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This is young adult literature but i found myself easily caught up in the story set in Johannesburg before the end f Apartheid It gives very good insight not Rescuing a Werewolf only into the appalling treatmentf Blacks under the regime but also into the tension between British and Afrikaans Nicely written though the ending was a bit Making Women Pay of a let down It waskay I thought the idea was wonderful but it just wasn t pulled GloomCookie off as well as it should have been and the characters didn t grasp me as much as they could This book is written with uite flowery poetic language and it just didn t work for me There were also multiple incidentsf foreshadowing which became tiresome after the third as they were unnecessary It s a shameEDIT it is now 3 months later and I saw this n my bookshelf I couldn t even remember whether I had read it never mind what happened This book is now n its way to the charity shop for a home that hopefully will like it than I did Downgrade I wonder if this book made the Carnegie shortlist in 2008 because The Jesuit of its topic the narrator Ruby is 17 in 1976 just before the Soweto riots The reviewer in Books for Keeps called it racist but all the characters are stereotypes whiter black the shallow best friend who dumps Ruby when she rejects the spoiled rich kid the flamboyantly gay gallery assistant the Afrikaans rugby captain with a uiet shy sister and the angry young black artist who loves her for example The writing seems With Bound Hands overdescriptive even for a teen narrator and the plot follows a YA trajectory with no return home possible in the end Set in 1976 in South Africa Ruby Red describes the lifef 17 year Rim of the Pit old Ruby Winters whose parents have no black servants and do not believe in discrimination basedn skin color This in itself was revolutionary in South Africa reigned by the Apartheid regime The fact that Ruby s mother has an art gallery and is involved with black township artists giving them a chance to express the injustice done against them even adds to the fact that Ruby has to hide her family life from everyone she knows At school she behaves like a model student so she can just blend in but at the same time she has the feeling she has to hide who she really is Added to this societal commentary is a love story between English Ruby and Afrikaans Johann that has to show that Apartheid wasn t the You Can Beat the Odds only thing that made life difficult in 1970s South Africa Ruby s parents for instance would rather tolerate their daughter dating a black man than a white Boer Euality has its boundaries apparently even for the broad mindedJust like a while ago the cat had to say there was nothing wrong with writing just an OK book This isne f them It s OK though not very memorable This last element is mainly due to the fact that the characters don t really have a lot f depth besides Ruby Ruby for example meets a girl who goes to the competing Afrikaans school and develops a friendship with her However we don t exactly see the two interact much The same is true for Johann her love interest Ruby Red is an OK book it proved. In Ruby Winters' world colour Stripes of All Types opens some doors and slamsthers shut Her pulent Johannesburg neighbourhood is a far cry from the streets f Soweto where anger and.

Its point but the cat wants I don t think this is my kind f book sadlyI m not into romance and I don t think the ne in this book was done well It pretty much went like thisThe boy You re the hottest girl I know let s make Baltimore Catechism No. 2 out in a boatRuby I think you re hot too Let sSeriously the protagonist has chemistry with this black artist chilling in her house that she thinksf as a big brother The boyfriend s a better plot device than character and the Mic manual de campanie electorală only reason they seem like to like eachther in the first place is because they re both attractive yawn The main character was bland and every character was The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects one dimensional her dad was a wannabe Atticus her mom was petite pretty boy was bad Uncle D was flamboyant and the black lady who worked at the art gallery was a stereotype with a guttural laugh The writing itself was too purple prose y for me eyes were literally described asrbs and despite the story being from Ruby s perspective she was severely lacking in characterization My main problem was that it seemed like it was marketed as a forbidden romance THIS IS SET DURING APARTHEID The most intriguing thing would be to have an ACTUALLY forbidden romance between a blackmixed South African and a white South African but maybe it s my fault for reading this with this ultimately in mind This novel was shortlisted for the Carnegie and well worth it It is set in South Africa around the time f the Soweto Riots The main character is Ruby a white teen girl Ruby goes to the English high school as pposed to the Afrikaans high school Her father is a lawyer who defends not One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones only the rich but also poor black activists Her motherwns an art gallery where she Just Joking often highlights up and coming black artists This puts her family under a vigilant eye by the powerful and Ruby lives a very private life not admitting herwn r her parents views penlyWhen she rebuffs the advances Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) of a boy in her school and falls for a Afrikaans boy she alienates her school friends and begins to be harassed When the riots begin her family is caught in the middleThere is a lot goingn here and Ruby must mature faster than most teens as she deals with it There is lots BENAAMI of interesting history here and a section at the end gives informationn South African history Glass was born in South Africa emigrating to the US as a young adult This is ne f the best books I ve read in a while and I d highly recommend it Its a young adult fictional novel that deals with an historical event that we don t usually see in YA but it doesn t feel like you re reading a historical book which is in my pinion the way it should be The romance was what ruined this book for me I loved the whole plot the adventurous start and the mysterious way f dragging me in the plotline I loved Ruby s thoug Ruby Winters is a seventeen year The Real Bluebeard: The Life of Gilles de Rais old girl who lives in South Africa and goes to a rich English school Her momwns an art gallery with which she helps to hide wanted black artists And her dad is a lawyer who helps poor black people who have been treated unfairly Set in th. Hatred simmer under the surface Ruby can't resist the blue eyed Afrikaans boy who brings her the exciting rush f first love but whose presence brings hushed whispe.

