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The final McGill I meantearsI don t think I have included spoilers as both these major efforts are really complex It is fun to see Hush running a imo service and Childrens Phantasies living in a Fifth Avenue mansion It gives me a chuckle ateast Mosley usually delivers but this was the best of his that I d read in a while and the best of the Leonid McGill stories All the modern noir tropes are there the hero who fights better than anyone else the friend who is the most feared hitman on the planet the friend who can hack anything anywhere and the friend in the police who can get him out of any jam And yet there is something about these stories They re a ittle sexier than the Easy Rawlins ones and McGill s problems seem real and heartbreaking I still have a deep fondness for Easy but this was just fun than I ve had with one of Mosley s books in a while I was than a ittle skeptical about Walter Mosley switching gears from Easy Rawlins to Leonid McGill six years back After reading two McGill books my take was only The Soviet Union lukewarm The fourth book All I Did Was Shoot My Man changed things in dramatic form Not only was it hands down the best entry in the series but arguably Mosley s best book overall At the veryeast a top three title in this author s vast body of workAfter a three and a half year hiatus And Sometimes I Wonder About You drops us suarely back in the convoluted world of Leonid McGill With an on againoff again marriage extramarital affairs and a profession that could Gods and Heroes leave him dead on any given day McGill knowsittle about normalcy By contrast to the previous series offering the first half or of And Sometimes acks a grounded sense of reality It s clear that Mosley is having a ball toying around with cartoonish villains and eually erratic plot points Where the story finds a sense of structure and plausibility is when it delves back into sensitive family matters both past and presentEven an average novel by Walter Mosley is above average by the standards of most authors For a series that hasn t uite been able to measure up to its predecessor Easy Rawlins this particular seuel did what it was supposed to do Fans of McGill should be satisfied So damn good Satisfying Intriguing And Hush you betta ask somebody That s all I m gonna say I continue to be in awe of Walter Mosley He continues to offer superb books in both the Easy Rawlins and LT McGill seriesMcGill is a PI of the coolest sort friends with hoodlums hackers con artists and honest cops Mosley oves New York and shows off its meanest streets from Wall to Grand Concourse to full advantageMosley throws so many balls in the air between McGill s multiple cases and multiple family dramas including a cameo appearance by his believed dead father Somehow he catches them all smoothly at the end It is not magic it is just so skillfully done. S cousin Celia who is about to inherit millions of dollars from her father's side of the family Leonid declines the case but after his office is broken into and Hiram is found dead he gets reeled into the underbelly of Celia's wealthy old money family It's up to Leonid to save who he can and incriminate the guilty; all while helping his son finish his own investigation; ocating his own father; reconciling whatever that means with his wife and girlfriend; and attending the wedding of Gordo his oldest frie.

Walter Mosley is in my opinion one of the best writers we have in the United States Personally I think he is undervalued because so many of his books are crime novels This is the 5th in the Leonid McGill series about a complex and somewhat enigmatic private detective former thug still viewed with suspicion by the NYPD Leonid bears the name of a former Soviet eader because his father was an unabashed member of the American Communist Party In this book Leonid earns that his son Twill who is now working in his detective agency is out on his own without consulting him and has placed himself in a very dangerous place At the same time Leonid is on a job in Philly and meets up with a beautiful but very dangerous woman with whom he begins a passionate affair In the meantime his wife is in a private hospital after having committed suicide He feels guilty because he doesn t ove her but still cares for her He Last Chance Bride loves Aura the woman who manages the building where he rents his office However they haven t seen one another for a while and he misses her He soonearns that Twill is up to his neck in a secret group dominated by a Fagin Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy like character who calls himself Jones and and employs a group of young people who commit an incredible number of crimes every year To complicate things even further a man who had reuested his help with a case is found murdered It doesn t takeong for him to earn that there is far to this than he realized Leonid isn t a hero He is willing to blackmail anyone who he thinks deserves it He doesn t want to kill but will do so when he must This is such an interesting and complex character If you haven t read any of them start at the beginning Walter Mosley is worth savoring OMG I Want to marry Mr Mosley s brainGreat story many threads woven together as usual Such intriguing academic allusions acerbic comments I was aughing and giggling the whole way through this very serious and rather violent book I adore Walter Mosley s talent and recommend this one highly And Sometimes I Wonder About You by Walter Mosley is the fifth Leonid McGill novel in the series and one I was unable to put down just as I was unable to put down his previous four books in the series Mosley s characters are fully developed multidimensional and utterly fascinating Leonid McGill is one of my all time favorite Private Investigators Leonid s personal ife is still in chaos much as it was in the previous book All I Did Was Shoot My Man his father is still missing and his wife s slow recovery in the sanitarium is making things rather difficult for him and Aura To further complicate matters Twill is busy working is own case helping A decent ending saves this anachronistic convoluted discombobulated muddle of characters that can t decide if it wants to dwell on girlfriends exes fathers sons The welcome return of Leonid McGill Walter Mosley's NYC based private eye his East Coast foil to his immortal LA based detective Easy Rawlins As the  Boston Globe raved A poignantly real character McGill is not only the newest of the great fictional detectives but also an incisive and insightful commentator on the American scene       In the fifth Leonid McGill novel Leonid finds himself in an unusual pickle of trying to balance his cases with his chaotic personal ife Leonid's father is still out.

