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What I really like is the cover but that s about it An okay story I don t like the way of writing feels like I m reading the minds of older women but in fact they re only twenty one Cannot connect with the characters Also kind of a fast paced story One moment they re strangers then the next they re already roommates and knew each other Even their relationships with their counterparts are uick Not for me UhIt s my book so I say it s pretty awesomeWhat I can t be vain Talk about a comedic romp This book ave me many a chuckle I mean any book that has a pet hedgehog in it name Heath Ledgehog which I The Best Man (Alpha Men, gotta say might be aood porn star name is instant Poetry Man gold to me especially when heets called Spiny Satan A Tale of Two Pretties follow the antics of MacAllister Mac Barlow and Darcy Pepper who went to high school together and are thrown together later in life by sheer coincidence Mac is probably my favorite of the two she s fun sassy and oh so snarkalicious Poor Mac ot burned by her husband who she found screwing his secretary on not one but two occasions She decides to move on with her life and runs into Darcy while trying to drown her sorrows at the local pizza place Darcy has had a string of really really short term boyfriends After her fallout with her last one a drunken frat jerk name Dylan who Mac calls the Dyl hole she decides she needs to et her life in order too Darcy I found harder to like because she seems to use men for material stuff I think the reason behind this is that she s never had a real relationship with a man only ones where they The Quest of the Holy Grail give her stuff so she thinks that she s onlyood for that kind of thing and that no one will want her for She s so bubbly and happy she s a very Dead Taboo good contrast to Mac who is much serious I thought it was reallyreat when she finds B rad yes your read that right who values her for than sex although it takes some time for him to Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, get through to her B rad also known as Brad seems like a joke at first He has a stupid nickname and the fact that he s a 30 something man that works in a pizzeriaplus he has some prettyroan worthy pickup lines But he s a real softy and he s completely loyal which is exactly what Darcy needs after her relationship disasters Mac s love interest is the totally swoon inducing Preston I swear he could The Subtle Beauty give airl the big O just by talking He s probably the only Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, guy who can deal with Mac s constant snarkinesshe actually thinks that it s cute The book is full of witty comebacks and smart dialogue and the characters are compelling and well developed This is the first book in the series so it does end with a cliffywhich makes me crazy for the next book Its not often I read a New Adult book with some humour in it and A Tale Of Two Pretties Part 1 in the Hopless in Hotlanta series was just that Written by Dawn Pendleton and Magan Vernon this book is not your typical NA read if fact it was refreshing to read a book which read almost like day to day lifeThis book almost has a feel of being taking straight from a diary or 2 friends sharing something that happened than actually being wrote as a fresh story That s what I really liked about it The 2 characters Mac and Darcy also have areat dynamic with each other and are as much alike as they are different It s almost like they balance each other out nicelyI loved the thoughts and personal points of view that went into the writing I actually felt like I knew the characters could relate to them and had than a few laugh out loud moments I also like the hotter scenes which were done really well and again with some humour which made them fun than a straight sex scene can be And let s be honest they often can be a bit boringThere s romance fun and reat friendship in this book and although the ending which really isn t an ending I have a feeling book 2 will lead straight off where this book ended doesn t leave. MacAllister Mac Barlow thought she was living the life she always dreamed of When she catches her fiancé in the act with his secretary she high tails it out of their apartment without looking back Looking for a new life she drowns her sorrows in a pitcher of beer at Tony's Pizzeria Darcy Pepper isn't one fo.

