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S together and then she gives birth to twins and it s a erfect happy familyThis closing Heroine is a stupid twit the Hero is a boorish Dick This book has got to be in the top ten worst books I ve ever read The biggest Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, problem for me was that the author did not know how to tell a story If she did Iropably would have enjoyed this book Every scene felt rushed without any real dept The writing was so amateur This was also a far cry from a romance There was nothing but hate and darkness in this book I gave the author the benefit of the doubt after I read the back of the book hoping that she would be able to Craft Notes for Animators pull off such an un conventional romance but I should have known better She did notull it off The heroine is so stupid it s laughable and the hero is a jerk you will hate that stood by and allowed the heroine to be ganged rape while trying to join in There is no excuse for that I don t care how angry you are I hated him and could not root for them to be together after that I didn t really like this book It was okay in the beginning but the black mass just seemed anticlimactic and it just went downhill from there I guess I m just used to dramatic books because everyone in this book seemed very laid back I finally got so bored I stopped in the middle This was a very unexceptional book over all I won t Perception and the External World paraphrase this book but I d like to comment on a few things that either disappointed or set myraise The heroineThe heroine Fiona had a solid starting Popular Representations of Development pitch she was low birth but very much aware of her aesthetic gifts and didn t mind inwardly sniping any bitch who disdained her sometimesointblank too I d much rather a heroine be cognizant of her Sister for Sale personal tools of trade than to be ignorant and get herself trampled over because good girls don tlay games and all that Because let s face it life is going to fuck you over either way at least give it a round or two of its ownWhile self aware to an extent Fiona still made a lot of ridiculously asinine decisions that led to her ruin mentally for the most The Blue Door (Threshold part but kept surfacing hitherto She was a self admitted kept woman andreferred that over working her skills in the hat making and dress alteration business I mean both had its erks A glamorous although sometimes degrading lifestyle of being the upper crust s mistress or a self made woman with a business tilt and strong constitution Fiona Not so muchAll in all I liked her Her story was a very hard to chew tact and I know the conflict of her good girl bad girl kept woman or self empowered otential kept me on the fence but that s what she ultimately wanted If she s willing to The Art of Standing Still put her ass on the line as the bills needaid who the hell am I to blame her for what kinda currency she A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, pays with if it s victimless She knew what she was doing after the gig was upThe storyThe backdrop of the story was circulating around a very oppressed secondary third rate citizen status but really really came across as hypocritical because well Fiona didn t even want to work and the love interest whoursued her was a spokesman for the working class BUT he lived in luxury himselfand that ALWAYS bothers me because IMO if you re going to Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience preach humility and the evils of the rich than you d best be devoting your every luxury within reason to the cause y know It doesn t exonerate your richness either Why are someeople considered acceptably rich I don t see them donating their London townhouses or gondola tours of Italy It says to me that you believe your wealt. E duchess's handsome lover But of course the arrogant duke and duchess had other lans for the lovely Fiona They all were members of the dreaded Hellfire Club jaded nobility who satiated their decadent desires.

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H is safe if you oint other the destitute towards other wealthy assholes instead of your own wealth Nice trick but nope If you want to help the Death Comes for the Archbishop poor you re likely going to need to bankrupt yourself in therocess giving all you can IMO That s the real causeAnother thing that stuck in my craw was that the mob rule acceptability level was really crazy If violence was forwarded to the working class citizen it was appalling and unprecedented but if the mob rule destroyed at random it wasn t their fault it was just their oppression made them do it They were victims to their own violence Bullshit Utter bullshit Fuck that ideology Fuck it real nice like Even when the heroine was nearly accosted herself the Mostly Mama political love interest cried it off as results of oppression It s hard to see raping andillaging as anything other than it is nor will a message of oppression be heard through said carnage Expecting an honest and fair wage is the The Naked Man pursuit of any free country Usingeople like cattle has always been the route of any empowered Damias Children people but I detest violence being the result unless it s in self defense at your doorstep with a clear and visible opponent It boggled me how the violence on either side was simply brushed off as commonplace in this setting JFC We get a lot of demonstration of the suffering of human beings who d do anything for aenny or leverage Needless to say it wasn t always rape in the Hellfire Club arranged orgies it was easy to Cutremur de timp pay some farm girl to give up her goods for a fewennies for the entertainment of the jaded ton Even the for the eople olitical leaders and radicals were hot on the messAfter the heroine s spectacular meeting with the Hellfire Club I really started helping her Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie plan out her revenge I had a mental treehouse with ballistics and spreadsheets of their everyiss break to hopefully exact the revenge on those jackals Most of the time she wised up a great deal but then she d retract too Ah those girls who are the make the best of a bad situation types I can relate all too well She gave as good as she got although one Patagonia Express particular injustice went without notice and I suppose that was Payes bodice rippingayoff sometimes shitty Predator people get away with a lot of shitty things It s shittyThe heroIt s odd but most of the males good orrofessedly bad were indistinguishable The hero had a lot of good graces as well as the Hellfire stoking bit but in the end I think he arced out of that ass shot temperament without Fiona breaking his character into a good and honorable facade Wrapping it upIn the end the heroine hero s rejoice of love left the story stuck in a kind of a rut for the last 25% where retty good guys died to facilitate the HEA and it made for this embarrassing after orgy dash to acuire lost underwear in a ile in the corner All in all to me the book can be summed up as A lot of terrible Seven Days in Utopia people sometimes doing good things D35 stars Miss Payes cannot write When a book isublished I at least expect a smooth ride From words like bombshell to the cringe worthy beginning when Payes has her heroine freeze before a coach just so the dashing hero can rescue her this ride rattled from the very start and got so bad I had to walk awayYou don t just Lots of Love poop out bunch of sticks and make them react to the whims of a childishlot You don t tell the reader that your heroine is smart and decent then have her act like a stupid trollopA note to ALL writers IT S OK FOR A 16 YEAR OLD HEROINE TO BE STUPID We have all been there. On the young and innocent And so the unawakened Fiona was ravished by many men the handsome Will Huxley among them She had been sold into sexual slavery and Fiona vowed they all would ay even the man she loved.

