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G method I would give it five stars No uestion But las I m rating the book nd I kind of hate it The information in it is wesome but the delivery feels less like book nd like A Bollywood Affair an infomerciala really really long infomercial Seriously the whole thing just sounds like sales pitch Look Mel your method is mazing It s wildly popular nd successful You don t need to sell it ny We re The Scent of Rosa's Oil all coming to this book because were for the most part lready sold We just want the detailsHonestly the salesman language kinda harms the uthor s credibility in my mind If it weren t for Nobodys Angel (Willow Park, all the bloggers ravingbout their success with this method I would have tossed the book side fter the first few pages simply because the language feels kinda slimy But there ARE ll those bloggers nd they ARE indeed raving bout the success they re having with this method so I read the whole damn book And I m glad I did But really I just want the information not the sales pitch I gree with the review just before mine in Defending Hearts almost every respect What I personally found most insensitive in the book was his plan to bring his method of farming to so called developing nations The way he talkedbout it was so patronizing that if only I had read that first it s t nearly the end of the book I would have never read ny further He dismisses other cultures diets in single sentence nd s the previous reviewer notes cts like the only reason people nywhere re starving is because they don t know how to Feel the Heat (Phoenix Agency, adeuately farm More generally Ilso found his method lacking for pplication in my own American garden finding it much too highly engineered for my own taste nd not in Sudden Fury (The Last Gunfighter, any way intuitive To my own mind perhaps people who want to so heavily control their own little space in this world should be doing something that s little less messy Spiky and unpredictable than gardening this is my favorite gardening book what can i say there s man with neck beard on the cover his name is mel mel is or less my favorite person on the planet he retired from his job s n engineer t 42 Dungeon of Death and then turned to gardening when you setn engineer loose in backyard gardening you get precision gardening basically he figured out how closely you can plant things so that you get the maximum yield per suare foot each individual plant produces less but the overall yield is much great plus there s way less to weed this book rocks I guess whatever works for people is great nd it seems like he has Love Rockets a lot of convertsbut I sure wasn t crazybout Mel s method nd even less so bout his delivery It is like listening to A Deceptive Homecoming (Hattie Davish Mystery, a used car salesmannd immediately fter saying that while I was reading I read the next paragraph where he compared his book to brand new shiny Cadillac Sheesh He essentially dvocates container gardening cloaked in the guise of shallow 6 raised beds The beds re self contained filled with vermiculite mix nd broken down literally he is very emphatic bout this into 1 foot suares So effectively you re planting each crop in 12 cubic foot of soil And not fertilizing beyond pplications of compost he lludes to but never explains Wouldn t these tiny bins soon overflow He says it works but there The Hired Man are very few pictures ofctual vegetables in his book instead it is lot of petunias nd such which I find pretty ugly planted in visible gridI like that his method could encourage rotatio As gardening method Suare Foot Gardening is pretty great This book though this book is not great Mel is Almost A Gentleman a big fan of sciencend math so let me break down this book by the estimated numbers20% Discussion of how mazing Suare Foot Gardening is or how mazing Mel Bartholomew is20% Actual gardening content10% Weird ndor culturally insensitive stuff 10% Charts that don t render correctly in the ebook version40% Repetition of ll of the boveThe book starts with full chapter on the History of Mel nd Suare Foot Gardening I will be honest I don t care I m glad Mel came up with this method nd I m glad he s got ll this experience teaching it Here by the Bloods and proselytizing word useddvisedly but I m here to read bout gardening not Mel or what was going on with Suare Foot Gardening in the. Xisting soil Forget bout pH soil tests double digging who enjoys that or the never ending soil improvements 3      New Soil The new Mel's Mix is the perfect growing mix Why we even give you the recipe Best of ll you can even buy the different types of compost needed 4      New Depth You only need to prepare SFG box to depth of 6 inches It's true the majority of plants develop just fine when grown t this depth 5      No Fertilizer The ll new SFG does not need ny fertilizer ever If you start with the perfect soil mix then you don't need to dd fertilizer 6      New Boxes The new method uses bottomless boxes placed boveground We show you how to build your own with step by step photos 7      New Aisles The ideal gardening i.