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G things o too far with him she runs Little does she know he s friends with B Rad and they end up seeing a lot of each other I expect The Billionaires Runaway Bride great hotness from these two in the next bookThe WritingThis book is told in dual POV but it s different from your regular MaleFemale love interest MCs Instead we have to friends POVs with two separate love interest which actuallyives up four main characters in a way My only small issue was the character voices of Mac Darcey did sound very similar in the beginning but as we Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover get to know them their voices started to develop and take on their own sound FINAL WORD This is no sweet and sappy romance story this is sarcastic and witty with fun and interesting characters CONTENT Sexuality medium some sex scenesViolence noneLanguage strong freuent f wordsDrugs alcohol mild More reviews at The Reading Realm I went to the release party on FB for A Tale Of Two Pretties I wanted to read it already but seeing the interaction between authors and best friends Dawn Pendleton and Magan Vernon who I have already books from and liked a lot made me want to read it even These two are a hoot together Their book had to be the same wayIt wasA Tale Of Two Pretties took off fast rig So what do youet when two amazingly fabulous hilarious real life BFFs Caught on Camera with the CEO get together and decide to write a book Youet Hopeless in Hotlanta A Tale of Two Pretties And it is Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, greatFirst we have Mac Barlow the fowl mouthed blonde who isn t afraid to tell it like it is She finds herself sitting alone in a pizzeria not long after finding her fianc with his secretary Then in walks Darcy Pepper who claims she knows Mac from high school She s beautiful and uses those looks toet what she wants from Arabian Nights guys Both are essentially homeless now and have no clue as to what to do with their livesCue B Rad the pretty hot tattooed near 30 waiter at the pizzeria who couldn t help but overhear theirls problems He offers to let them rent the one bedroom apartment above the shop and with no other options the Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place girls decide why the hell not But Darcy soing to have to use some of her talents to negotiate an affordable priceNeither Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss girl wants a relationship after the crappy ones they justot out of but B Rad and his friend Preston won t Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, give up on either one They could prove to be exactly what theirls need in their livesEmbark on a journey with two strangers who uickly become best friends and a pet hedgehog as they follow their dreams to self publish their own books learn to rely only on themselves and possibly find love along the wayIf you haven t met Dawn Pendleton or Magan Twerkin Vernon you re missing out on a Always You good time I ve read stuff from both of them individually and loved it Having met them when I heard they were collaborating I knew we were in for a hilarious treatand they didn t disappoint I can t wait for the next book in this series Catch Her in the Lie Omigosh Dawn and Magan had me laughing so hard This book is hilarious And there were times that my heart raced as Mac or Darcy had a close encounter with the opposite sex MacAllister and Darcy are both down on their luck and complete strangers to each other basically Darcy remembers Mac from high school They ended up meeting on a stroke of luck at a pizzeria One said pizzeria that is ran by B Rad Brad really He overhears their dilemma and offers them a place to stay It isn t much but it s all they can afford right now It just so happens to be right across the hall from B Rad too Lucky for himAt first bothirls think that B Rad is creepy but soon Darcy realizes there is to him than meets the eye and his friend Preston seems to have his eye on MacThey both decide to delve into the world of self publishing together hoping to make it big Or just big enough to make it through life on than ramen noodlesReading through their turmoil was a hilarious trip I can t wait to read the next book. E Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, girls uickly enlist the help of a waiter at Tony's and before they know it they'veot an apartment jobs and possibly even love interests beckoning Maybe things aren't so hopeless after all This is a new adult romantic comedy and is recommended for readers ages 17 This book is the first in a five book seri.

You on a cliff or anything you will definitely want to read further books in the Hopeless in Hotlanta seriesBeing a blogger I really loved that aspect of the book too and it made for interesting reading I loved how the Lucy Carmichael girlsot information especially on writing etc in the book and as I mentioned before the realism aspect made this a better read for me4 out of 5 stars and worth every one of them A Tale Of Two Pretties is a Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti great read and I look forward to reading book in the seriesReview also featured on my blog I cannot tell you how surprised I was that it sucked me in In the midst of work and finals I dropped everything to finish This is the first book I have read by Dawn Pendleton and Magan Vernon I met these two lovely ladies at the Chicago Author Event They were so funny and real that I amlad I found them their writings This book is a MUST READ Mac and Darcy are old friends who really have lost touch and just happen to meet in a bar on a day they both needed each other Who doesn t have a friend they lost touch with and when you needed them most there they were Enter B Rad Enough said You will literally laugh out loud This is a story about picking up the pieces and moving on The dynamic between all the characters flow you can feel the chemistry that works so well between them all You really can t ask for in this book it has it all Love angst comedy sexual tension and so much The only thing I could ask for in this book is MORE OF THE STORY I can t wait to read of Mac Darcy B Rad Preston Pick up this book you will not be disappointedShauna Loved this one Not only was it hilarious but it was so easy to identify with Mac Darcy Two spunky One-Click Buy girls that are determined to make the most of their situation Of course it ended waaay too soon Cannot wait for the next book Sarcastic Witty With Fun Inetersting Characters REVIEW The storyMac Darcey are bothoing through a rough patch in their lives which relationships ending no jobs and being flat broke Although they went to high school together they don t really know each other but they decide to pool their money move in together the uestion is where And that s where B Rad comes in and offers them a crappy little apartment above his family s pizzeria And he just so happens to live down the hallAfter learning they both want to be writers they plan to write their first novels and plan to save for a trip to a writer s festival I loved the dynamic between Mac Darcey they didn t just instantly become BFFs and tell each other their deepest darkest secrets while braiding each other s hair Instead they took their time Redeeming Claire getting to know one another and actually kept a few secrets from the otherThe charactersOn the surface Mac Darcy have similar personalities and are both survivors doing what they have to But as weet to know them we start to see they are uite different Mac loves high fantasy novels while Darcey prefers a nice contemporary romance novel But somehow these two develop a nice balanced friendship with each otherB Rad came across as a bit of a douche at first with his self righteous attitude and cocky personality But when it was just him and Darcey in a scene he was a completely different Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles guy and I preferred this kinder sweeter side to Brad so much Mac s love interest Preston was a little mysterious He doesn t have as much screen time as the other 3 characters so we don tet to know that well yet I can t wait to see of him in the next bookThe romanceMac doesn t warm to B Rad at all seeing him as a creepy sleaze but Darcey sees there is to him than he s overconfident attitude She Fractured Memory gives him a chance to just be himself and loose his tough persona They spent a lot of time together and are a really cute coupleAfter being cheated on by her ex Mac isn t looking to jump into a new relationship but after meeting Preston at the pizzeria she can t resist his charms Before lettin. R long term relationships Bouncing fromuy to Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love guy toet what she wants isn't satisfying her any Walking out on her current boy toy she finds herself at a tiny hole in the wall pub More disappointed in herself than she's ever been she sees Mac a irl she vaguely remembers from high school Left flat broke th.

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