David Scott Diffrient: Omnibus Films

Ickets 2005 Visions of Europe 2005 and Paris je t'aime 2006 this book covers much conceptual ground and crosses narrative as well as national borders n much the same way that omnibus films doOmnibus Films Preachers Fortune / Honor of the Mountain Man (The First Mountain Man, is a particularly thought provoking book for those workingn the fields of auteur theory film genre and transnational cinema and My Favorite Countess (The Stanton Family, is suitable for advanced studentsn Cinema Studi.

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Omnibus films bring together the contributions of two or filmmakers Does this make them Broken Places inherently contradictory texts How do they challenge critical categoriesn cinema studies What are their Awaken, My Love implications for auteur theoryAs the first book length exploration ofnternationally distributed multi director episode films David Scott Diffrient's Omnibus Films Theorizing Transauthorial.

Cinema fills a considerable gap To Love, Honor, and Kill in the history of world cinema and aims to expand contemporary understandings of authorship genre narrative and transnational production and reception Delvingnto such uniue yet representative case studies as If I Had a Million 1932 Forever and a Day 1943 Dead of Night 1945 uartet 1948 Love and the City 1953 Boccaccio '70 1962 New York Stories 1989

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