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Cats are given their own voices but never to the point of being unbelievable I have to admit I found myself surprised at the killer Not on my radar At all Of course I was njoying the story so much I have to admit I think I forgot to follow the clues and just had fun reading I hated to see the book A Family Practice end but I did like the way itnded Another great mysteryA solid mystery and development of life in Mystic Notch Oddly A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity enough Striker has less of a role in the books then the four regulars at the bookstore I hope in the next books there is on the goodbad humans conflict as the heroine learns tombrace her gift 25 stars A Spirited Tail is book 2 in the Mystic Notch series This is a cozy mystery book with paranormal ghostly Celebrity Bachelor elements It looks like there is also a setup for future magicallements to the series The main character is Willa Chance A 48 year old fairly recently divorced woman with no children After her divorce two years prior Willa moved back to her home town where she had inherited her grandmother s house business and cat Pandora This book is told primarily from Willa s POV but there are a couple chapters from Pandora s POV It is set in New Hampshire In this book Willa happens upon a newly murdered body in the backyard of an old state that has been locked up for years It just so happens that Willa can also see and speak to ghosts and alth Ugh Just ugh Against my better judgement I gave book 2 of the Mystic Notch series a try Against my better judgement because the first book wasn t very good But the characters are cute and the location is charming so I thought I d give it another go It was a mistake Both books read like a bad YA book only the MC is a middle aged woman who gets giddy and weak in the knees very time a good looking guy shows up Whenever there s a crime bigger than a parking violation a cop from a neighboring town gets called in to help the police chief of Mystic Notch What kind of idiot town hires a police chief who can t investigate major crimes Not that it matters because apparently. The mysterious journal that Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, everyone seems to be after Once again Willa's cat Pandora has to help her figure out the clues while she and the other cats of Mystic Notch try to keep vital mystical knowledge from getting into the wrong hands Can Willa discover the identity of the killer in time or will shend up being the fourth victi.

I liked this second book in the series Lots of twists and turns to the good mystery The animals are great It s really different to have some scenes from their POV but I liked it D A fun read I have really Rescuing the Texans Heart enjoyed both of the books in this series but there is one thing that bugs me She create a possible scenario and latches on to it harder that most cozy leads Then once her primary premise is proven wrong she won t let go I know that fits many newspaper reporters but it doesn t seem to fit investigative reporting I stillnjoy the books and love the animals I like the animals but the main character is pretty dim Case of double homicide separated by 50 years and Willa and gang try to solve it The problem is there aren t many characters introduced in the story hence suspect list is very thin to begin with Little bit disappointedbut Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., easy to read cozy murder mystery 35 stars 0 heatA Spirited Tail was a fun read The Gist Willa s pretty dang tickled to be appraising an old library that s been abandoned for decades Only problem A dead body just a laying on the property she s just arrived at Oy It might be linked to a murdersuicide from back in the day tooInjoy Willa She s a bookworm And constantly curious Loves animals She s good people and fun to spend time with The mystery was fun Willa and crew were SO slow on the uptake but I had fun watching them figure it about Uncovering clues having little blunders Seeing how the present day murder connected to the death of a popular medium decades Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch earlier And oh the pets Willa s cat is part of an ancient group of kitties that s goal is to deal with good andvil and help their humans when they need it I love all the kitties and this go around the addition of a sweet heartbroken pup All in all while somewhat predictable A Spirited Tail was still a delightful read and has me wanting to read from Mystic Notch A good read but not a favorite of mine I wanted to like it than I did and I m still not uite sure why I didn t Maybe it was because none of the characters stood ou. Middle aged bookstore owner Willa Chance is looking forward to the opportunity of appraising a valuable private library that hasn't seen the light of day for fifty years until she finds a dead body in the backyard and the ghost of the home's previous owner anxiously waiting for her inside Hampered by the persistent ghost who insists.

T really Yes there was the cute connection between the cat Pandora and a dog named Ranger but not much lse The story went in too many different directions as to who was the murderer and after awhile I didn t care Cute read but again not a favorite of mine although Leighann Dobbs is one of my new favorite authors For me this was a fun book to read Mainly because it combined things that I would love to do Go into an abandoned mansion legally Get to check out all the rooms where a 50 year old murder and suicide took place And get my hands on a room full of books Be the first one in ages to see what is there open them and read them Fun Fun Fun I lead such a sad life Oh wellWilla Chance is asked to catalog the library in the old Van Dorn state But before she can Mine to Take (Nine Circles, even get her fist look into the library she is asked by her friend Bing if he could have any handwritten journals she finds She is also approached by a woman named Claire who wants the same journalsThe house has been closed up for 50 yearsver since Charles Van Dorn committed suicide The nephew of Charles Van Dorn has decided to sell His L.A. Cinderella everything and needs Willa to give anstimate on the value of the books He selling things on A Groom for Greta (Amish Brides of Celery Fields, ebay And to top it off Charles ghost turns up in the library and asks Willa to find his killer so he can move on Did I mention the curse Well Van Dorn was a noted Magician and Mentalist in his hay day until he was accused of killing a girl and leaving a mystical sign on her foreheadAs Willa and the realstate agent get to the house they hear a dog howling go to the back and find the dead body of Van Dorn s old neighbor With the same sign on his forehead And so the story begins What secrets will be found in those old books and journals if any to find the killerAs I have said before I am not a big fan of paranormal books This series is the The Baby They Both Loved exception for me I can t getnough of them The basic characters are always strong and the story flows without getting bogged down in useless information And I love the way Pandora and the other. On keeping secrets from her Willa navigates a sea of confusing clues as she struggles to uncover the connection between the recent murder and two murders fifty years ago Is the answer contained in the secret she found in the library Or the unusual beuest left by the long dead owner of the house Or maybe it has something to do with.

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USA Today bestselling author Leighann Dobbs discovered her passion for writing after a twenty year career as a software engineer She lives in New Hampshire with her husband Bruce their trusty Chihuahua mix Mojo and beautiful rescue cat Kitty Her book Dead Wrong won the Best Mystery Romance award at the 2014 Indie Romance ConventionHer book Ghostly Paws was the 2015 Chanticleer Mystery