Frances Dyson: The Tone of Our Times

S microphone Dyson finds policies and practices of exclusion The sound of Pythagoras's forge and the rabble of the market have been muted rearticulated and transformed Dyson argues through the monotones of media the racket of financialization and the gibberish of political speechInformed by contemporary sound art philosophy media and sociopolitical theory The Tone of Our Times offers insights into present crises that are relevant to a broader understanding of how space the aural and listening have shaped and continue to shape the world we live

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Sound tone music voice and noise as forms of sonority through which our current economic and ecological crises can be understood In this wide ranging book Frances Dyson examines the role of sound in the evelopment of economic and ecological systems that are today in crisis Connecting early theories of harmony cosmology and theological octrine to contemporary media and governance Dyson uses sound tone music voice and noise as forms of sonority through which the crises of eco can be read The sonic environment Dyson argues is fundamental to both.

Sense and sensibility and its elimitation has contributed to the senselessness of a world now caught between spiraling Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography debt and environmentalegradationDyson raws on scenes historical moments artworks and artistic and theoretical practice to situate the reverberative atmosphere that surrounds and sustains us From Pythagoras's hammer and the transmutation of music into mathematics to John Cage's famous experience in the anechoic chamber to the relocation of the stock market from the street to the computer screen to Occupy Wall Street's people'.