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Due to an ld lady even though she wasn t an The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins old ladyf ne f their members Of course there s always ne idiot brother that is going to make a lewd comment and hit n her but it didn t go beyond that Aside from his name being Drifter I really liked him Even his name wasn t bad but I was beyond curious as to what his real name was But He was a great guy He didn t cheat he didn t abuse Violet he got to know her and fell for her And that was refreshing I know that in books MC s skirt the law and work utside the law 99% f the time but not every guy in these types Our Planet: Our Home of books has to be a bad guy anti hero Drifter was a good guy He came home unexpectedly met a woman that he couldn t stop thinking about and after spending some time with her fell for her I loved every scene he had with Violet There was a little situation with Violet s husband and a snitch in the Sons and I have to say I figuredut who the snitch was and was so dismayed because I d like that person But because it was unexpected it was a good twist This was my first book by this author but it definitely won t be my last Liked this Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 oneon to the next From the synopsis this book sounded dark gritty and exactly the typef book I love to read In reality though it didn t come anywhere close to that in my pinion You are told that Violet s husband Rooster is abusive towards her but you don t experience it with her There was hardly any violence as well It s much tamer than the synopsis makes the book soundEven though it wasn t the story I expected it to be I found it to be a really enjoyable read The characters were easy to like especially Drifter and Violet Loved the dogs I liked the twists in the story ne Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings of which surprised meIn reality the relationship between Violet and Drifter did develop fairly uickly They hadn t known eachther for very long and yet they were uickly in love Usually I might have issues with book relationships like that but I found that in this instance I enjoyed it Ran across this book and gave it a go It was not the dark romance that. He drug trade and condemning Violet to a life f misery and isolation As Rooster’s lust for power drives him deeper into madness he ffers Violet to a rival club the Satan’s Sons MC as collateral to be their sexual slave and property until a deal goes through The Satan’s Sons live in abandoned insane asylum and are rud to be sexual sadists rapists and ruthless murderersOne Percenters who perate under no.

I was pleasantly surprised with this dark taleIt took me a while to warm up to Violet she just seemed so disconnected from everything in her life She falls for Rooster but after her father dies Rooster becomes a monster He not nly repeatedly cheats n her but also beats and isolates her and even makes her drop ut f nursing schoolThe turning point is when Rooster gives her away to another MC to be used as collateral She s held captive and made a house mouse but she comes into her wn and realizes that this new club is not what she expected She never thought she d find love but Drifter is hard to ignore ITS OKAYViolet thought she was marrying the man A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) of her dreams Her father was founder and presidentf the Devil s Army MC Rooster her new husband was handsome and attentive that is until her father died and he became president From then n her life wa We have Violet Princess MC turned to bored housewife to Den motherDrifter however is a different storyWhat made this so unrealistic is the i love you after knowing each ther for a short period f time and I couldn t feel the love there was nothing that indicated they loved each ther besides saying the words way too unrealistic in my In the End opinion 45This book grabbed me from the moment that I read the blurb and still hasn t let go I couldn t put this down but I also didn t want it to end The story flowed really well never boring I particularly liked that Violet wasn t kidnappedr abused r raped since that seems to be a popular theme in MC books Yes crap happened but she wasn t abused in a horrible way that turned my stomach and made me want to put the book down and never touch it again I definitely felt sorry for Violet She knew what MC s were like but nothing could have prepared her for the evil that was her husband Even after she was away from him he kept her away from her dog Scout and that was unforgivable and pure evil But the Satan s Sons were as bad as Violet had been led to believe I was impressed with them For the most part she was treated with the respect. Betrayed by love isolated and abused sold as collateral to a rival MC Things were supposed to be different for Violet Avery Her father was the president f the Devil’s Army Motorcycle Club and she married the love f her life Rooster ne f the hottest bikers in the club When her father dies n a cartel run Rooster suddenly turns into a ruthless monster usurping the president’s chair forcing the club into

I had envisioned after reading the blurb but it was a nice easy read and better than I expected The heroine is married to a jackass f epic proportions He gives her to another MC Club as collateral but it ends up being the best thing that ever happened to her The story is pretty predictable but has a few twists at the end that were surprising mainly which characters were involved in what behind the scenes It was good and worthwhile if you re looking for a uick book that doesn t leave you hanging Short and sweet readNothing and nothing less than thatI m not big fan f insta loveso this ne was not my finest read It s been a while since the last time I read biker themed romance I liked this book though it s not really my favorite Mostly because the heroine Violet is far too full f herself and innocent in a biker world to my liking She was born and raised in a MC and her dad was a prez before he died yet she become this soft woman who could not stand strong for herself I know she s all alone but how about her dad s brothers the fellow biker She can just run to them and seek help right No she just sit there taking her husband Rooster treatment and did nothing I was like be strong gurl grab a gun and kill that bastard Jesus I don t really feel for Drifter too ya know He s a bit too cold for me Not to mention his hesitation Kind The Age of Treachery of a major turnff But verall I enjoyed it even though not that much Still looking forward to read the next installment though After reading the synopsis f this book The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy one would probably think that is completely unrealistic I know I did but I have to tell you I really enjoyed this story no matter how unbelievable it may be Violet Avery fathers was the very powerful presidentf Devils Army Motorcycle Club which would lead you to believe that she would never be hurt and would always have protection but sadly it wasn t true in this case She fell in love and married Rooster Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite onef her father s men who turned Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) out to have different intentions for her and their life together He was a very bad hu. Codef honor Violet has no choice but to accept her fate as the property f the club Violet knows deep down that Rooster has no intention f the deal ever going through he’ll leave her fate up to the Satan’s Sons Her When a Man Loves a Woman only hope lies in a sexy biker they call Drifter This is a standalone contemporary romance novel – no cliffhanger Content suitable for adultsnly contains violence and graphic sexual conten.

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Celia Loren is an author of gritty Contemporary Romance She’s always been an avid reader and growing up she devoured books by the truckload Now she spends her time working toward finishing her MFA and penning the romance stories she always wanted to read Excited to be a member of the Hearts Collective Publishing team she brings her incredible imagination unparalleled work ethic and sassy per