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Do we ever know our children or ourselves This seems to be the uestion Nina Darnton is asking in The Perfect Mother and it is universal This book has been called a knock off or fictional take on the Amanda Knox Case Not really That s like saying I m a knockoff of Kate Upton because we wear the same bra size but our boobs ust aren t in the same placeYes there is a murder involving an American student but in Spain and the victim is male This story focuses on the mother s story and how she staggers and evolves throughout the ordeal Was she living through her children and was she to blame for anything that happens to them What is a parents true responsibility to each child A Perfect Mother is a thoughtful and relatable narrative with believable characters And Darnton makes you consider your own response to parenting in a like situation Definitely will appeal to parents and mystery lovers who like a little ambiguityProvided by publisher Review also posted Go Book YourselfThis was such a gem I stumbled across this by chance on Netgalley and reuested it on a whim I m so glad I did The past few books I ve read have been mediocre so this was a breath of fresh airThe perfect mother is a work of fiction but is very reminiscent of th The Hook As a mother a book with the title The Perfect Mother called out to me Who is this woman Well let s find out The Line Your children can get into trouble without it having anything to do with you The Sinker A story pulled right out of the headlines The Perfect Mother is an exploration of a parent s or in this case perhaps a mother s worst nightmare The mot This review is a little late coming as I didn t realize I hadn t yet updated it even though I finished it over a month ago This book caught my attention as it s description seemed to have many similarities to the Amanda Knox case Jennifer Lewis is shocked when she is awakened in the night by a phone call from her terrified daughter Emma Calling from This is an interesting story about murder and motherhood The story is told from Jennifer s point of view and the book delves deeply into how the murder accusations effect the accused s family I was interested in the storyline and figuring our whether Emma was innocent or guilty But there was something about the book that put me off a little I am sure everyone has heard the motto for writers show don t tell Well this author did not show very much For instance when the author was describing some of the landmarks or customs in Spain she sounded like of a tour guide When I read books set in other locations especially when those locations are other countries I enjoy authors who can transplant me to that place with their words This book did not do thatNow of course this book was about than Queen Esther the Second Graders of Doom just the location but that isust an example of where the author fell flat in her descriptions of things I really disliked the character of Jennifer It was hard to connect with her because the author also did not describe Jennifer s feelings very well There would be long conversations with dialogue only no descriptions of facial expressions emotions or anything So the only way I knew Jennifer was feeling was when she actually told someone about it And Jennifer seemed way blind to her daughters faults than most mothers Every single time something happened and there are flashbacks of other events that happened throughout Emma s childhood Jennifer would make excuses and say there was a mistake despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary That got really old Jennifer s decision at the end of the book shocked me and furthered my dislike of her I don t want to say too much about that because I don t want to give away the ending to those who may choose to read the book 25 starsI thought this book was okay I really did not like Jennifer or Emma I thought they were both spoiled whiny and. When an American exchange student is accused of murder her mother will stop at nothing to save herA midnight phone call shatters Jennifer Lewis’s carefully orchestrated life Her daughter Emma who’s studying abroad in Spain has been arrested after the brutal murder of another stud.

Entitled At some points I found myself rooting against them because I found them so unlikeable Jennifer views her daughter Emma as having no faults at all and explains away everything that Emma does wrong even her part in the murder of a young Spanish man My dislike only increased as she pines away for the PI helping her work on her daughter s case She Dirty Secrets just came across as so selfish She didn t care that her other kids at home needed her She said that she was staying in Spain to help her daughter but it was clear that sheust wanted to be near Roberto Emma does nothing but whine and complain even as her parents are paying for high priced lawyers and private detectives to help her Without them she would ve rotted away in a Spanish prison and she is not the least bit gratefulview spoiler I was waiting for the end I knew that everything was not as Emma claimed It was obvious to me that she was much involved than she said she was I was not surprised at all that Jennifer chose to once again cover for her daughter All the incidents described throughout the book showed how her parents helped her whenever she got into any kind of trouble so she would never have to face any kind of conseuence It even escalated to murder hide spoiler Jennifer Lewis is sleeping one night in her Connecticut home when she receives a telephone call It is from her eldest child twenty year old Emma who has been living and studying in Spain for the last eight months Emma blurts out a tale of a man being killed in her apartment and asks her parents to come and help her However husband Mark a lawyer himself suggests that Jennifer go to Spain first and that he will A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue join her there Before long Jennifer has left behind her other children sixteen year old Lily and eight year old Eric and gone to support her daughterOf course as we can tell from the title Jennifer is the perfect mother of the title Her husband evenokes that were he to come back in a future life he would like to do so as one of her children She gives up a career as an actress to be home to nurture love and support her three children Her house is a refuge she is the mother that her children s friends confide in and she organises parties play dates and school projects with ease However when she meets up with Emma at the police station she finds a child she hardly recognises Emma is withdrawn sullen and pretty soon it is obvious that she has been lying to her mother about her life in Spain Despite claims that Emma s version of events do not fully make sense she is unwilling to discuss what happened that night simply insisting that her version of events should be believed and becoming moody and difficult when challenged It is also apparent that Jennifer is not the completely perfect and capable woman she would have everyone believe with hints of a drinking problem and a husband who is so removed from events that you hardly feel he is involved at allObviously this novel bears than a passing resemblance to the Meredith Kercher case a young woman of only twenty one who was found dead in her Italian apartment in 2007 Her flatmate Amanda Knox was the prime suspect in a case which has still not concluded in ustice for the Kercher family and as such I do not wish to comment on that too much I felt a little uncomfortable in places reading this but the novel does raise very interesting discussion points How much would a mother do for her daughter even as it becomes apparent that her version of events are not necessarily believable This is ultimately fiction even if it is based loosely on real events and as a novel is both compelling and interesting Of course we see events through the point of view of Jennifer and despite her faults you do feel for her stranded in Spain alone and dealing with the situation largely without the support of her husband With nobody to turn to sh. Ent Jennifer rushes to her side certain the arrest is a terrible mistake and determined to do whatever is necessary to bring Emma home But as she begins to investigate the crime she starts to wonder whether she ever really knew her daughter The police charge Emma and the press leaps.

