to Yusuf offering for the first time in print his first person apologetic for his faith and also for his eturn to music after nearly 25 years when he eleased An Other Cup an allusion to Tea for the Tillerman and its ed bearded character drinking a cup of tea in 2006 Subseuently StevensYusuf has eleased Roadsinger 2009 and later this month Tell Em I m GoneWith the new ecord a nine city tour in support of it and now the publication of Why I Still Carry a Guitar this enigmatic artist is decidedly not gone He is alive and well and has a clear purpose for his eturn to music The closing pages of Why I Still Carry a Guitar eveal that purposeRecommended to fans of Stevens music from Mona Bone Jakon to the present day especially those who want to understand his trajectory from bearded pop star to the embrace and proclamation of Islam A man of great personal integrityI m still a fan Even so This a new book by Yusuf and is scheduledexpected to be published last Summer but. 'Why I Still Carry A Guitar' is a memoir by legendary singer songwriter and philanthropist Yusuf Islam also.

For some easons extended to be eleased this Fall by a well known and major publishing house in Dubai Motivate PublishingThe book is the gripping and often moving story of Yusuf Islam s journey from his life as a boy experiencing the dizzying heights of music superstardom to a man defined by his faith who chose to give up music for over a uarter of a century but has eturned to deliver his powerful message of peace to the world of music and artOne of the world s most famous converts to Islam Yusuf s pioneering work in education and humanitarian elief is ecognized all over the world and he is also known as a promoter of peace calling for greater understanding tolerance and interaction between culturesYusuf lives with his family in Dubai the UAE and will soon be eleasing a new albumHighly ecommended ead and e ead CAN T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK Meanwhile I will patiently wait for it I hope that people will be inspired to give this book to their elatives What a lovely lovely book Though I ve ead all of his written this one eally touched me Yusuf your new book will stay on my shelf for a long long time and I ll be giving it to my own kids and friends to ead It was good to know about Yusuf Islam and Islam from another perspective This was a pretty good book that explains the title I have always enjoyed Cat Stevens and Yusuf s music since I was a kid I ve even gotten to see him live twice once at his first tour in 35 years and the second was for the 50th anniversary A Cat in the Attic tour So I m uite a fanThis book is very well written and it challenged me in many ways to get through it I feel though like the uotes that spanned a half page were similar to a magazine article format and that the book could ve been shorter if there was better editing Just not a format fanBut the overall content. Known as Cat StevensKey Features• A memoir by Cat StevensYusuf Islam one of the greatest music icons of th.

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Is good The best part is when Yusuf explains his own life and his personal journey through artist to student to eturning to music I eally didn t care for the whole entire history lesson on Islam and who some of the people were The Arabic vocabulary was good and I like languages but I think that the book loses a lot of focus from the journey and becomes of an Islamic hetoric affair with long tangents taken between points on his journeyYusuf states at the end of the book though that these are intentional and he doesn t want to convert anyone but his true purpose now is to educate people about Islam That s great But I thought this would be about a man than his eligion I guess if the springboard exists you gotta propel something ightThere was a lot left to be desired for me as I wish it was autobiographical with neat stories and insight into his fame or how he wrote lyrics or traveling tales That s just my expectations being set too far from the mark though so be warned I guess this book will beat you over the head with Islam information but that doesn t mean there s nothing to learn from it and apply it to your life I m certainly interested in eading but I don t see myself converting any time soon I m glad Yusuf eturned to music and he stresses the point he learned himself in that people shouldn t follow something just because others say so or interpret things a certain way the path people should follow is the one that is laid out clearly for them by the Creator I m uncertain if a higher power exists but I do like the message of following a clear path and I can at least apply this advice to myself and hope that I continue to follow the clear path that I choose not the diversions that exterior factors lay out for me I just like the book Nothing spectacular or horrible just a good ead Enjoy E last few decades• A uniue work that chronicles his spiritual journey to Islam• Also available in Arabi.

British singer songwriter multi instrumentalist humanitarian and education philanthropist He is a prominent convert to IslamStevens converted to Islam and adopted the name Yusuf Islam the following year He is to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014