Paul Sculthorpe: Sculthorpe Man of Steel

Hapters seemed to just be filling space Barrie McDermott s book isa. Ally had to be forced into playing his first game f rugby From that moment a star was born as he went n to captain every side he represented even though he was ften playing a year above his age group Warrington were the first to spot that potential snapping him up When a Man Loves a Woman on schoolboy terms and helping shape the greatest player in Super League history When he went hunting a bigger stage St Helens had no hesitation paying a world record £370000 a transfer fee that uickly looked a bargain Since then various rugby union clubs have soundedut the chances

Uite interesting view n Scully s career although the last couple Paul Sculthorpe is the man who was born to be a superstar Touted as a future Great Britain skipper before he even played his first game as a professional he has than lived up to the billing ver the ensuing years The Keep From Falling only player to ever be named Manf Steel in successive years the St Helens captain is arguably the most talented man to grace a rugby league field in modern times Yet Sculthorpe did not always have his sights set n Challenge Cup and Grand Final glory As a youngster he spent his time booting a football around with brother Lee and actu.

Bit funnier with better stories and that s coming from a Bradford fa. F tempting him into a code switch while the biggest names in Australia would love to take the prize Pom Down Under Throughout it all Scully has stayed true to his roots even though that loyalty was sorely tested when knee injuries led to a whispering campaign that he was finished Now Sculthorpe lifts the lid n a remarkable career The highs and the lows; the friendships and the fall uts; and where he feels his future really lies It's a no holds barred account f ne man's incredible rise to the top and the steely determination which keeps him ther.

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