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At other people think that we should do And in many cases this xpectation causes a conflict between what are told to do versus what we actually want to do ourselves But following your heart or your mind whichever you use to decide is not a bad or outrageous thing it s the right thing to do just as what Otto the owl did despite what other owls thought When you go against the traditional norms to do the things you want to do and receive bad repboo or are bullied because of that because you take control of your life then keep on doing what you love Keep marching on and don t pay attention to what other people think or say about you Have courage and don t The Management Bible ever doubt yourself or lose your passionlove for the thing you set out to do just because of other people s wordsven when you have to do the thing you love alone with no one by your side Like Otto the owl who was teased by other owls but still Zu schnell embraced his. Iting to hunting Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem But you see Otto is an owl When the other owls begin to make fun of Otto hembarks on a difficult journey finding along the way both his inner poet and a community that accepts him fo.

Love for poetry and recited his favorite poems Sleepless (Bird of Stone, every night without caring who listened to them When people around you who you think are your loved ones and should be there to support whatever you do leave or disapprove of what you do find your own audience Like Otto the owl who found his own audience in the mice that listened to his poem recitalsvery night Find your own new family family of your choice who appreciate what you do and stay for who you are Don t be afraid that you will nd up alone veryone has their own group of loved ones big or small that will support them unconditionally And finally other owls who teased Otto the owl before slowly realized the talent and admired the passion that Otto had for poetry So all is not lost and people can change for the better Have faith that they can Keep doing what you love and other things will fall into place sooner or laterThat s all for today s lessons R who he is Celebrating courage and the importance of sticking with your passion and incorporating an ngaging mix of original and famous poems Vern Kousky has created an nchanting and inviting world a forest filled with the sounds of poetr.

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Oh my beautiful hunk of cheese you smell so sweet and goodOh my beautiful hunk of cheeseI d marry you if I could Love the pictures of the owls They are drawn so cute I like the introduction to poetry too Really well done Adorable tale about the power of poetry Loved this book A great introduction for a poetry unit I really Invisible (The Curse of Avalon enjoyed this beautifully illustrated book But what brings the most value to the book is its message or messages that the author conveyed via the story he told which I think could be of great use to young readers reading this book There s nothing wrong with being who you are andnjoying what you love or what your heart desires as long as it hurts no one Otto the owl like many other owls was supposed to hunt at night and to make owl s sound not to love or recite poetry As human beings we also face the same pressure from society to bedo the supposed things or play the supposed roles th. An owl with an unusual passion learns to shine in this fresh funny debut picture book introducing a poetry loving owl whom kids will cheer for Otto loves poetry Keats Rossetti Dickinson ven T S Eliot He prefers reading to roosting and rec.