R cons All to the detriment that Mystery at Kittiwake Bay leaves thisistener confused than satisfied again save for the ending 4 of 10 stars For me Walter Mosley has entered that rarefied air of priority His books have become events not to be missed or ignored for any Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files length of time When one of his mysteries are published it takes precedence over any other reading that is currently taking place The title of this 5th Leonid McGill installment comes from Leonid saying to his wife Katrina Sometimes I think that everybody in the world is crazy I said uoting myself except for me and you and sometimes I wonder about you Mosley always does a superb job of re familiarizing the reader with the basic cast of characters and thus makes it easy for one to pick up any of the McGill mysteries without concern about order This is an otherworldly talent and he makes itook easy So the crew is all here as we gallop along trying to solve some mysteries Yes plural He has a few storylines going on in this one There is one that is highly unlikely and is a minor distraction from what is otherwise a fine offering This is the typical Mosley fare page turning action witty dialogue a host of characters and the always prevalent uestions of why and how Another enjoyable mystery and McGill dare I say is becoming as popular as Easy Rawlins I skipped a couple books in this series and feeling happy with that decision I think I have satisfied my appetite for too much to believe This book caught me up with something I don t regret missing the suicide attempt of Katrina Leonid s unfaithful Scandinavian wife The first part of this book has her in institutional setting and not wishing to stray from her bed Her kids and LT pay visits but can t seem to convince her to return to active The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, life Theatter half of the book has her back in the swing of things due to influence of Clarence the returned father of LT we all thought deadLT knight errant protects a woman on a train on his return trip from a closed case Of course this eads to incident with hired thug before they even eave the train station The protection of this woman also An Italian Education leads to explicit and freuent coupling scenes While LT was out of town his son Twill now a partner in the PI business isiterally underground on a dangerous case helping another damsel in distress Both cases blow up figuratively and Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code literally The McGill office is breached with explosives but fails to gain information Lots of fisticuffs and shoot outs between the two casesThe old boxing mentor of LT s having recovered from cancer whereast I Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, left him end of book 2 ties up everything with a bow getting married and it all ends with tears in the eyes of LT having just come to the wedding from a hospital bed after his most recent fray battling the evil and elusive head of crime syndicate using youth Maybe this is. There somewhere and his wife is in an uptown sanitarium trying to recover from the deep depression thated to her attempted suicide in the previous novel His wife's condition has put a damper on his affair with Aura Ullman his girlfriend And his son Twill has been spending a ot of time out of the office with his own case helping a young thief named Fortune and his girlfriend Liza     Meanwhile Leonid is approached by an unemployed office manager named Hiram Stent to track down the whereabouts of hi.

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Walter Mosley b 1952 is the author of the bestselling mystery series featuring Easy Rawlins as well as numerous other works from literary fiction and science fiction to a young adult novel and political monographs His short fiction has been widely published and his nonfiction has appeared in the New York Times Magazine and the Nation among other publications Mosley is the winner of numero