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Sexy nerd He was such a fun character He s geeky and Tressa calls him on it often but he isn t ashamed of who he is and what he likes I love how he can be vulnerable and shy one moment and then have this adorable confidence the next He is persistent in his pursuit of Tressa ven when she blows him off and refuses to go out with him She nicknames him Clark Trent which is so fitting for how he s nerdy but built like a rockstar with gorgeous blue City Girl in Training eyes Overall I reallynjoyed this one I did feel the beginning had a bit of a slower start and I did feel some scenes to be a bit heavy on the details but other than that the storyline and romance really worked for me I really love new adult books with a college setting and this one did a great job of showing us all aspects of college life frat parties hazing studying tutoring romance and friendship Received a copy of this book via the publisher in Mystery at Kittiwake Bay exchange for a fair and honest review 2 Sadly not for me stars SourceARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley Trade I am such a fan of Tiffany King and her NA world but I sadly have to say that this book is my least favorite of Tiffany King I liked the idea of the story but I didn t relate to the characters at allWhile reading the book I basically had my lip curled in aggravation for Tress throughout There were a few brief moments that I saw something I could like then once again the shallow Tressa reappears Tressa is supposed to be free living fun loving party girl with insecurities which is the reason why she parties instead of does anything with her life but she came across as of a loser shallow and rude than what she was supposed to come across as 45 stars I love this one pulled at the heart is a very good way Tiffany wrote a love story that was just super sweet and I loved being a part of it If you are looking for a story about a bad girl who needs a good boy this one if for you it will leaving you smiling and happy and feeling full of love Just a true love story for all Loved Tressa she is so what I would have been like in college not so great at the books but loves to party and is a true friend After a run in with a boy from her high school Trent things might just become a little off track for Tressa She has always dated the bad boy the one who treated her like dirt so when Treat is Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files extra nice to her she does not know what to do I don t want to give the whole story away that s the whole fun in it watching two people fall in love Start to finish this story is filled with love Friendships life struggles and love are just some of the issues faced in this story It really is a great read that will leave you happy and fulfilled in thend this one is it A hell raising party girl and a geeky guy Hell to the yes I m all for that combo so I was The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, excited to read Contradictions I did like it but it was missing that something that would set it over thedge for meTressa was my girl from the beginning I love her funny sarcastic attitude and how she s a big prankster She starts slacking off her senior year of college putting time into partying than studying When there is a tragic accident during a frat party it sets in motion some big changes for Tressa Saddled with academic probation and a tutor she forced to buckle downThe tutor Oh that s none other than Trent the geeky guy who has had a not so subtle crush on Tressa since high school She doesn t think they re compatible but Trent can be a persuasive and persistent buggerI liked Trent but it was of the idea of him There wasn t much depth to his character so it was hard to really feel much for him I think this hampered the romance for me because I just wasn t feeling any motions for them I did njoy the humorous moments between them thoughHonestly Contradictions felt like it was about Tressa and her growth I applaud that because I actually did An Italian Education enjoy that aspect of the bookOverall Contradictions was good but not very memorable Rating 3755Review coming soon My ThoughtsI m really sad that the Woodfalls Girls Series has come to annd Ashton Brittany and Tressa are three charac. Toxic jerks that always seem to gravitate toward herIt will take someone totally wrong Trent Lawson is the classic anti bad boy smart boring and way too serious To a wild girl like Tressa there’s no way in hell they’re compatible specially since Trent seems to see straight thro.

A story of finding a love you weren t ven looking for Young fresh and full of surprises Tiffany King s new novel Contradictions is well titled Party girl Tressa meets her match in nerdy tech genius Trevor A witty and sweet story that will warm your heart Tressa is in her third year of college She is the life of the party and her life seems to land her in the fast lane A fraternity hazing gone awry hits her hard and she starts to re Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, evaluate where her life is headed She finds herself in trouble than she bargained for That s where Trevor comes in and becomes her tutor She would rather take a short walk off a long pier than have to spend time with Trevor He is the nerdy boy from back home who clearly holds a flame for her Tressa uickly begins to feel an attraction to Trevor She starts to appreciate his nerdy behavior and learns a lot about herself in the meantime Will Tressa be able to shed her wild ways and focus on what s truly importanther future But will Trevor be a part of it This particular time in Tressa s life is important She needs to make adult decisions and being the carefree soul She has a hard time leaving it behind While her friends party it up like a typical college student she is stuck keeping herself a float Not out of the ordinary for college but also risky at the same time Life is full of choices right and wrong and learning from those wrong one s are so very important Trevor being the smart and level headed individual shows her it s alright to be yourself Socially awkward is who he is and he s ok by that and as time goes by so is Tressa Many relationships change during this book It sxactly how I remember my college xperience Unfortunately I didn t have Trevor around to tutor me If I did I d surely make the Deans List If you are a fan of new adult than this book will lighten your mood and take you back to a simpler time Nerd boy meets party girl in this super sweet love story Tressa Oliver is your typical college party girl she goes to classes but only gives nough just to pass non stop drinking and partying are always on her social calendar and there s definitely no shortage of boys When that life comes crashing down Tressa is doused in the reality that Forbidden Stranger either she changes or she s out of collegeTrent Larson isverything that Tressa isn t used to He prefers studying over partying he s uiet and kind of a geek And he s also from Tressa s hometown Everything she wants to stay away from When Trent is assigned as her tuto 355 starsAs a big fan of the Woodfalls Girls series I was thrilled to finally get Tressa s book Having briefly met Tressa in the previous two novels we know she is incredibly loyal to her friends and is also a bit of a wild child My favorite part of the novel is watching Tressa s development from a straight up partier to of a straight Snowy River Man edge focused on her studies Unfortunately for Tressa she had to hit rock bottom before realizing her life is not asasygoing as she once thought It isn t Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze easy for Tressa to completely change who she s always been and the routine she s known for the last few years Her friends don t understand the sudden change in her and her closest friend Cameo is really upset with Tressa having felt she abandoned her and their partying lifestyle The one person whombraces Tressa s new lifestyle is the last person she Les brumes d'avalon : roman everxpected to get close to uber nerdy and very very sexy Trent James Also hailing from Woodfalls Trent has had a crush on Tressa for uite some time now but Tressa has always made it very clear she s not interested Watching the two of them work together and see her start to see Trent for than just the geeky guy who has a crush on her is my favorite part of the story Their chemistry is both sexy and sweet and I loved watching Tressa fall for himTressa s character is definitely a bit rough around the Malakai (Wicked Games, edges and has a bit of an in your face personality Her voice initially took some getting used to but as the book progresses as does her relationship with Trent she does soften up a bit I adored Trent s character Mad props to Tiffany for making him Whenverything starts spinning out of control Three years into college Tressa Oliver’s life is a nonstop party She’s skating by in her classes and there’s no shortage of drinking dancing and general hell raising The only aspect that hasn’t been much fun She can’t shake the.

