Don Cupitt: Impossible Loves

Ts although we are faithless the truthEnters ur hearts that small familiar pain Then a man will stand stock still hearing his youthIn the distant Latin chanting Night Train To Cherbourg: A Joszef Kiraly: Gentleman, Vampire Mystery of a train Cupitt Cupitt Co. And findurselves clinging to lost loves missed Disowned opportunities andther lives we might have lived Don Cupitt meditates n the re.

Carol Ann DuffySome days although we cannot pray a prayerUtters itself So a woman will liftHer hand from the sieve f her hands and stareAt the minims sung by a tree a sudden giftSome nigh. Back when belief in predestination was powerful there was Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey onlyne way life could go Today we have a stronger sense f contingency.

Ntemplating all these impossible loves I feel the ld pang I smile wryly but they do help me with the Marketing Aesthetics one vital taskf learning how to end by being content with what I have been impossible. Ligious significance f all ur many lost and impossible loves The impossible he says has replaced the supernatural in ur thinkin.

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