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Scanning the beach to see women in the newest bathing suit craze the bikini It was the fashion rage in France at the time One of the Marines spotted someone he recgnized Elizbeth Taylor catching rays on the beach She was suddenly surrounded by US Marines Elizabth was gracios and flattered and talked away with these brave me Elizabeth was only nineteen and already famous from the movie National Velvet She had married Nicky Hilton and was on a vacation He was already cheating on her and they would divorce in 6 months She met of the crew while she was in Cannes and ven visited the USS Leyte for a tourJohn Red Parkinson who said the initial hello to Ms Taylor in Cannes and Charlie Kline were Marine infantry on their first tour and they became friends for life Jesse and Tom didn t know these Marines but they would provide air support to them and save their lives at the Chosin Reservoir North Korea Lieutenant Rober Reem USMC Red and Charlie s suad leader would save lives but by falling on a grenade in the gun pit that was being overrun by the NK He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously The author was able to vividly describe the fighting conditions at Chosin Reservoir in the winter of 195051 The temp was well below 0F with windchill making conditions 20F There were 10000 Marines there and 100000 Chunese and NK troops who surrounded the Marines and Army personnel As the US men were attempting to Ex On The Beach evacuate thenemy shot and mortared the lines killing at will The Forward Air Controller FAC called in air support and Tom and Jesse s suadron of 30 dark blue Navy Corsairs came to the rescue They bombed shot up and rocketed the Chinese positions so our boys could get relieved get a hot meal and medical care The war would continue for 2 years and Red and other Marines would return to fight Jesse Brown was shot down and crash landed The remaining aircraft in the suadron circled Jesse and called for rescue Jesse was alive but still in the cockpit of his Corsair Smoke was pouring out of the aircraft His team did not understand why he didn get out Tom realized Jesse was trapped and crashed his plane to help Jesse and stay with him until the rescue chopper arrived Tom watched helplessly as Jesse died due to injuries and the cold Tom received the Medal of Honor after returning home because of his heroism Jesse had a wife Daisy and a 2 yr old daughter Pam Daisy was at the ceremony at the White House when Tom got the medal The crew of the Leyte collected donations from the Captain to the seamen for Pam s Good Thinking education Jesse was highly respected byveryone Death in Mumbai exempilfied by the crew s outporing of love and donations for PamInjoyed this book very much somewhat because I am a Navy veteran and because this author took the time to write about these heroes and their devotion friendship and sacrifice Now is a good time to read this book since we may see fighting in Korea agin But on a much different scale I was Baccarat : La lgende du cristal engaged in finishing a fine book of historical fiction set during the closing months of the American Civil War when Devotion appeared in my mail box It sat on my book shelf unopened for at least another 10 days before I finished the other book and finally had a chance to crack the cover of this one If I had known what I was in for by reading this book I would have dropped the other one mid way through and devoured this one The other book was very good and commendable but this one will I hope be onveryone s fall reading listDevotion is non fiction based on O Colégio de Todos os Segredos events that occurred mainly during thearly days of the Korean War a conflict largely overlooked by most Americans most of whom know it solely through their March Violets (Bernie Gunther, experiences with the TV comedy MASHIt is obvious that Makos and his team did a splendid job of researching the story lines included in this book The central story though involves the first African American naval aviator Jesse Brown Military history buffs know about the WWII all African American fighter pilots known as the Red Tails but Ensign Jesse Brown a graduate of Ohio State University and devoted husband and father was the first African American to ualify as a carrier pilot This was in 1950 an America of segregation and Jim Crow laws Amidst this background Jesse Brown a man born inxtremely humble circumstances in Mississippi crossed paths with Thomas Hudner Jr a white pilot born into the world of wealth and privilege and graduate of the US Naval AcademyThis is their story but it is much than that Makos weaves their Zoete tranen experiences intoxperiences of several other US Military personnel fighting in Korea mainly marines who were the target of the Chinese army that crossed into N Korea in an Water Music effort toradicate US Military forcesI won t tell you any than this but this is IMO a literary historical and personal work that should be read by Revived everyone I will recommend it to all my friends I seldom do this but this book is worth it It is on par with other recentxcellent books such as Unbroken and Boys in the Boat It goes far beyond names dates and places and gives us precious glimpses into a particularly tense time and the people who lived them5 Stars I shed tears through