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Includes Photos of Our Own Garden Mel Bartholomew is famous for his Suare Foot Gardens nd in All New Suare Foot Gardening he gives us the tools we need to have the garden of our dreams Pictures easy to follow illustrated instructions tips nd tricks regardless of the level of your gardening expertise this is must have book We live in the High Desert of Southern California where the soil is either sandy or like clay We haven t had much success with our gardens in the past but this year we got serious nd decided to go with container gardening nd we re so so glad we didBecause of the harsh climate here we decided to use cinder block instead of wood for the containers Not only will it hold up better it s cheaper We lso had rich garden soil brought in to replace what nature gave us The openings Loyalty and Lies along the sides of the cinder blocks will hold marigolds strawberries chivesnd other plants that don t reuire lot of room The marigolds will help deter certain pests while lso Fortunes Flames attracting bees hummingbirdsnd butterflies which will help pollinate the plants Grandsons Helping Out 4x4 Planter Suared Off nd Drip Lines Ready to Use This rea will have tomatoes nd pepper plants It s our salsa container Our Suare Foot Garden Ready to PlantI ll update with photos throughout the season so stay tuned Mel Bartholomew is huge dvocate of box gardening Box gardening is great idea especially when you have lkaline clay like we have in our backyard Constructing the boxes is snap okay like whine because it takes drill He doesn t emphasize enough though that the gardens take huge mount of water because the wood seems to wick the water Claiming Her away from the dirtStuff seems to grow well in Mel s Mix if you plant it in the right part of the season Last year we planted uite late so our harvest was pretty meager This yearll of our varieties of lettuce re lready huge our sparagus is coming up our strawberries re going wild nd our carrots seem to be doing well For some reason though tomatoes seem to just s well in the clay if not better So we re doing n experiment planting tomatoes in boxes nd out of boxes to see which re betterThe suare foot part of the idea seems to work for some things but it s not s helpful for others I find his emphasis on the idea Murder Go Round a little funny For things that can be planted in single suare they re great But last year our tomatoes plants got so big that they overflowed into other suares choking out the plants that were in them And I m sorry but strawberries were meant to take over How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World: A Comparative Analysis a whole box There s just no point in dividing the plants upThe book is very conversational Some of the concepts could use better diagrams like the greenhouse idea And he mentions that each box will last for several years but he doesn t giveny ideas Alcohol Fuels: Policies, Production, And Potential about how to move the dirt when you have to take onepart And his idea of putting chicken wire on the bottom of the box to keep critters out is great but we ve learned that you have to use maybe uarter inch chicken wire because small rodents like voles can get through the one inch And the edges of the wire tear up the weed fabric so we have weeds round the edges of the boxesThankfully though the garden boxes themselves re really easy to weed because the dirt doesn t get compacted from being walked on like you get with Cambridge Modern History volumes 1-5 a normal garden Overall I m glad we re using thispproach because the results we got the first year trying to plant directly in our clay with some topsoil thrown on top was rather sad except for the tomatoes Honestly if you can get past the bragging The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) and boastingbout how great Mel thinks he is Spices, Saints, and Saracens: The Egyptian Wanderings of a Dominican Friar, 1483 and how the SFG method TAKES UP LESS SPACEnd how it s revolutionary nd how everyone else is doing it wrong it might be n okay book But gosh I think on every page of the forty I read he mentioned something Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child about how this garden takes up less space WE GET IT MEL it s why we picked up the book I couldn t take itny I just wanted to read The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde since 1970 about gardening You can learnll you need to know from this book by reading the back of seed packets Of Mice and Men and few free online resources So glad I didn t buy this like I originally planned If I were rating this gardenin. Do you know what the best feature is in All New Suare Foot Gardening Sure there re ten new features in this ll new updated book Sure it's even simpler than it was before Of course you don't have to worry bout fertilizer or poor soil ever gain because you'll be growing bove the ground But the best feature is that nyone nywhere can enjoy Suare Foot garden Children I Was Anastasia adults with limited mobility even complete novices canchieve spectacular results But let's get back to the ten improvements You're going to love them   1      New Location Move your garden closer to your house by eliminating single row gardening Suare Foot Garden needs just twenty percent of the space of traditional garden 2      New Direction Locate your garden on top of