This book sucked I really cannot begin to describe how horrible the lotthe charactersand the flow of the story was to read It felt like a skim read and I didn t skip at all The author glossed over so muchSo much happens in this book and none of it good The Heroine is working for her Aunt at a hat shop but before she arrives from the street she is rescued by the Hero who she falls for on the spotLater on the Evil duchess hires her whom the Hero is the loverfor her talents with clothes First day on the job nearly gets raped by the Duke The Hero saves her and The Duchess learns that the Heroine is a virgindumdumdum The Duchess talks Fiona into Vegangelical pretending to be a lady to help her get a good husband Well yada yada yada Black Mass happens Turns out the duchesslaned for Fiona to be the virgin gang raped She was given a drugs to make her horny and after the third or fourth man takes her the drugs start wearing off and she fights the man taking her and rips his masks off and its Gasps the Hero that she is in love withHero and her date Thorthe dude who took her to the black mass does not get that she was druggedThe Duchess and Duke turns her out when she goes back to work for her Aunt and tells her what happened to her The Aunt doesn t uiet seem to believe her but takes her back anyway Well the Duchess threatens to ruin the Aunts shop if she doesn t turn Fiona out as wellNow Fiona goes to another shop to workbut the Duchess ruins that as wellDuring this Thor is sniffing around her bemoaning the fact that he didn t get to take her that night and now that she has nowhere to go he talks her into becoming his mistressShe agrees and now she gets to be raped on a regular basis Thor is an asshole to the ninth degree During this time she is Defender of Faith, Revised Edition planning revenge on the HeroThor takes her back to the Abbey where she was raped for the afterarties which are orgies sells her in a auction to the Hero who treats her like trash but doesn t have sex with her There is a another man she likes and is sweet to her and she finds him and has sex with him and enjoys it Thor discovers this and kicks her outFiona then goes to live with this man and when his wife No escuches su canción de trueno passes on marries himFiona meets the hero s sisterFiona still attends the Abbey with her husband and becomes one of the nuns whorepare the virgins for Black mass the other nun is the Duchess That night the Hero is to be abbot who gets to take the virgin first Fiona is shocked that the virgin is Nell the hero s sister Oh noFiona gets Nell away and hides her finds the Hero who is still treating her like dirt Tells him what happened with his sister being drugged and her being chosen as that night s virgin He still doesn t believe her until he sees his sister This finally wakes him up about what is really going on there He thought all the virgins came willingly and he thought that Fiona was just like the othersThey escape They make love but she is married to a good manGood man and hero has a duelbut the duke kills the good man frames heroHero turns out ran an underground newspaper has a following and a friend who helps get word to king Hero gets out of jail back to Fiona Then it is all lovely dovey sunshine and rainbows The Hero write a expose on the Abby and Black Mass names all involved The Hero and Heroine is laughter and smiles while leading a mob into the Abbey to see what is going onThe Hell fire club is shut down but not for long as the hero says they will find a way againFiona and Hero are having Christma. With dizzying speed beautiful Fiona Mcuade went from shopgirl to rotege of a duke and duchess Dazzled by the luxurious living Fiona forgot her lowly origins and even dreamed of marrying Viscount Will Huxley th.

Rachel R Cosgrove Payes was an American genre novelist A research biologist by training she married Norman Morris Payes in 1954 The bulk of Cosgrove's work consisted of historical romance novels many published by Playboy PressUsed These Alternate Names EL Arch Joanne Kaye Rachel Payes Rachel R Cosgrove Rachel Cosgrove