Ters that I will really miss Ms King can write steamy and sweet romance beautifullyIn Contradictions we get Tressa s love story Tressa has always been known as the fun party girl She loves pranks and is a very social and friendly person While away at Maine State College she lives with her room mate and good friend Cameo and they can constantly be found partying with their good friend Derek One night a prank goes horribly wrong resulting in a needless tragedy This The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone event is the catalyst for Tressa revaluating her life Due to her partying and lack of ffort in her classes Tressa is put on academic probation Trent a guy from Woodfalls who has had a crush on her for years is assigned as her tutor Trent has never been her type He likes comic books computers and spending time alone Will he be able to prove to Tessa that he is her perfect matchI struggled a little bit with Contradictions from the fact that I had trouble connecting with Tressa as a character She came off to me as being immature and her sarcasm and dry sense of humor were hard for me to relate to However I did njoy reading her love story and could feel her The Family Plan emotional turmoil throughout the story I adored Trent He was such a great character and I couldn t help but fall a little in love with him He was so selfless and patient The passion between him and Tressa wasxplosive and the intimate scenes between the two of them were so very sensual and addicting Their chemistry was off the charts and I A Family Practice enjoyed the two of them as a couple My RatingI give Contradictions by Tiffany King 35 Who Says Nerdy Guys Can t be Sexy Filled Stars The Woodfalls Girls Series is a New Adult Romance Lovers Treat While I am sad that this series is over I m looking forward to seeing what Ms King does nextMy Favorite uoteSilly Clark Trent I may not be the smartest cookie in the jar but I knownough to hold on to a superhero if I m lucky A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity enough to snag oneTressaTo Read More Book Reviews Visit A Bookish Escape at http wwwabookishescapecom 35 stars Took me until well over the halfway point before I warmed up to Tressa Trent saved the book for meI ve reallynjoyed this series the first book in the series No Attachments is one of my favorite NA books Celebrity Bachelor ever This final installment in the Woodfalls Girls series was a fun uick readTressa is a major party girl She s known for being wild wreaking havocvery where she goes For Better and Worse even from a young age She spends her weekends with her roommates jumping from frat party to frat party basically refusing to grow upTrent is a computer genius who happens to be really hot but hides behind his geeky glasses and nerdy demeanor He s attending the same college as Tressa for his masters program and has harbored feelings for herver since high school where they both attended in WoodfallsTressa s partying lifestyle finally catches up with her when her grades take a nose dive and she needs Trent s help before she gets kicked out of schoolI m going to be honest and say I disliked Tressa for the first 50% of the book She was bitchy and her constant name calling almost made me give up on the book She Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, eventually grew on me and it helped that I became completely smitten with Trent and how sweet and adorable he wasAs they spend and time together Tressa starts to see Trent in a new light But she struggles with the fact that she s not goodnough for him and may never beEven though Tressa grated on my nerves in the beginning the relationship and slow building romance between her and Trent made it worth reading A good mix of steamy and sweet I Rescuing the Texans Heart enjoyed Trent and Tressa s story and the fact that it had minimal angst The prospect of a hot nerdy guy falling for a popular party girl always grabs my attention so Tressa and Trent s romance held all kinds of promise for me I did reallynjoy this story it was a sweet and slow burn romance once Tressa pulled her head out Tressa was really hard to like at first BUT I think that was the point She was a party girl and didn t really take her college studies seriously and so she was falling behind rapidly Instead of buckling down she. Ugh her defensesTo set her rightWhen a college prank goes terribly wrong Tressa starts to suspect that her partying ways are leading nowhere fast Now she has to turn to the last person she ver thought she’d ask for help and uickly discovers that there’s to Trent than meets the

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USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids Five if you count her three spoiled cats Her addictions include Her iphone and ipad chocolate Diet Coke chocolate Harry Potter chocolate zombies and her favor