the Student Research Projects in Calculus entire book Such nobility and bravery makes one proud to be a part of the greatest country in the world Adam Makos is one of my favorite modern authors He takes history and it s characters and creates a beautiful story of what it means to be American FIVE STARS OF PROFOUND EXCELLENCE Historicallynthralling and biographically compelling Far and above Devotion An Epic Story of Heroism Friendship and Sacrifice is the best book I ve read this year non fiction or otherwise bar none Reads like fiction but is one hundred percent authentically true honoring American heroism brotherhood unity and service It is so many things ngagingly readable human interest ncapsulating suspense riveting superbly written meticulously researched and Love for Imperfect Things editorially flawless More than anything it is a story of friendship sacrifice and love Love of country Love of brotherhood Love bound through matrimony family and life I didn t simply read this book Ixperienced it I truly felt like I was A Heart of Stone embedded among the ground troops in the air on the sea rubbinglbows with Elizabeth Taylor in the French Rivera shivering in the brutal cold of Chosin carrying the wounded crying wi. Jesse as they battle a North Korean invasion As the fury of the fighting Taking Instruction (Taboo, escalates Tom and Jesse fly guns blazing to save a Marine division cornered at the Chosin Reservoir and outnumbered ten to one When one of the duo is shot down behindnemy lines and pinned in his burning plane the other faces an unthinkable choice watch his friend die or attempt history’s most audacious one man rescue mission   A tug at the heartstrings tale of bravery and selflessness Devotion asks How far would you go to save a friend From the Hardcover ditio.

Please xcuse me on my not so very organised review as I ve been crying my Divertimento eyes out for the last 10 minutesI have come to a conclusion I will read ANYTHING written by this man Adam Makos is an ingenious writer journalist and researcher He and his teams unbelievable and relentless dedication to their work speaks throughout this book and their other books First of allven though I m a history buff I knew next to nothing about the korean war which I suppose gives truth to its other names The forgotten warThe forgotten victory Therefore I went into this knowing little and Love Is a Fairy Tale excited to learn about this lesser known but importantvent in world history I came out of it not only gaining knowledge about it but also learning about a heartfelt and inspiring story of Devotion It is a story about war But it is also a story of love loyalty and family The story centers around two navy pilots Tom Hudner a white american boy with an all american upbringing and Jesse Brown the first black american navy pilot of the US It is a story about a black pilot defending his country which did not return the favour back at that period of time It is a story about his comradeship with his fellow brothers in arm which will Promise at Dawn etch itself into history It s full of action heroism and the horrors of war The author leaves themotional lements specially concentrated in the last few chapters and let me tell you I could not hold back my tears for the injustices of this world the justice deserved by those who have fallen and given their lives for the greater causes I knew Bangkok Wakes to Rain even before I started this book it was going to be good but it wasven betterThis is to hoping for a better world a better future and justice to those who were The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery expendable and for those burdened under the oppressions of the injustice regimes and leaders We need Jesse Browns and Tom Hudners in thi Look out and there s anven better military aviationhistory book in townThis book follows the world s forgotten war in Korea and balances fascinating history firsthand accounts real life characters and action perfectlyMeet Jesse Brown history s first black aircraft carrier pilot and supreme badassThis book largely focuses on his Darkmere experience growing up poor in the racist deep south to becoming one of the first black officers and pilots during the Korean War but also interweaves the stories of a Medal of Honour recipient a medicheavy weapons dude and a guy who turned aside an offer from the Red Sox to join the Marines The book does anxcellent job focusing mostly on these characters so it s not bogged down with too much backstory or Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? efforts to includeveryone like cough coughOverall Devotion took me on an Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den emotional dogfightIt takes you through heart thumping moments to face leaking ones all while offering fascinating insights into the Korean War and an intense true story involving a kinship that surpassed racial barriers It s amazing non fiction like this that make me wonder why I read so much fantasy Another winner by Adam Makos Injoyed Spearhead so much that I downloaded Scraps Of The Untainted Sky every book I could find by the same author Devotion was the third of four books by Makos that I read back to back Once again I was thoroughlyntertained and the reading never felt like it was a chore The setting for this book is the Korean War and the focus