Veera Hiranandani: Farm Fresh Fun Phoebe G Green #2

How food is grown and made They can pick apples make applesauce omelettes how cheese is made find out where chicken ggs come from always fun when kids find that out it is a fun trip and boy I wish I could have gone on such a trip when I was a kid I would have loved it Phoebe s foodie radar is going off as well There is a chance to Art eat lovely goat cheese still don t understand how anyone can like that buth to God Is in the Crowd each there own P omelettes with said goat cheese then there are fresh apples and applesauce The farm is a true foodie heaven and I had so much fun seeing how Phoebe wasxcited about all the things She ven brought her own cinnamon with her so that the applesauce w Phoebe s class is going to a farm where they will milk goats and make goat cheese pick apples and lettuce and make salads and applesauce Since Phoebe has become a foodie after her friend Camille s family An outspoken lovable take charge narrator Dreidemy’s wiggly spot illustrations meanwhile supply plenty of nervous nergy Booklist Phoebe’s class is going on a field trip to a farm to learn about where food comes from Phoebe and her friends can’t wait to collect ggs from chick.

As introduced her to good food she is really xcited about this opportunity Once at the farm they meet Jenna the farmer and see Ginger the goat and her kids frolicking around and have lots of fun gathering the food and cooking When Sage and Phoebe take another look at the goat pen however they decide that Ginger and her crew look sad and open the gate The goats get out and Phoebe and Sage have to make amendsStrengths Again this was light hearted fun Who doesn t want to go to the farm and make their own lunch The format of these books is uite delightful with bigger text and pleasant pictures and the information about the farm to table movement is interesting I think this will be a good book for some of my struggling English Language Learners who also may not have ver been to a farm Weaknesses Again a bit lower than most of my students need and no Accelerated Reader test yet. Ens watch goats get milked pick apples and help make a farm fresh lunch But when Phoebe and Sage decide to help goats by opening their gate a peaceful field trip turns into a wild noisy adventure Before long they learn an important lesson about farm animals and in telling the truth .

Yes with so many cooking shows we now have a small genre of foodie or cooking theme books for kids This was cute but I didn t feel like there was anything compelling or different about the characters nothing that makes this a standout Not as good as the first I didn t like the part about the goats and I didn t agree with the part about the chickens I have family who raise chickens and they usually don t take the ggs from brooding chickens while they are sitting on them Brooding chickens can get nasty so inviting non farmer school children to take them seemed a bit odd Maybe my family has different xperiences I don t know Good for farmers The second book in our children s foodie series as I would call itThis time it is goats apples farms food duh and some stupidity that uite annoyed me Phoebe and her friends and of course classmates are going to the farm to learn about. Gently humorous black and white illustrations pair nicely with the text With all the foodies out there this delightful series deserves a long shelf lifeand many courses Kirkus ReviewsFans of Junie B Jones and Judy Moody will njoy this School Library JournalAge appropriate humor via.

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Veera Hiranandani is the author of THE NIGHT DIARY THE WHOLE STORY OF HALF A GIRL and the chapter book series PHOEBE G GREEN She has an MFA in fiction writing from Sarah Lawrence College and spent six years as a book editor She now teaches creative writing at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in New York with her family She is working on her next novel