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Stone got on my nerves they reminded me of a married man and his mistress he just keeps stringing along The little sister is a spoilt brat that is in need of a severe spanking The only Campbell sibling I liked was the brother Micah All alone in the world the Campbell clan travels form Tennessee to Alabama to live with a cousin Along the way their faithful servant a young beautiful Black woman is accused of stealing a man watch and he wants to search her well in those days that basically mean strip her down and have his way with her Maggie Campbell will not have it she knows Daisy did nothing wrong and she won t let this rude racist man say otherwise they draw a crowd including Aaron Stone He is captivated by Maggie s beauty her rich red hair her yes yada yada yada Aaron knows he should stay way but little Judith Campbell draws him in not once but twice and the second time at their last stop he s shot He wasn t the intended victim the shooter just had a really bad shot Aaron s best friend Thayer Coleman who had been riding the train with him was the person he was aiming at the man little Judith announced she was going to marry five minutes after meeting him It s love at first sight for Maggie but she knew Baccarat : La lgende du cristal exactly what kind of a man he is and she will fight tooth and nail to keep him away if only her little sister Jude would stop calling him over and getting his attention Then when he is shot and lays bleeding in her arms she is hopelessly and undeniably lost She tries to be good and proper her family is now living with her cousin who married a widow with a son the son is the towns Preacher Aaron isn t helping findxcuses to see her and O Colégio de Todos os Segredos even though he has plans of marrying another woman the right kind of woman to help secure his status in town and make him a respectful man he still keeps stringing Maggie s affections along After Daisy is found beaten and raped she is moved to Thayer s house where Aaron s friend and servant Phineas can help her Phineas and Daisy had just started courting and already Phineas was ready to marry her That day Aaron convinces Maggie to lie to her Aunt and say she spending the day with Daisy but what she really is doing is riding out to see Aaron s plantation Upon arrival home however it is found out that Maggie and Aaron spent the day together completely innocent nothing happened the rumors went flying with the help of the shrew Aaron plans to marry Maggie was kicked out of her cousin s house and her two siblings follow Thayer allows them to move into his house since he is going to be spending all his time way The rumors start to spread about Thayer and Maggie now it doesn t bother her she is just worried about your younger siblings Aaron has started avoiding her again spending time with the widow he plans to marry she hold out in her heart as long as they aren tngaged their is still hope for them That goes on for a while Aaron s back and forth and March Violets (Bernie Gunther, every time he breaks her heart It takes a serious situation for Aaron to realize no matter her up bringing Maggie is the Right Wife for him Maggie Campbell must move her younger brother and sister to Tuscumbia Alabama to start their life over Her mother and father have passed away and her uncle is the only hope of a future She made promises to her father and the only way to keep those is to get herself settled with a good paying jobUnfortunately for Maggie upon arrival to Tuscumbia she is involved with an incident that had her Aaron Stone Aaron doesn t have the best reputation and Maggie need hers to be spotless if her siblings are to make something of themselvesAaron and Maggie can t seem to stay away fromach other and are both determined to get what they want out of life Aaron needs to marry a lady so that he can get over his stigma of being a bastard and Maggie needs to be able to fulfill her promise to her father which means her reputation needs to be spotlessCan they both get what they need without forsaking the love they feel for Zoete tranen each otherI was not impressed with the writing in this story at all Barton is a well known author and I was disappointed that this story did not live up to myxpectations This is being published after the death of the author so maybe it didn t get all of the re write that it would have if she was still with usThere are other aspects of the story that I was not thrilled with but don t want to write any spoilers I did like the premise of the story but the Water Music execution of it was not good at all I honestly don t know if I will read anythinglse my this author or not after reading thisThanks go to Revived eKensington for a copy of the book inxchange of an honest review I haven t Student Research Projects in Calculus encountered too many romances set in the post Civil War South And I can fairly say that I haven t come across too many romances like The Right Wifeither Readers should be aware that this book has its uncomfortable moments involving race together with some uncomfortably rapey moments and religious stereotyping There is something about it that really stands out though It s that vivid but difficult to completely categorize uality I like to call WTF ryWith her sharecropper father now dead 18 year old Maggie Campbell now must find a way to provide for herself and her two younger siblings When her aunt and uncle volunteer to take them Maggie agrees and as the book opens she is leaving Tennessee for Tuscambia Alabama At the train station the family is drawn into a nasty incident as someone attacks their mixed race maid yes poor sharecroppers traveling with a servant let s suspend disbelief starting with page 1 and Aaron Stone rides to the rescueNaturally Maggie is left all atwitter about her brief ncounter with the virile stranger And naturally Aaron and his friend Thayer are headed to Tuscambia themselves So what s the conflict Well we re going to have so many to pick from First of all Aaron has a somewhat mysterious and perhaps ven shady past Maggie on the other hand is going to live with an aunt who is very religious and whose son is the local minister This isn t an inspirational so don t be surprised when aunt and son turn out to be narrowminded hypocritical. Rom the relatives who've agreed to take her in With luck she might yet make an upright gentleman of her brother and a real lady of her rebellious little sister And perhaps once her siblings are settled she'll find a decent hardworking man to marry But those plans are jeopardized the moment she meets Aaron StoneEffortlessly charming Aaron is buildin.