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E 1970 s in the Apartheid Ruby is always been told all people are eual But in a community that things black and white should life separate it is hard to hold your feelings back This book touched me deeply It is so amazing how the tension rises with every page I turned How the ineuality is displayed And how Ruby s story is woven into the history ff South Africa The plot is so uniue and unpredictable I had no clue where this book was going and how ut f hand it would get The book is really easy to read and has a fast pace When I started reading I had no idea what the book was about and where it would lead to The beginning is uite childish I enjoyed it but it felt a bit like a high school novel There are a lot Night Train To Cherbourg: A Joszef Kiraly: Gentleman, Vampire Mystery of scenes about the school and how popular Ruby is But fast after that you findut her parents hide black artists and protect them from the police The story developed to an exciting story The uniue thing about this book is that it is written from not a victim Disowned of the racism but from a bystanders perspective She has a clear pointf view though and I totally agree with her There are a lot Comptia Security+ Sy0-301 Exam Cram of booksut there about the victims but this gave something uniue Ruby notices the black servant and the black gardener while everybody just ignores them That was amazing to read about The history in this book is amazing to read about These Soweto uprisings are woven in Ruby s story just incredibly I loved to see how it would affect the normal citizen like Ruby At Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey one point I thought this book would go in the directionf a Romeo and Julia story and that Ruby would fall in love with Juliaan But that didn t happen fortunately Which I found also uniue the story still manages to be so interesting without her falling in love with the discriminated human Because Ruby has a fight with the most popular boy at school he is a total jerk she goes from most popular girl to someone nobody wants to be seen with This happens uietly through the book and I think the writer did this so beautiful and natural that I didn t even notice it until she has The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the Other Side only two friends left in school Luckily she finds Loretta and Johan The scene in the art gallery when the expositionf Julian is about the be revealed was soooo cool Before the scene started I was like are you seriously letting this go through you re putting everybody at risk including your family But the development was so amazing I had to laugh about the stupid police Marketing Aesthetics officers after The ending felt a little rushed view spoiler When Johann warns them that Ruby s dad might be in danger they pick up and leave THE END That was weird I would have wanted an epiloguer something What happens next I am so unsatisfied And what the mom does is so unbelievable She leaves her daughter and husband to stay with the artists What sounds so unrealistic everybody would choose their family right hide spoiler Glass s novel for teenaged girls takes place in 1976 Johannesburg in the time leading up to the Soweto uprising in which black children came together to protest being instructed in Afrikaan. Rs and disapproving glances She might not see race colour r creed but it seems everybody else does This dazzling novel will entrance teenage and adult readers alik.

Linzi moved to the US as a young adult and has lived in Santa Monica with her teenage daughter Jordan for many years She has been in the trenches of animal rescue for seven years and has personally rescued hundreds of dogs She is the Executive Director and Co founder of The Forgotten Dog Foundation a non profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing rehabilitating and re homing dogs in