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S a very good book Zoe James has returned home after being in prison for being involved with her husbands death And being in a hospital for rehab from alcohol She has a son that is staying with her parents ntil Zoe gets her life back on the right track Also returning home is Caleb Sullivan He has two little girls His wife left him She liked to drink A lot goes on in this story A must read College friends Zoe and Caleb reunite years later as struggling single parents attracted to one another though tentative about pursuing a relationship given their pastsThe story s a little predictable and I wanted a bit dimension from Zoe s former in laws while their anger was Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own understandable expressing other emotions like sadness and some overt love for their grandson I think might have humanized them in a way that would have enriched Zoe s conflictThe dogs and kids were cute and Caleb s somewhat chaotic and messy household felt nicely like like I also appreciated that Zoe and Caleb actually talk to each other aside from one brief instance their romance wasn t plagued by misunderstandings which can be so annoying to read they had genuine personal stuff from their pasts to work through before they could be together LakesideBook 4In the latest book by Lisa Jordan we meet Zoe James Actually she was featured int he previous book I believe when her brother Ian s story was featured In this book Zoe is fresh out of Agape House and is trying to rebuild her life after making a huge mistake She works as a dog trainer and meets an old college friend Caleb Sullivan Sully who is trying to put his life back together after his wife walks away from him and their two daughters Zoe is working hard at getting a home for her and her son but she believes there are things that stand between her and Sully getting togetherThe author does a wonderful job on this book The way she handles Zoe s past with Sully is wonderful So many times secrets are revealed at the end so I was pleasantly surprised when that wasn t the case there Sully was such a gre. With her son When she bumps into old friend Caleb Sullivan and his two adorable girls she sees the possibility of a happy future Caleb has always secretly loved Zoe but her turbulent past bringsp tou.

I totally enjoy this book The story of the H and h was heartfelt and it had me crying and laughing If you don t like sad stories this may not be for you There were also parts when I wanted to yell at the h s child grandmother but it all worked out in the end I read it in in one day LAKESIDE REDEMPTION This book took me by surprise Even though I felt meh about the storyline when I read the book s blurb as soon as I started it I fell right into the storyThe book contains a healthy plot developed characters a sweet storyline some realistic situations and a few cute moments The story honestly could have been expanded into several books as the plot development was wrapped Desire Island - The Niece up veryickly at the end fairly normal for the genre Otherwise this is a solid book and I will definitely put this author s works high on my list of future reads Lakeside Redemption is a story of second chances For Zoe James second chances mean regaining custody of her son regaining her father s trust and regaining her own self respect For Caleb Sullivan second chances involve getting to know his old friend Zoe again and maybe just maybe finding a future for them together Unfortunately Zoe s problems in her past hit Caleb in the part of his heart that wants only to protect his little girls Can Zoe prove to both Caleb and her Dad that she has changed Can she also prove to the courts that she is fit to raise her own sonThis book while not super long still managed to pack a powerful punch It was hard not to re examine how I look at people who come back to the community after doing time in prison Am I suspicious Do I see that they are doing their best to put their former ways behind them Do I even LOOK for the best when it is so much easier to expect the worstI have enjoyed this series by Lisa Jordan and definitely recommend the book I just loved this story of redemption Part of Jordan s continuing series events nfold at a realistic pace in this tale of reconciliation and redemption RT Book Reviews 4 stars Lakeside Redemption by Lisa Jordan wa. Fresh Start Family Zoe James is starting over She's worked hard to get past the foolish mistakes that landed her in trouble four years ago Now the young mom is back in Shelby Lake and ready to reconnect.

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At man tender with his daughters as well as with Zoe and her son The issues were handled tastefully The romance was sweet and allowed to happen naturally I found myself sighing many timesAnd I thought some of the dialogue was pure ingenious by the author Just loved it Excellent book about redemption and starting over Nice easy read Very enjoyable believable For all who believe in second chances This was an adorable story of God s redemptive grace I liked that dog training was featured That s an intriguing career choice and I thought that aspect was mostly well written The girls were charming and I really enjoyed Griffin as wellA couple of things slightly hampered my enjoyment of this book The challenge of having the lawsuit against Zoe for custody of her son seemed way nderplayed After the initial shocking scene when that thread began it was hardly mentioned again and there was nothing Zoe did to battle the suit She didn t talk to a lawyer didn t attempt to gather proof that she was a fit mother nothing There were a couple of other smaller threads that felt lost or forgotten to me but the biggest ones other than the lawsuit were completed satisfactorilyAnother thing that bothered me was the lack of The Rancher and the City Girl uality copyediting This is a trend with Love Inspired books that is steadily grating against my nerves While I enjoy Ms Jordan s books I might have to stop reading themnless they get published with a new publisher It s becoming obvious that Love Inspired and its owner Harleuin doesn t care to Ice Wolves (Elementals, uphold a highality of editing in their products That is really disappointing to me as I would think Some Like It Hotter uality would trumpantityOverall this was a great story one that clearly shows how God s grace can carry one through even the worst of mistakes Forgiveness is real and I like how it was portrayed in this book I hope Ms Jordan will consider a new publisher for future books because I want of her stories without having to worry about editing issuesContent alcohol pre marital pregnancyI was not compensated for my honest revie. Gh memories of his own As they spend time together training his girls' new puppy Zoe and Caleb will learn that if they can forgive themselves they might have a chance at a new life and new love together.