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Rating overviewWriting Story Characters Overall 3This was a sexy addition to the Baumgartner series set somewhere in between Ronnie s and Janies story it is about Gretchen and the very sexually adventurous couple On top of that there is a minor attempted adoption plotIt was okay not the best and not the worst but overall it felt a little been there done that to me After reading the two Ronny Stories i had expected sex That being said this is a deeper read Considerably deeper and at times darkerI enjoyed this immensely my only complaint was the sudden shift 45s of the way through I would have expected some catalyst to provoke the change in Mrs B but instead she just acts It felt rushed but hardly detracts from the story A ood read if you want a sexy summer Another hot book about those crazy Baumgartners I have a lovehate or rather a lusthate relationship with Selena Kitt s books Yes they are hot and sexy and definitely not something that I would recommend reading in public there isn t really much else to them The story lines are so so and leave much to be desired With that being said she certainly can pen a hot sexual sceneCrazy About the Baumgartners everything I ve come to expect in a Selena Kitt story Hot characters cheesy story line and ratuitous smut scenes Definitely recommend if you are looking for something hot and sexy to read that is a little outside the norm I liked this one a bit than the others that are about the Baumgartners before this I wish there had been a book told from their pov to let the reader know what lead to Carrie coming to turns with. Doc and Mrs B have hired a new au pair and she’s crazy about the Baumgartners Poor rejected Gretchen fired from her previous job and still licking her wounds from a recent breakup is desperately.

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Scenes and two the type of erotica that uses the story line as static allowing it s protagonists to act like their brains can only comprehend one word GENITALS That type is the easiest to write and the hardest to read because it reduces the characters to such blithering idiots that one finds oneself often wondering just how on earth did they manage to survive this long by having the comprehension ability of an amoeba This is the latter kind of eroticaNow this is my fault No really because someone i know read it commented on it and I DIDN T MARK THE BOOK OFF So i forgot all about it I will never ever fail to do so again It really didn t ring a bell until came on to this uotebrace yourselves She sucked on my clit like a little baby attached to a nipple WUT Nope nope nope nope nope nooooooooooopeYou do not i repeat DO NOT associate sexual acts with infants and expect to et a high five That is Not OK The first time i ve seen this uote i was Animal Babies grossed out by it alone but now that i have had the pleasure of enjoying the entire scene i can say that things seen cannot be unseen Hot as usual Though I still can t help thinking how do their kids never hear them They all seem so freaking loud lol Gretchen joins the pair in these steamy read She s been working as the nanny and finally agrees to move in full time after her breakup She s been dying to be asked to join Carrie and Doc s bed and it looks like she is finallyetting her chanceI loved that we ot a little bit of an emotional story along with all the heat this series brings It s hard not to fall in love with Carrie Doc. Ut their fondness for threesomes Naughty Gretchen makes up her mind on their annual trip to the steamy sun and fun of Key West to show the Baumgartners just how crazy she is about the both of them.

Her need for both a man and a woman as well as how it affected their relationship at first or maybe that s how they beganIf there is such a book or I was so bored by previous books that I missed it please let me know In the previous books I felt like they sorta preyed on the young and innocent or vulnerable but I didn t feel that this time as much as usual For one Gretchen is older and she seems to know her own mind when it comes to her sex life or relationships in eneral Still she is a bit vulnerable since she doesn t have anyone else but that didn t seem so bad since there were things keeping them from fulling acting on their attraction for her at first Just when you thought the Baumgartners were donekids qasas-ul-quran grown Ronnie married reunion doneweet this wonderful trip back to a time just after Ronnie has left and Gretchen has joined the family In true Baumgartner style we et lots of hot ffm scenes really who wouldn t want to join this couple in bed and a reat story to boot Even a couple of tear inducing momentsSelena you ve done it again4 stars It s not uite as Dead-End Road Mysteries good as babysitting the Baumgartner but it is probably my second favorite in the series This one takes place shortly after babysitting the Baumgartner and also after letters to the Baumgartner Characters from both of those novels as well as the novella s all make a return in this one I have read my fair share of erotica and i really love theenre As far as i have found out there are two ways of writing it One an actual credible story line that allows passion to flourish winding up in some interesting sex. Seeking the kind of attention and affection only the Baumgartners can offer So why do they seem to thwart her advances at every turn It isn’t as if the polyamorous couple has been secretive abo.

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