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Es ou say that are important it s what exists between the lines What I m compelled by most is that transparency of thought what is left unspoken Vera Farmiga Lack of communication has a way of clipping our wings which keeps us from flying When things are left unspoken we forget that everyone is destined to share the sky together Shannon L AlderI m sure these uotes are pretty self explanatory and that many of The Janitor (The Contenders, you can catch my drift of what I m entailing but for those ofou who do end up choosing to pick up and read Unspoken think closely to what Night Without Stars you personally feel what the story signifies toou It might just change Lamore tra i polli your outlook on things That said Unspoken told the tale of love family sacrifice and second chancesFrom estranged lovers to co working on a business project together we journey with Palmer and Brady as they learn how to forgive forget and move on towards their future whether it is separately or togetherTheir rekindling is not an easy as their reality is faced with a lot of tough lessons misunderstandings hurt feelings and learning to re trust in one another Not to mention lots and lots of lost time and make up sex to make up for wink winkAuthor Brenda Rothert writes with astounding beauty and conviction so much so that the reader will feel the pain the loss the triumphs and beauty that both Palmer and Brady resonate and their ever existing pull that neither could sever no matter how hard they try to deny or ignore itAn absolutely breathtaking spin on highlighting the defining moments of life and to take whatou are given not for granted GREAT JOB BRENDA 2 Frustrated Stars Let me just sum up this book in one image Yep That s it Okay let me be real uick Brady and Palmer were engaged and on the verge of getting married But a series of misunderstandings left them broken and apart They never talk to each other again and a The Indispensable Faulkner year later they coincidentally have to work together Well old feelings start to grow again and they finally start to realize their past mistakes and how stupid they were And that s it Rating 2 Stars Storyline Okay this book can be the perfect example of it s notou it s me It is in fact a sweet and steamy romance with a nice plot hence the 2 stars However the amount of miscommunication in too damn high I don t even know if it can be considered miscommunication An unclear or inadeuate communication because they don t even try to talk about it There s no communication at all they just assume and all this drama could be prevented if they have had a five minutes talk And I m sorry but that s just too much stupidity for me to handle Writing Style First person Dual POV Sexy and engaging Character Development OMG THEY WERE BOTH SO FRUSTRATING Seriously Palmer was a doormat who assumed stuff without even try to discuss it with her fianc and Brady He was just an huge asshole who didn t even tried to fix problems with the woman he supposedly wanted for the rest of his life after a ear apart and he just finding out that her mother is pretty sick and she still loves him he just tell her about all the women he had during their separation and how they are just fuck buddies in the present ASSHOLE Steam Hot HEA view spoilerYes And at least it has a sweet epilogue hide spoiler ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 5 Beautiful Unspoken Stars Unspoken by Brenda Rothert can be summed up as breathtakingly emotional and beautiful This book captured my heart a Brady and Palmer were nice characters but the plot was little too much cheesy drama It all started with an unwanted fight I skimmed it Not my kind of book the second chance romance would be nice if there was a real break up D xo 45 star review coming soonUnspoken by Brenda Rothert a portion of release week sales benefit Keith Milano Memorial Fund isupportmentalhealthawarenesshttptco4tAi58V14GExclusive Bonus Scene for Unspoken by Brenda Rothert signedpaperbackgiveaway. Woman break him againPalmer is barely holding it together when she and Brady are unexpectedly paired on a project after a ear apart The pull between them is stronger than ever but the fallout from their reconnection leaves them both wondering if maybe some things are better left unsaid.