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E does become reliant on the Private Investigator employed to help support her daughter s version of events This is by far a interesting relationship that that with her daughter who it is impossible to feel any sympathy for The novel is well plotted and there is a good twist to the storyline at the end I think this would be an ideal book for a reading group with lots to discuss Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review The premise to this book had me hooked Jennifer is the mother to three children the eldest of which is Emma who at twenty is studying in Spain One night Jennifer takes a phone call that changes her life Emma is at the Police station suspect in the murder of a local boy I love books that let me play the What would I do game and this is definitely one of those readsThis book is as much about Jennifer and her relationships than the murder of Rodrigo Perez which almost becomes the backdrop to the drama being played out in Jennifer s life as she is faced with the reality that her daughter which is different to that of the pretty intelligent honour roll girl who goes to Princeton this is a girl who has been lying to her parents about where she lives and how she spends her days for monthsThis book has obviously been based on the The Perfect Mother started with a midnight phone call That was the only part that I was expecting I thought this would be a book about the udicial system of Spain and how an American is unfairly treated I was wrong This is not a book about Emma it is the story of Jennifer the mother It is a story on how she had always taken care of her family sometimes to the extreme and how it has made Emma the student and person she has become There were points in the book that I stopped and uestioned my own mothering skills and how I would have handled the same situation I found this happening often and realizing that fixing it does not always have the long term effects that a mother hopes for Throughout the story I really felt for Jennifer There were times it felt like everyone was against her Emma certainly was not helping herself her husband was in the US the court system was working against her and even her PI and lawyer sometimes seemed to be against her Jennifer did wake up and realize that sometimes you have to take off your rose colored glasses and look harder at yourself and how you are living your life to see the truth I feel like she is coming out of this horrible adventure a better person and definitely a better mom She still needs help and support but I believe she will find it now that her eyes are openI did not feel sorry for Emma She did nothing to help herself and did not appreciate those that were trying to free her Although being in a foreign prison was punishment I am not convinced that Emma has become a better person or even understands the whole picture I feel like she needs a lot of help and the only way she will get it is for someone to force her She does not see that there is anything wrong with herself and the way she is living her life The Perfect Mother is definitely a book that shows the tougher and darker side of motherhood and the bonds between mothers and daughters I recommend this book During the Amanda Knox trial the US press regaled us with the Italians labeling Knox as Foxy Knoxy an American girl gone wild while studying in Italy Her family was presented as a bunch of sad sacks mortgaging their lives for their ne er do well daughter Was Knox guilty Innocent As much a victim as the deceased girl We know what the Italian court said the first time but they ve now determined that Knox needs to stand trial againDid she do itAs I read The Perfect Mother I couldn t help but think about the Amanda Knox trial Nina Darnton s book is based on the trial an attractive entitled American girl heads to Spai. On the story exaggerating every sordid detail One by one Emma’s defense team her father and finally even Jennifer begin to have doubts A novel of harrowing emotional suspense The Perfect Mother probes the dark side of parenthood and the complicated bond between mothers and daughte.

A journalist for thirty years Nina Darnton wrote her first novel An African Affair three years ago and never looked back Her second novel The Perfect Mother will be published by Plume on November 29th 2014 Nina is married to the journalist and novelist John Darnton They have three children and four grandchildren and live in New York City and New Paltz New York