1970s But you can t just skip the chapter nd skip this content like everything else it repeats over Three Cups of Deceit and over throughout every chapter of the book He even includes in the text uotes from random satisfied gardeners Theyll look like this Such Sparrow Road a great techniue Im definitely happy to be engaging in Suare Foot Gardening Jane Texas These do not A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston addnything nd get seriously old fter whileThen you start in on the ctual gardening content It s look this part is kind of Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World a victim of its own successs When I started getting into gardening this method is pretty much how everyone said to do it This information isll over the internet There re few nuances you learn in this book but honestly you can find virtually of this for free online And you get to read it without hearing Yoga: The Art of Adjusting about the greatness of what you re readingbout Additionally this doesn t really go into enough detail you re going to need nother source of information for your local rea The Neural Basis of Free Will anywayThen comes the unfortunate viewpoints Mel uh diverges lot into things like remember we rest on Sundays I don t I m Jewish nd my sabbath day isn t Sunday nd he talks bout how ladies re super bad t building stuff nd Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, about howll poor people really need is Past Destinies a SFG not government handout I don t really enjoy sexism Travels: Collected Writings, 1950-1993 along with my gardening tips I can t say muchbout the charts I read this in ebook form so I couldn t read themBut the biggest problem with the book for me was how incredibly repetitious it is Everything you read will be repeated dozens of times in every section of the book If you ve been paying even moderate If Wishes Were Horses attention this rapidly goes fromnnoying to boring to frustrating s hell If ll the repetition had been cut there d have been enough room to go into detail on climates nd crop choices nd other stuff that s important than being reminded yet gain how much space SFG saves I love this gardening techniue It s the one I use with modifications But I do not t ll love this book If you re just starting out google raised bed gardening nd go with it If you ren t just starting out this book will be useless to you Get n rea specific book nd read that But if you re mostly interested in the greatness Rainbow Brite: Starlite Saves the Day and history of Mel Bartholomew this is definitely the book for you Want to grow veggie or flower garden but don t think you can Think A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 2: Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 again No excuses of not enough space no yard or nobility This is the book for ny person with ny skill level with just patio or yard for the professional or for the handicap in wheel chair School children nd 3rd world countries have used this techniue with great success I read this book in 1 The Unspeakable Mind afternoonnd then my 13 year old son nd husband built my boxes in 1 fternoon I m taking pictures Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought along the way to show our progress I think this is something that even my grandparents whore both in wheel chairs would enjoy Murder at Beechwood and can do If not for you then buy this for friend neighbor or family member They will thank you My garden roughly follows Mel s plans so this was clearly n influential book s I built my first garden However According to Mel I don t have suare foot garden because I don t use physical grid And I plant little haphazardly I mean it s great system in Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space a lot of ways but you don t have to follow the rules This kind of garden drill sergeant business is not for me so I just focus on the information in the book that is useful to mend carry on There is Revelations from Revelation (Mass Market) a lack of detail on some points he says use mulch but never talks muchbout what kind of mulch However one point where the lack of in depth information is Jane and the Stillroom Maid (Jane Austen Mysteries, actually something Ippreciated is Mel s philosophy Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil about pestsnd bugs Too many beginner gardening books re loaded down with tales of fungi mildews nd other plagues I think it s important to wait nd see or talk to your extension office if you re really worried nd otherwise just keep going So you lose Alien: Sea of Sorrows a few plants it s okay There s no sense in freaking outhead of time Journey Of Fate about plant problemsHis writing style irritated me I would have preferred straightforward no nonsense treatise on his system Instead I got Judas of Nazareth: How the Greatest Teacher of First-Century Israel Was Replaced by a Literary Creation a lot of not funny jokesnd plenty of Mel talking Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose. about how great Mel Sle width isbout three to four feet That makes it even easier to kneel work nd harvest 8      New Grids Prominent nd permanent grids Holding Up the Universe added to your SFG box help you visualize the planting suaresnd know how to space for maximum harvest 9      New Seed Saving Idea The old fashioned way dvocates planting many seeds nd then thinning the extras that means pulling them up The new method means planting Satellite a pinch literally two or three seeds per planting hole 10  Tabletop Gardens The new boxesre so much smaller Blank Darkness and lighter only 6 inches of soil remember you candd plywood bottom to make them portable   Of course that's not ll We've Makers also included simple easy to follow instructions using lots of photosnd illustrations You're going to love

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