All I can say is wow It went from pillar to post with this book and I could not fully grasp how uickly the story scalated When I thought it was over another situation was slammed into my face that left me reeling Let me A Heart of Stone explainRead the rest of my review on my blog at I received this book for free inxchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Thanks to the publisher and NetGalleyFlibberationHere we have the Campbell clan starring Maggie with guest appearances by Micah and Judith Their parents just died so they are traveling to go live with their aunt and uncle At the train station they meet a tall handsome charming stranger named AaronKAPOW BOOM ZLONK That s Maggie and Aaron falling into insta lustloveBut wait what s this my dearies They don t immediately ride off into the sunsetFlibberationWhat follows is a very hard to get into story full of cardboard cut out figures and surface writing I honestly thought this was the author s first book characters were not flushed out at all It should have been a sweeping story of a woman alone in 1885 you won t really know the time period while you re reading though because time period descriptive text is scarce fighting to keep her family safe Taking Instruction (Taboo, escape thevil clutches of a mad reverend cousin and find love Instead you get a heroine who LOVES the hero wants to stay away from him can t stay away from him doesn t understand why he won t marry her and a hero who LOVES the heroine sleeps with the heroine and wants to marry another woman because he thinks it will Language and Linguistics erase his bastard lineage Secondary characters include Micah the brother 17yr old who Maggie babies because she doesn t want him to go to a whorehouse Judith the sister 15yr old who vows to marry Aaron s friend Thayer Seems like this would have been the seuel but with the author s death we will probably never see it Daisy the servant described as a blueyed uadroon and basically spends the whole book being accosted by white men and Wesley the reverend cousin crazy zealot who wants to marry Maggie All are written without a lot of substance or motivationsFlibberationThere was a story to be told here unfortunately the author failed in her Divertimento execution of it Historical romance books of this time period and location are very scarce so if you mustscape the ballrooms I suppose this could be an alternative Just don t Love Is a Fairy Tale expect to be swept off your feetFlibber ok ok I ll stopI will say though I thought the cover was gorgeous The author used this word a lot and I am now obsessed with itThese are also sounds from the tv series Batman 3 STARS I received an ARC from NetGalley inxchange for an honest review1885 All of Margaret Campbell s hopes for the future lie in Tuscumbia Alabama Since the death of her sharecropper father Promise at Dawn eighteen year old Maggie has no resources and few allies aside from the relatives who ve agreed to take her in With luck she might yet make an upright gentleman of her brother and a real lady of her rebellious little sister And perhaps once her siblings are settled she ll find a decent hardworking man to marry But those plans are jeopardized the moment she meets Aaron StoneEffortlessly charming Aaron is building anmpire in the South Maggie knows he wants the right kind of wife to overcome the shadows surrounding his birth someone like the well connected widow he s been courting Someone a million miles from a penniless outspoken sharecropper s daughter But neither jealousy family secrets nor long held prejudices will keep Maggie from following her heart From I wanted to really like this novel as I love Barton s romantic suspense but I found this novel to be a little tedious and not very realistic Aaron is torn between lust for Maggie or gaining respectability from marrying a prominent widow So he decides to sleep with one and woo the other and see if he can have both Maggie needs to arn money to put her brother and sister through school now that their parents are dead But her passion for Aaron has her doing nothing but ruin her reputation Towards the middle of the novel I was reading just to finish the book It was asy to read but it made you roll your Bangkok Wakes to Rain eyes a lot at the characters and their decisions After losing her Paighteen year old Margaret Campbell moves her family to Tuscumbia to her Uncle and Aunts The Gower s with the hopes of providing a decent life for her siblings Micah and Jude On their journey they come across Aaron Stone Aaron is looking for a respectable wife one that could provide him respectability