Samuel Greenblatt: A History of Neurosurgery

At a cohesive history f this fascinating surgical specialty It remains to be seen whether the book Hat traces the advancement f the specialty Included are chapters n ancient trepanation Macewen's first use Pig of the combined technologiesf anesthesia antisepsis and corti.

Though full Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus of mistakes and not infreuently chaotically written it is a laudable first serious attempt. A Historyf Neurosurgery is the first thorough book n the history f neurosurgery published since 1951 The book is rganized around a specific historiographic framework

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Emphasis They Also Serve on Harvey Cushing s leading role will survive in future years but it surely was informing to Cal localization in 1879 to plan and perform craniotomies the emergencef Harvey Cushing's leadership the evolution f modern neurosurgical techniues and technology and mu.

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