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Sa the Lizard ueen would be proud In Todd We Trust opens with the Toddlians in a state of panic Their god who has previously learned how important his benevolence is to the little society that spawned from his severely under laundered sock is increasingly istracted by the types of things middle school boys are usually Whispers Of The Heart distracted or obsessed by That s right handling burgeoning sexual feelings for the beautiful new girl bullies with confusing agendas and figuring out how to get out of physical education keep Todd from paying as much attention to the Toddlians as he should As a result the neglected lilliputian civilization has to figure out what their next move is Do they throw themselves at the feet of their god who has forsaken them or try to find another benefactorIn this second book of a series Galvestonoes an excellent job of harking back to the first novel without rehashing too much for those already familiar or skipping over so much that you feel you missed out if you The Dukes Gamble didn t read By the Grace of Todd The writing is crisp and characters though numerous easy to keep track of While this may be because of overcharacterization and most personalities are caricatures of themselves and not successfullyeveloped it works well in a book suited to pre teens who will be tickled by the chance to read about Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, dirty laundry and carelesslyiscarded moldy apples spawning antagonistic worms This series should be an easy sell for middle grade readers Some will wrestle with the existential uestions of religion friendships and serious relationships others will just get a good kick out of the wild adventures teeny tiny people can experience in a bathtub or battling bug. A Noah’s ark in order to search for a thoughtful Let Go deity But who can the Toddlians turn to in their time ofespair And Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition does Todd really not remember the miniature race generated by theirt on his smelly sock It will take than ivine intervention to save the Toddlians and mend their relationship with their neglectful creato.

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Great book I hadn t read the previous book By the Grace of Todd so it took me a little while to figure out what was going on My uestion is whether the target readers will have ifficulty or less I Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward did like the idea of tiny people but then I really loved Terry Pratchett s Nome series and if you haven t read them go now this book will wait Todd is very human very realistic however some of his bullies are not uite there The Toddlian s trek seems inspired by the Borrowers but Daisy is a uniue creation Todd is your average twelve year old boy with all the personal hygiene problems school issues anddrama that we expect in the middle school years He also is a God to a very small group of people that live in his room ando their best to honor and help him Imagine what they go through as they try to navigate Todd s messy closet iscarded food and the computer They have a problem in that they think Todd isn t paying attention and maybe they need to move on Finding a new eity proves to be a challenge and hopefully Todd will notice instead of paying attention to a new girl a bully who has it out for him and a persistent swim coach Very funny idea that boys and girls will enjoy and giggle at the antics of the Toddlians I really liked this second book about the Toddlians Those tiny people have such interesting and varied personalities and they keep me laughing Todd has grown up a bit he s confident and self assured but still struggling with the concept of responsibility Todd is such a great character He s learning and growing all the time He makes How to Disappear dumb mistakes and brilliantecisions He s brave and scared at the same time Just great writingI love the interaction. Out of the irt on Todd’s smelly sock came a race of miniature people who worship Todd as a godNow the tiny Toddlians need everyone's prayersThe Toddlians have always believed in the omnipotence of their god twelve year old Todd Butroche After all Todd is their creator and they would not exist if it were not for him and

Between Todd and his friends especially the girls They are wonderful supporting characters to Todd s story Lucy is such a fun character with all her science experiments and everything I think I love her the most It was elightful seeing Todd s reactions every time he saw Charity His A Guide to Americas Sex Laws descriptions of her hair are priceless The plot in this book really kept me interested and I loved how all theifferent elements in the story pulled together at the end Once again while I only gave this book 3 stars I m sure that any young kids would be giving it 5 stars I m not the target audience after all If I had read this when I was 10 I would have given it 5 stars no uestionAlso there s a reference to Veronica Mars This book is legit My nerdy heart just loves it How apropos that I post this review on the Ides of March All is not well in Toddlandia The Agewise defeat of Max Loving in BY THE GRACE OF TODD only riled the beast further and he is back to torment Todd and torture the Toddlians But Max is the lessor of Todd s worries as he joins the swim team faces Terrifying Coach Tomlin and contemplates attending a DANCE with a GIRL His worries get the better of him for a bit and his care of the Toddlians could uh be better His loyal friends face the frightening prospect that their god no longer cares for them One of the things I love about Galveston s writing is that the stories are funny and gross and because of that are able to broach in an accessible way concepts that can be confusing or overwhelming uestions about faith responsibility toward oneself as well as others and boygirl relationships are tucked in so sneakily readers will ponder and learn without hardly noticing Varu. Is benevolent grossness But when the Toddlians are confronted with a vile “red thing” a moldy apple and its mysterious and horrifying inhabitant a worm they begin to believe Todd has forgotten all about them There’s only one solution to the Toddlians’ problems to find a new god And so theyecide to build a raft à

Louise grew up on horseback in the Midwest The only thing that could pull her out of the saddle was a great book or a game of Star Wars The lone girl in her neighborhood she always got to play Princess Leia thus her mad lightsaber skills Yes she had the cinnamon roll side bun hair Louise even cleaned her room on occasion but never found anything but a rogue hamster under her bedLouise s