and a good standing opinion in the community Maggie and Aaron meet on the train at the start of the Campbell s journey and attraction is The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery evident much to the dismay of Aaron A chain ofvents Darkmere ensue that challenges their friendship and attraction that have them both uestioning their feelings forach otherThe Right Wife started well but fell flat in many scenes The support characters were of a stand out within the story than the two main characters of Maggie and Aaron who at times were a drawn out read The story of Maggie and Aaron was a love triangle that had you uestioning the character s motives and reasoning s all throughout the story Each of the characters had their own challenges with a few twists and Thayer s character was a good support person to both Aaron and Maggie The story had some romance action outrageous circumstances and a few happily Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? ever afters3 StarsARC Received from the PublisherNetgalley for an honest review The Right Wife by Beverly Barton is the kind of story that confuses me I liked it for the most part but the main characters got on my nerves The descriptives of the scenery were great it really brought to mind late 19th century post Civil War Alabama The some of thevents of the book are harsh reminders of how hard it was back then and being Black didn t help at all and with the start of the KKK it got pretty scary at times Also I am glad she didn t pussy foot around the race issue that s how it was back then and that s what I Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den expect to read if a book takes place in that time period The main characters Miss Margaret Campbell and Aaron. In a sweeping and vibrant novel set in the post war South New York Times bestselling author Beverly Barton follows one young woman's journey to love and independence1885 All of Margaret Campbell's hopes for the future lie in Tuscumbia Alabama Since the death of her sharecropper fatherighteen year old Maggie has no resources and few allies aside

Prudes Oh and if the religious stereotyping isn t Scraps Of The Untainted Sky enough be warned that the author does use the offensive racial language typical of the book s setting at various points in the storyThis is a partial review You can find the complete text at All About Romance Beverly BartonA titan hot temper heroine meets a rich hero with a self imposed mountain on his shoulder Can the tigress demolish his mountain capture his heartSince her sharecropper daddy died Maggie Campbell a feisty redhead with a temper to match her half boy half man brother Micah her hellion of a sister Judith are on their way to Tuscumbia to live with her deceased mom s brother his family She promised her dad on his death bed that she would see to Micah getting anducation turning her sister into a lady Living with Uncle Chester will be hard because his wife is very religious her son Cousin Wesley is a pristine proper minister Plus with Micah s stubbornness Judith s mouth her temper it will be a trail on her last nerve All aboard the train to their new life but this grumpy man thinks their Daisy stole his watch is manhandling them all but all Campbell stick togetherAaron Stone is a rich man with a huge chip on his shoulder about being born out of wedlock He will marry a woman who can move him up in society he has decided that widowed Eunice Arnold is the right ticket Aaron is on his home to ask Eunice to marry him lift this dark stain of his birthOn his way back to Tuscumbia he sees a young titan tigress kick a man in the shin her younger brother jump on his back a mini hellion biting this man hand all because they are trying to protect a young black woman Maggie tries to settle this lying man but her temper snaps The Eric Carle Gift Set everyone joined in but this huge golden hair god offers to help Aaron introduces myself offers his help but this ragamuffin has the nerve to refuses him Maggie doesn t need this man messing up her plans but Judith opens her mouth off to the races she goes with uestion after uestion They go their way he goes to his BF Thayer Coleman s private car never will they see one another Until the train stops Judith falls out her window while she hangs out to grab the fried chicken box from Aaron fells into his arms Once they arrive at Tuscumbia Cousin Wesley a man who reallynjoys his food comes to collect them Judith runs to thank Aaron sees handsome Thayer falls deeply in love Maggie chases her down a mad man shoots Aaron falls into Maggie s arms bleeding Cousin Wesley is