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E Just no Done Mugged of her purse while in Paris the heroine is left with no money no passport and no hotel ey So she emailed all her friends to wire money to an address in London while manning the computer from Nigeria OH WAIT no actually a hunky American JUST HAPPENED to be on the scene and whisk her away for a mad romantic sex tour of Paris that would have been even awesome had she not been engaged to someone else at the time Turns out the hero and heroine have in common than nookie in the City of Lights they both have to go back to their hometown of South Bend Ind home of the OTHER Notre Dame and work out their daddy issues together This was actually very cute I like how the author starts you right away with some action I enjoyed the book and like how the pacing The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles kept going from beginning to end She does switch viewpoints which made it nice as got to see how both of the main characters felt and why they acted the way they did It wasn t all smooth sailing with the characters between themselves and with others in their lives One of the other things that was a bonus was the humor mixed into the book Having read this author before it was something I was looking forward to see how she mixed it into this story One I would recommend This was a very good read The story had humor and an engaging pair of lead characters who worked out their issues in a logical and caring fashion while growing closer to each other This was a story about the mistakes people make in their lives and how taking the hard road to fix these mistakes can sometimes lead to something so much better It s also about what it takes to create a lasting partnership and how no relationship can survive without forgiveness Wow All that and humor tooKelly is a down to earth steady woman She s engaged and getting ready to settle into the life that s been prepared for her by friends and family But before she takes that step she wants to find out something about the father she nevernew who died before she was born So she heads to Paris where he was born She no sooner arrives than she is mugged He takes her money passport engagement ring and worst of allthe few letters from her father to her mother that were all she had left of him She s dazed and in shockWill is a carefree irresponsible man who s still running from family responsibilities He s no night in shining armor just ask him But something inside him urges him to help Kelly out when he comes upon her immediately after the mugging What follows is a delightful story about lust and love lies and forgiveness and learning what you really wantand trust The story was tight and flowed well There were no TSTL moments and no HUGE MISUNDERSTANDINGs The characters liked each other were nice to each other and uibbled with each otherjust like a real relationship I didn t cry while reading this bookbut when I finished I did have a big smile on my face. Treasures from the top of the Eiffel Tower to strolls along the Seine But will their love last when they're back in plain old South Bend Indiana or will they end up blaming their breathless fling on the city of lo.

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Full disclosure I ve never read anything by this author before I found this book at a library sale and thought For 050 why notNow I didn t give it one star because I actually finished it and I did so to find out what happens to the characters I like Chick lit as much as the next girl but this book to me was closer to grocery store romance novel The writing was pretty bad Several things the main characters said to each other were eye roll worthy or ridiculous The plot had its moments but so much was predictable andor unbelievable I didn t dislike the characters but I never felt connected to them All in all I didn t enjoy the book that much Glad I only spent 050 This was entertaining I picked it up at a library sale for 50 cents because well it takes place in Paris and I love that city However there isn t a whole lot of Paris in the book it s mostly a story about two strangers from South Bend Indiana that happen to meet in Paris The only thing that bothered me was the dialogue because it wasn t all that believable Example the night in shining armor calls his lover Cookie repeatedly and it s supposed to be hot Apologies if this is commonplace in Indiana but in New York we don t hear stuff like that Much of the conversations between the characters actually detracted from the legitimacy of the story At least for me But it was a fast read this book was ok there could have been to it I think I must be in a bitter bitter place right now because I find myself looking at the plot of this book with a jaded angry eye If you distill this book down to it s bare bones you are left with something The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, kind of ugly Kelly decided to go to Paris without her Fiance for a two week vacation Kelly gets mugged and handsome American stranger Our hero Will just happens to be there and helps her out Kelly and Will fall in love what Fiance and hump alot Kelly goes back to America and completly reworks her life Will follows Kelly tells Will his life is a mess and she won t have him until he figures things out for himself Kelly tells him what the mess in his life isWill fixes it Happily ever afterSee how jaded I am The book was an enjoyable read over all But there was some gaping holes thatind of ticked me off And the reality is that Kelly pretty much said I love you no matter what but we can t be together until you fix your relationship with your Dad Um Yuck Will turned into Valentino kind of a wimp who was willing to suck down poison his relationship with his dad in order to win the heart of his girl It just sat really wrong with me And there was the whole side plot with her father whom her mother told her was dead but turns out he was just really rich andind of an asshole that never really got resolved And then there was the co worker of Wills that was pretty much only there to prove a point in a speech Kelly gave Will Yeah there were some things that really annoyed me about this book Kelly Rochard is determined to have one last adventure before settling down to married life Still being mugged at the Louvre is not what she had in mind for her long awaited trip to Paris Until Will Maguire comes.

UT I still had a hard time setting it down and liked it enough to be mad that some of the loose ends were not hammered out for me Ugh I m so incredibly disgusted by this and terribly bewildered by all the positive reviews I started reading this but then when I got 50 pages into it and the main characters were having sex the day they met I realized it just isn t my type of novel So much for the main character being engaged if a person s willing to cheat WITH you they re not going to have problems cheating ON you either Definitely not true love or romantic to me a completely unhealthy unsatisfying and unromantic relationship and completely unsatisfying and unromantic book as a result Don t pick this up unless you re cool with causal sex A promising premise for a romance novel engaged Midwestern girl takes one last trip before her wedding to romantic Paris sans fianc naturally gets mugged and then is rescued by hunky fellow South Bendite living abroad to escape familial pressure and expectations at homeAs Wil takes Kelly on a whirlwind tour of Paris she realizes that her fianc at home is not the man for her and that the father she thought was dead is both alive and completely unaware of her existence Soon Kelly s passport is replaced and she is on her way home to South Bend without Wil who has vowed never to return homeSomewhere along the line this novel crossed genres into a semi literary story involving both Kelly and Wil s families Interesting premise but it didn t work for me in this limboland between popular romance and literary fiction That concept itself is thought provoking in terms of stories that should be able to exist somewhere in between In the end I think gave it two stars because my expectations prior to reading the novel were not met Where do I even start I really don t want to waste any of my time on this book see my uotes as I started then uit which I will copypaste below H goes off to Paris Doesn t tell her fiancee They ve nown each other since forever and everyone just assumes they are as happy in love as they want them to be including him She doesn t bother to tell anyone different Apparently she doesn t bother to tell anyone much of anything She doesn t tell her mother her real reason for going to Paris and stupid me ended up skimming the rest of the book to figure out how that ended and wasted my time because it didn t amount to diddly suat Apparently my appreciation for my time in Paris is the total opposite of what H was interested in seeing and experiencing there I could not relate at all Enough time wastedAt 6% Everything about the architecture seemed older than a few centuries practically older than America HUH I should have stopped there but I ept going until 20% when she walked out of a French restaurant that served pigeon Guy Savoy s BB pigeon is fabulous by the way then complained about truffles on pizza at the next plac. To her aid and she finds herself completely distracted by the handsome stranger in the Notre Dame sweatshirt Kelly can't seem to resist the world's most romantic city or Will who is determined to show her all its.

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