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Relationship somehow it is written in a way where you feel it could be a very natural progression with this particular group However with the Scarab Beetle series it feels to me unnatural and disjointed maybe because Kayli is aware of the world around her and she hasn t been forced to be a hermit as Sang was and although she is broken she still has fostered relationships with others even if they are skewed and unhealthy Therefore I find her roaming lips and confusing romantic feelings annoying then anything else Her turbulent emotions regarding the guys and Blake drive me insane and make me want to yell at her to nock it off lol I understand she is confused I also understand she has never had a real loving and healthy relationship with anyone except maybe her brother but I feel that she is playing with the guys then anything else even if that is not her desired intention Next she s bratty her emotions at times volatile I can easily imagine her loyalties being swayed in the future She seems reckless and in some ways immature then Sang isn t Kayli suppose to be in her late teens early 20 s I m not saying she will be this way but this is my first impression and I find this annoying as well Although Kayli can be very bright and intuitive with cases they are working on she is totally clueless when it comes to whether to trust the Academy boys or not Now it s understandable that she would be wary since most people have lied to her in her life and to be fair she has only Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) known these boys a short time and it s a very extraordinary situation Still she immediately latched on to Blake s cautionary evidence of the guys which casted conspiracy theories about them and the Academy in her head which made her fraught with even doubts Which makes me laugh considering Blake tried to poison a whole town in the last book which if I were Kayli I would be leery of trusting Blake then the Academy boysThere is action in this book which I find to be both positive and negative positive because they are not just sitting around painting toenails or worrying whether or not Kayli ate or took her vitamins Negative because you don t get the relationship building as you do with the Ghost Bird series This is totally just my own personal opinion and preference though What I did enjoy where the Academy guys they are wonderful through and through similar to the guys in the GB series but also uniuely their own as well Personally my favorite is Corey D He s a sweetheart and reminds me a lot of Victor Still not sure what is up with Kevin but I m sure later on in the series we will get tonow him I m also not sure about Blake and how he will play into all of this as well but I m sure we will find out Still no closer to what Will is up too but I m guessing he has his fingers in the Academy pot somewhere Although I rated this low I still enjoyed the writing and I probably will give the next book one try so far the last book and this book are just not what I had hoped fo. Brother is safe She’ll find their leader She’ll discover their intentions She’ll infiltrate their ranks And if they try to threaten her brother or herself she’ll burn them allBut when these five hot Academy teammates all contend for her heart her resistance starts to crumbleMaybe she wasn’t meant to be the good girl anywa.

This book took such a weird turn from a missing Wil to a Pozi scheme to idnapping to romantic drama but it totally works Onto the next book Why would you trust someone that was going to poison a city two days ago Seriously Over guys that have had your back Idiot I still like the series but she s got some growing to do I m willing to give her some time since I have faith in Stone Please don t let me down Kayli s brother Wil is missing so she turns to the Academy team for help in finding him She is uickly sidetracked though when Coaltar resurfaces and offers some information regarding the Academy In order to find out about the Academy Kayli agrees to go on a mission to Florida with Corey and Raven in the hopes of wiggling some information out of them What sounded like a simple job helping an old lady find some stolen money turns into a idnapping case Kayli must put aside her doubts regarding the intentions of the Academy and all the men in her life to focus on finding a little girlGreat second book in the series Kayli is finding out some answers and getting close to all the guys I like her character she is smart but sometimes reckless She seems to have a flair for doing Commence droolingReverse Harem you Dancing at Armageddon know you want oneRemember this series is New Adult so don t be surprised at some of the scenes And there is NO COMPARISON to the Ghost Bird series each series stands on its own and both are eually awesome Why choose But love the cameo from Owen Hi Mr B waves frantically and blowsissesI loved Kayli s thoughts throughout this book such emotional turmoil and guilt Poor soul needs some love and affection Her brother has intentionally run away and her father admitted to Double Jeopardy keeping government assistance money for his drinking habits essentially forcing her to pickpocket to survive Now she s got no home and no family the only ones to take her in are the Academy guys who are willing help her try to locate her brotherThen Kayli overhears an Academy conversation making her wonder why they have files on both herself and her brother Wil This along with Blake s suspicions spurs her into joining the guys on a mission She intends to infiltrate the Academy and discover once and for all if they are evil or truly reformed bad guysAs they delve into a missing childcustody bond situation Kayli is faced with indecision Does she pretend to show interest in the guys to uncover the truth about The Academy Does she leave them all and just forget about ferreting out their secrets Run away with Blake Honestly if by this point you didn t realize that this was a reverse harem story then now younow From the author s lips hath dripped those words If you don t now what reverse harem is go google it And as for all of these guys being freakin hot Of course they re hot no one would have a harem of ugly losers But being hot is in the eye of the beholder so what you think is good lookingattractive may not be my cup of coffee I mean if Sang from the Ghost Bird. Worse than a thief is a liarKayli Winchester can finally let go of her thieving past and for once walk on the right side of the law She’s had enough of the hustle and is determined to become the good girlBut her brother Wil is still missing On the hunt for him she discovers something worse than a missing sibling Marc Raven Axel