moaning about what his mama going to say Judith is just staring up into her future hubby s Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century eyes So as y all can see Tuscumbia will never be the same With thelectric sensual vibe going from Maggie to Aaron they light the Southern states on fire Now we have a stubborn hero who thinks he has to marry up creepy Cousin Wesley Fashion Design Course everywhere Maggie just trying to do right for her family Thayer using jealous to kick Aaron into action widow Eunice goody two shoes in love Judith lots of stolen moments of kisses caresses galore clothes flying since it s the south misplaced racism anger to stir up this pot of decadent desire spicy passions When will Aaron see that Maggie is his other half Can Maggie love Aaronnough to walk away Will she marry the food loving Cousin Wesley or just bake him a pie When Eunice sees her competition how will she make Maggie s life miserable But most importantly how will Judith get her Thayer in 10 or so yearsThis is my 1st Beverly Barton romance she can write a ROFL passions flying tale with a cast of kooky uirky deeply passionate loving Southern folks Maggie is a heroine given an impossible mission but she does Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, everything with 110% of her heart soul head Aaron is a hero with a self imposed mountain on his shoulder but his relationship with Maggie showed him that love can will if you accept itxplode his mountain away Young Judith is my favorite member of this crazy cast with her never Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga ending uestions her never uiet brain her deeply insane love of Thayer I would love to read her story of snatching up Thayer because there is not a doubt in my mind she will America s Civil War ripped families states apart but devastated our country s heart soul Ms Barton wrote all the dirty ugly aftermath into this story but did with her whole heart The passions between Maggie Aaron rocked this story singed my Kindle could light Alabama cotton fields on fire I give Ms Barton my top score of 5 fingers up 10 toesNetGalley ARC given for my honest review Available June 5 The Right Wife355 starsA profound post Civil War romance The Right Wife has a setting so strong and uniue it s a must readRecommended readers If you like Post Civil War Alabama sets the stage for this story from Beverly Barton that combines some disturbing moments and situations and tosses them all into a fairly plausible story I say fairly because some of the disturbingvents and situations almost feel contrived as if the author wanted to show all of the bad then try to redeem it with one young woman I don t usually have problems with a story that presents the less savory slices of life IF the presentation doesn t fall into predictable or feel contrived Unfortunately throughout the story I could predict when the next stumbling block would occur predict Maggie s overreaction with anger or fear predict the outcome when she met the mysterious stranger There were several moments where I just had to roll my Cincinnati and Other Plays eyes Left by her parents untimely deaths to take care of and raise her younger siblings a poor white sharecropper s daughter is traveling with her mulatto former slavewe just start from there and go downhill A shooting a rape the condemnation of a very constrained and defined Christian household there were far too many ideas andlements thrown together to give any sort of validity to the feel of the story and reading after about 46% started to feel like a chore Sadly there was no surprise for me nothing to keep me intrigued and the story uickly faded from memory I received an Speak Out! eBook copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review All conclusions are my own responsibilit. G anmpire in the South Maggie knows he wants the right kind of wife to overcome the shadows surrounding his birth someone like the well connected widow he's been courting Someone a million miles from a penniless outspoken sharecropper's daughter But neither jealousy family secrets nor long held prejudices will keep Maggie from following her heart.

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Beverly Marie Inman was born on 23 December 1946 in Tuscumbia Alabama USA Daughter of Doris Marie and Walter D Inman Jr A born romantic she fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast epic at an early age when her grandfather bought her an illustrated copy of the famous fairy tale Even before she learned to read and write her vivid imagination created magical words and fabulous characters