Ursula Terman: Orb by Ursula Terman

F her smile turned up slightly Tension washed over her starting n her shoulders her muscles bracing for something Then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement down around her middle I reached out to touch the soft smooth flesh of her belly just above her belly button I felt another gentle pulse from within her and was startled to feel the flesh under my fingers grow slightly harder We both laughed ncredulous and joyful I didn’t understand what was happening to her only that we’d succeede.

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Joe s just an average guy working 9 to 5 every day so he can come home to his girlfriend and relax While getting groceries he meets a strange beautiful woman and suddenly only knows one thing he was made to be with this woman and that he must mate with her and nothing s mportant Hours later her belly New Bad Girl in Town is ripe and full Buts The Things We Knew it his child Or something else Orb A Tale of Alien Pregnancys 11000 words and s positively gravid with hot sci fi sex and belly expansion Excerpt Her expression was cont.

Ent and serene yet her brow furrowed as f she was concentrating She smiled warmly as she saw me awaken There was a comfortable silence as we basked Men of Sunday in the moment for a minute or two Though I had a million uestions Lisa spoke first “You’re justn time” she said her voice proud and gentle I realized I could still faintly feel the now familiar thrum of energy emanating from within her slowly pulsing once again every few seconds She made a uiet moan and wrinkled her eyebrows and the corners

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