Team saw this group of Academy guys she d be running towards VoltoWith the above being said this was a fun read with a variety of characters to eep you entertained way up to 4 in the morning Oh Ravenyou are a bad bad manI loved this book I love this series I m a complete and total fangirl and I am not afraid to admit itThis side of the Academy is extremely compelling to me In The Ghost Bird all of the boys are super clean The one with the greatest chance of anything passionate sort of blew it for me in the last book That is not a problem in theseThese are all super strong alpha males and Kayli can handle it She doesn t let these guys push her around and tell her what to do She is an active participant and contributes to the group All of the guys respect her and value her input except maybe KevinBut can we talk about theories I have a fewview spoilerTheory 1 Wil is actually Volto in the other series He has lots of free time on his hands and nobody is watching him He has the Cezanne and Provence knowledge and time to track these guys and maybe has a thing against the Academy because of his sisterTheory 2 Blake will replace Kevin in the group It s the only way I see all of this really working Unless Kevin gets his shit together dumps Mindy and falls hopelessly in love with Kayli the group will not hold together But Blake has ignited something in Kayli too and he seems to fit really wellTheory 3 Corey and Raven How hot would that be It s either Raven or Marc and I can t see Corey having a thing for the good boy Raven mayind of lean both directions when it comes to sexuality and I think that s where Corey s crush lies And Raven with those piercings So hot ERMAGHERD so hot I m drooling a little Is that weird hide spoiler Seriously I feel like Kayli just wants to be in a middle of a gang bang Ridiculous Ridiculous Completely RidiculousAnd with great honor I let my freak flag fly Because I am a goner for CL Stone s Academy series I still find myself amazed at how she has me coming back for Had this been any other book it would have ended in my DNF pile because no Ick Normally I d say review to come but I literally have nothing to say about this No just no This ain t working for me The characters all seem weak The family doesn t seem close and Axel doesn t act like a leaderboss Perhaps I m compairing him too much with Mr Blackbourne wh 25 stars to 3 starsThere will be some mild spoilersIt s difficult for me not to compare this series with the Ghost Bird series since it is in the same Academy world So warning I will be mentioning the GB series as well I love love love the Ghost bird series and although the slow progression between Sang and the boys often times drives me mad there was something about the beauty in it as well Sang is naive and innocent to the world so the relationship that progresses with them seems natural from a friends and family feel to the budding feelings of romance Even though it s outside of society s norm to have polyamorous. Orey and Brandon These aren’t just scoundrels with hearts of gold They’re flat out criminals But they’re criminals who need herIn a ruse to draw them away from her brother and learn about this so called Academy Kayli joins them on a mission to Florida in search of a missing little girl Kayli will do anything to make sure her.

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