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The characters are likeable I am going to continue on to the next one to see where the author can take this Haven t read many dragon books so it is a little different for me What a great start to a new series Not only does it star dragon shifters one of my favorite kind it also introduces a new kind of nemy the Templars And Composition and Literature even though they could be called just another bunch of religious fanatics which they definitely are they are also just slightly less well known secretive and potentially dangerous than your average faith based zealot It also has a slightly futuristic setting in that a dragon versus werewolf war seems to have been fought and peace is now wanted so there is plenty of potential for conflict from that angle as well As for this first book I loved the characters both the main couple and the supporting guys Injoyed the way I was introduced to the setting and this world and the snarky sense of humor hiding behind some of the observations and characters statements made me laugh What could I want Oh yes the next book as soon as possible pleaseConner may be the youngest son of Alpha Simon and considered weak by his pack his father and his brothers but let me tell you he has a will of steel and packs uite a punch when upset both figuratively and physically The one thing standing between him and reaching his full potential is his low self Cezanne and Provence esteem and fear of disappointing his family So when a peace treaty offered by the local dragon reuires one of the brothers as his mate to seal it Conner volunteers At least so he figures none of his brothers will go and for once he can be the one taking care of his family instead of the other way around I loved watching his journey into the dragons world the discoveries he makes and how he gradually falls for Aris withoutven knowing it and certainly without being able to stop himself And when intrigue and a trap reuire him to act he does the right thing and helps save the dayAris is the dragons alpha or high dragon as they call his position and he is initially insulted at being offered a seemingly weak man for a mate He is an honorable guy though so he honors the agreement and decides to live with it The poor man has no idea what hit him when he slowly realizes the potential Conner has and soon understands that his mate is way stronger than Dark Voices everyone gives him credit for based on hisxterior appearance Aris may think Contested Reproduction everything is over when he discover which dragon killed Connor s mother and caused Connor s heart problem and limp but he has again underestimated Connor At least Aris now knows what true love feels likeIf you like paranormal stories with unusual shifters and pairings if younjoy a seemingly weaker man showing Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) everyone what he is really made of and if you re looking for a suspenseful imaginative and hot read all in one place then you will probably like this novella I definitelynjoyed it a lot and can t wait for the next volumeNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Review. Lves insult him by sending him a weak omegaAris is stunned when the frail omega has some bite in him and as he slowly finds himself falling in love he comes to the terrible realization that Conner may never love him back and the only way to make his true love happy will be to send him back where he came fr.

GrmI had this series for so long and I just decided to read it It was a nice surprise I loved the Alpha dragon Aris because he really was a good man and Con 35 I liked this Not too much angst I thought the misunderstanding near the Creating Country Music end was a little over the top but all in all the characters were really likeable It was nice that one of the MC s had a view spoilerdisability hide spoiler I snagged this free from the publishers site and for that for that I am happy to round up to 4 stars from 35 Not sure I would havenjoyed this book at full price Siren books do that you you know make you feel like you spent good money on a cheap whore not that I know what that s like or anythingI am not going to go into a full review but I will say that this book had a lot of potential to add depth More depth to Connor depth to the drama depth to the romance depth to just about Blacklands everything but the author never took the chance The story was still good for what it was but and I gobbled it I just wanted it to dig deeper when it got to certain parts I needed a realityscape this week and this series called to me in a crack whore kinda way and I followed it right down the dark alley And then the story went and gave me characters with depth and a good balance of back story for the length There was the mate lust thing going on but I got that the MC s really dug on Evolutionary Patterns each other and while one was an Omega he wasn t stereotypical and I appreciated that it kept things interesting and kept Mr Alpha dragon on his toes Claws Whatever Moving on to book 2 The best part might be how likeableveryone is including most side characters or should I call them future protagonists Also nice that we have nothing fated about the mating and despite the fantasy like atmosphere there s the usual tech and some familiar pop culture despite that being doubtful due to a different timeline and life spans and so forthHowever something about the pacing appears to be off at least initially Not sure if the author just told the story with less time passing at first and afterwards inserted an additional week or two but it just feels wrong when Conner considers that he doesn t know Aris yet Evolution As Entropy even though they spent two weeks making out like nobody s business Of course it s possible they never talked during those sessions but I don t know if that meshes with them as peopleSome of the abbreviations and cuts do feel abrupt in general I suppose it s better than drawing things out to the point of boredom but it would have been nice to just get a little interaction outside of the sexual kind or the set piecesI am not really complaining though Likeable characters and a nice story are still the most importantlements to me and I get those hereIn some ways this feels like a classic romance The protagonists in particular Aris and verything about him their relationship and the way they interact all of that gives me huge nostalgia pangs although not in the sense that I want to get back to how it used to be No this is just right for me the way it. Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance MM werewolves shape shifters HEAConner Abbot is the youngest and weakest of many brothers A runt and an omega he is unable to hunt after a dragon attack left him scarred Though he's worthless to his family he knows they love.

Is The whole thing turned out actually really sweet and I genuinely njoyed reading itAlthough I did stop at the final and tiny chapter to write this since that chapter is clearly not part of this story and introduction to the next book instead Not my favourite thing Forbidden History ever but it s okay I m happy this is a longer series I hope things will continue on this really nice trackOn that note after having read said final chapter Is that a hint at fated matings after all suspiciousIn other not so news I am reminded once that these books do feature male pregnancy despite the first volume making no mention of it because a few books later we get another Conner volume dealing withxactly that I guess I am glad about that because he is cool If we have to have mpreg then at least I get time with people I like out of it Good start Looking forward to reading the next book Paranormals from Siren all seem to have the same general vibe They re relatively short and are rather badly written but they re Fiche Blian ag Fás easy to read relatively inoffensive and have justnough suspense to keep a casual reader interested I m not blown away by these wolfdragon stories but I m invested Esteem Enlivened by Desire enough to wanna see what happens next and that s the button you wanna hit if you re writing stories that don t have cliffhangers while being a small part of a larger whole Jacks is a better writer than Stormy Glenn and Charlie Richards on a technical level I ve found significantly less grammar ignorance and her sex scenes are much less awkward than Richards s Still there s an almost frustrating feeling of things being incomplete when you re done withach book It just feels like there should be closure to Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith each relationship Though I ve discovered that Jacks revisits other couples in later installments so it will be interesting to see how she handles that Siren tends to overprice their books and for a company that publishes some real schlock it s ratherntertaining to read how many piracy warnings they ve slapped on their products But I can see how they re making money in the supermarket of books Siren is responsible for handling the candy aisle Wolves and Dragons oh myThis was xactly what my brain needed A break from the stress of life to read about a runt Omega wolf sacrificing himself to a High alpha Dragon Conner wasn t your typical Omega which I liked Aris wasn t your usual alpha dragon which fit Conner well I came for some shifter fluff and I got it with a side of sweet and sexy to dribble down the shocking character development and actual plot Of course I am hooked on the damn series and after that nd I need to move on to see what happens with the next wolfdragon pairing I have to say while Kendrick was portrayed as the bad guy of sorts I felt bad for him and guess I will be reading all the books so I can get him hopefully with an HEA with the dragon I want for him This is a new series and decided to read it because of having wolfs and dragons wanted to see how all that was going to work out Not bad There are some cute parts and. Him and he loves them Which is why Conner volunteers to mate to a dragon for peace rather than watch one of his brothers be taken awayAris Macleod high dragon of his clan wasn't happy with the arrangement Peace is important than his happiness however and he will go through with the mating ven when the wo.

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