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This series first Jake is a 6th grader who seems to be doing well in school until his beloved teacher goes out on maternity leave The sub has very different ideas about how the class will spend their time and warns the students What happens in this class stays in this class Now I want to go back and read the first book This is a fun series I hope I can get the Wimpy Kid crew to step up the uality a little and try these I thought this book was ok Jake s teacher helps them set up a pet grooming business and it works out after a while Then the business dosn t work out for jake when he gets fired from his job. Ularity struggles become boardroom struggles and Jake's friendship with Michael is tested  Even Jake's diabolical sister Alexis gets in on the puppy cleaning action and hilarity nsues But will Jake's brand of AWESOMENESS be nough to clean up this furry mess.

Asher 11yo read Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious I want to be a part of the Nerf ambush I wasn t as charmed by Dog Eat Dog as the first Just Jake but it continues to feel very authentically middle school The first couple chapters had me laughing but I lost some interest when we got into the heart of the book Jake is often not the best role model Many people had a problem with book 1 s Kid Cards Personally I miss the Kid Cards and feel the Harriet the Spy sue documentation of people is very true to life However I wasn t as fond of how Jake and Michael took down Ms Cane Still the books are funny charming and aw. Sixth grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly climbing his way back up the ladder of popularity Increasingly settled in his new school and with a great new best friend Michael verything seems to be going okay for Jake  Until Jake's beloved teacher Mrs Pilsner has.

Esomely relatable Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Loser List and Charlie Joe Jackson will probably njoy this series The author is still in school himself and started writing this series when he was 12 years old In this book Jake and his class have some real world learning xperiences as they start an animal grooming business with their long term substitute teacher Author guest post THis book is so funny and I am so bad at summariesbut Jake is slowly gaining his awesomeness back but he has a new teacher that is pink haired has a ton of tattoos and she s a crazy old pet lover Apparently I read the 2nd one of. A baby and the students in Jake's homeroom are handed off to the super scary substitute Ms Cane  Rather than teach through traditional methods Ms Cane decides to have these go getters help her with a fledgling pet grooming company Dogs cats and get bathed pop.

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