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Ring her mom s illness vs running away with wounded pride Eventually it dawns on him that his selfish ass abandoned her when she needed him the most She needs help He runs to help her Don t get me wrong It s good that he wants to help her Again it s for me personally a matter that some mistakes can t be undone and a reader can t suddenly feel all this love when his previous actions were ANYTHING but loving He tries it may be enough for some readers Just not for me Weird Shit I read BDSM and graphic sexual novels all the time But there is just something very jarring and weird about going from bathing a disabled brother tucking in her cancer mom to the MCs immediately having a convo about anal sex bondage all the sexual escapades he s had after her Not weird enough Well in between anal and bondage topics she has an oops moment where she has to pause to turn on the baby monitors to her dying mom and disabled brother s rooms Omg weird Like waking up to baby aliens mind controlling an armadillo to shoot Dog Love - An Unbreakable Bond you in the ass with a ray gun kinda weird When the above mentioned bondage scene happens it s clear she s seeking sexual pain to alleviate emotional pain I guess him denying her this sexual pain and saying he can t hurt her is the author s way of redeeming him from all the previous emotional pain he inflicted on her Glad he had sense enough not to do it but I still just can t buy into this love and it s all just too little too late Bottom Line I honestly wish to Gawd I d have never opened this book because the romance portion frustrated me on so many levels 1 STAR I m going to leave this here It sums up the story perfectlyYou know how people can t seem to look away when there s an accident down the road They don t want to look but can t help themselves and watch anywayI didn t know I was one of those peopleLet me just tellou about one scene in this book One scene that made me face palm in the metro looking like a crazy person Oh below are spoilers Not that it matters in this story anyway So the heroine s mother is dying from cancer home cared by her daughter Heroine and hero broke up a Henry and June year ago because of reasons UNSPOKEN reasons But that s just another word for DRAMA Poorly crafted dramaLike they were madly in love about to get married but went their separate ways because the heroine proposed to put the wedding off to take care of her mother Which was dying let s all keep that in mind and little brother himself suffering from some disorderThe hero on a whim or most precisely after throwing a sissy fit decided to LEAVE He almost stomped his foot but instead he punched a wallAnyway story goes on they eventually meet again oneear later blablablah casually hooking upOne night the heroine calls because she needs help getting her days from dying mother out of the tub They tuck the mother in bed They both go downstairs to have dinner or Or have crazy sex and make unusual and completely OUT OF THE BLUE reuests Dry Skull Dreams you know just BECAUSE I wantou to tie me up I mean tie me to my bed Arms and legs So I can t move And then what Anything Everything As long as it s intense I don t want My Names Friday you to hold back Make it hurt Make so I can t feel anything else Going to leaveou with that oh so special and spontaneous moment You re welcome Aww I love the sound of this second chance romance The hero heroine were once engaged but she broke it off leaving them both in a lot of pain After a The Gate of Heaven year apart they re paired together on a work project and the pull between them is stronger than ever giving them a second chance STANDALONE I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thankou Before I go into my actual review while reading this book I came across two particular uotes that held a lot of meaning to me and that I felt really embodied the title and essence of the book Unspoken I ve always believed that if Tutoring Lady Jane you are precise inour thoughts it s not the lin. Anything but beautiful – it’s slowly pulling her underBrady a contractor is swiftly building his business into an empire Work is a faithful companion that never lets him down like Palmer did When he sees women now it’s on his terms And his terms are simple just sex He won’t let

DNF I ve been reading it so slowly and being so uninterested in the story I decided to stop But maybe it picks up and hopefully I will come back to it sometime later DNF at 55% Some spoilers ahead I was hoping this was going to be a good second chance romance I just couldn t get into it Brady was a HUGE ASS He over reacted to everything Palmer asks to postpone their wedding a while because she just got word her mom is dying and he blew up and broke up with her then accused her of cheating Selfish asshole move My DNF point was after they get together on a project they have sex He then tells her that is the ONE YEAR they were apart he fucked 12 other women Ummmm no Then she just falls into his lap again He basically treated her like another whore he had banged I m just gonna uit and be done He can t be redeemed First as the mom to a child with a total care disability and two other children without disabilities a lot of the non romantic content in this book hit very close to home for me It s a subject not often broached in books but one that has such far reaching demands responsibilities pains and joys I applaud the author for writing about it I just wish the author would ve paired it with a romance that didn t make me want to eat nails The romancerelationship portion of this book made me uncomfortable and irritated It was bad got worse got a little better then just nosedived right back into worse before a HEA that I just couldn t swallow reading after everything else The author took the male MC character too far black before trying to turn him into a white night Synopsis Female MC s mom is sick has a disabled child Female MC decides to shoulder the burden of care for both Male MC has his own financial and family burdens Female MC decides to push back their wedding and explains her reasoning being her mom is sick with terminal cancer From here it turns into a huge argument of him thinking she doesn t love him is cheating etc Which escalates the situation into her pushing him away and a final breakup They don t see each other for a ear He s eually resentful lustful She s in a place that she just wants him to fuck away her woes pain Can they forgive misunderstandings hurt feelings and wounded pride Can one stop trying to do everything alone and one stop letting anger and pride rule his decisions The bigger uestion is will readers even care after the the author makes the male MC the biggest stupidest bastard ever The answer for me was no WTF Is Wrong With This Guy Clearly he is insecure but to completely ignore that SHE SAYS HER MOM HAS CANCER storm off never to talk to her again is just beyond assholish Forget overreacting taking verbal jabs at someone that just shared absolutely devastating news with ou He became instantly irredeemable in this moment because there s no f ing way American Poetry you listen to someoneou love tell Every Good Girl you their mom is dying of cancer and thenou accuse them of being a cheater and abandon them all because A Sixpenny Christmas your pride is hurt because she says I wantou but I don t need Last of the Few you Pure F ing StupidityWhen these two meet almost aear after the breakup he continues to willfully hurt her Talking about all the other women he s been with calling her nothing but a fuck buddy continuing to basically dismiss the gravity of her mom FUCKING dying Again there s nothing about this that remotely resembles love So how are readers supposed to root for a love clearly not even present To make it worse she is constantly apologizing to him Yep she s apologizing for his narcissism and hatefulness She s like a vulnerable puppy taking orders from him as he uses her sexual needs as a tool to emotionally hurt her So what if she didn t lay out word for word that part of the reason she told him to go was because she didn t want to burden him with sharing care for her brother ANY F ing idiot could deduct that scenario Any F ing idiot would ve cared and supported her du. Palmer Sinclair was on the edge of happily ever after when she broke off her engagement to Brady Grant The end of their relationship marked the beginning of a painful solitary journey for her Though she makes places beautiful with her work as an interior designer the rest of her life is.

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