is two Corsair pilots from the carrier Leyte One was Ensign Jesse Brown the son of a black sharecropper Makos describes Jesse as the Jackie Robinson of Naval Aviation because he broke the color barrier as the first black naval aviator The other was Lieutenant Tom Hudner an affluent heir to a supermarket chain These two aviators couldn t have come from diverse backgrounds but that didn t matter They were comrades in arms They say that there are no atheists in a fighting hole I would like to add that there are no racists The Eric Carle Gift Set either The suadron loved and respected Ensign Brown Even the Leyte s skipper whose father was a prominent politician in thera of the Jim Crow South and an ardent segregationist had nothing but good things to say about Ensign Brown Devotion is mostly an upbeat story with a sad Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century ending There is the typical gallows humor that can be found in all of Makos books With thexception of the last letter that Jesse Brown wrote to his wife Daisy the story really never gets too sappy Also Makos refrains from taking a sanctimonious attitude Jesse was a great pilot and Fashion Design Course even though Tom outranked Jesse Jesse was the section leader because he had flying time A few things I learned about the Corsairs They were difficult to land on a carrier deck because long nose caused visibility problems and the pilot had to feel the tail hook and there were stall issues to deal with Early on Brown nearly killed himself when he made the transition to the Corsair and made his first carrier landingThe Corsairs were a great weapons platform By the Korean War they were obsolete as pursuit aircraft but they were still outstanding for close air support as fighter bombers Makos gives severalxamples of this during the fighting in the Chosen Reservoir During the 1st MAR DIV famous advance in another direction close air support was probably one of the biggest reasons that that the Marines weren t overrun by the red devils In addition to the two aviators the author also follows the lives of several Marine infantry men in the Chosin Coincidentally these Marines were stationed on the Leyte or went on the same Mediterranean cruise that Jesse and Tom were on just prior to the outbreak of the Korean War As chance would have it these same Marines found themselves cutoff in the Chosin Resevoir outnumbered 10 1 Pilots like Tom and Jesse came to their aid day and night and Makos give you their perspective as well There is a really odd part of this story when a wounded Marine is taken prisoner by the Chinese Prior to the war the young Marine was offered a professional baseball contract but he turned it down Instead he chose to serve his country and now he is wounded and frost bit in some desolate God forsaken section of Korea The Chinese wanted his cigarettes and Marine tells then that they are going to have to kill him These Chinese had previously fought for the Chinese Nationals and they were familiar with the China Marines stationed in Shanghai from 1927 1941 Luckily these Chinese had. For readers of Unbroken and The Boys in the Boat comes an unforgettable tale of courage from America’s “forgotten war” in Korea by the New York Times bestselling author of A Higher Call   Devotion tells the inspirational story of the US Navy’s most famous aviator duo Lieutenant Tom Hudner a white New Englander from the country club scene and Ensign Jesse Brown an African American sharecropper’s son from Mississippi Tom passed up Harvard to fly fighter planes for his country Jesse became the navy’s first black carrier pilot to.

A high opinion of the Marine Corps and they didn t kill him or take his cigarettes He Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, escaped when the Corsairs few over and the Chinese scattered to the wind shouting Corsairs The young man survived but he would never play competitive baseball again This is another good read by Mr Makos I can t wait till his next project He has a fan in me 4 stars The story of fighter pilots flying ground support missions in Korea during the forgotten war the story is really about two unlikely friends and a great sacrifice A New Englander whose father was a well respected merchant and his friend a son of a Mississippi sharecropper who became one of the first five African American officers in the Marine Corps developed a relationship while being stationed stateside in 1949 and that friendship continued on their tour of duty on the USS Leyte a small carrier in post war European service Along the way theyncounter Elizabeth Taylor and have their share of Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga experiences with pilot misadventures and tragedies Jesse the Mississippianxperiences racism along the wayWe are also introduced along the way to a suad of Marines that join the Leyte for war games in Crete and we later revisit their struggles as the Cold War threatens to become the Third World WarAs the conflict in Korea flared up the pilots were tasked to fly ground support missions at low altitudes in the area around the contested Chosin Reservoir where thousands of Chinese soldiers assaulted the US Army and the Marines that once sailed with the pilots during one of the coldest winters on record When Jesse Brown the aforementioned Mississippian is shot down Tom Rudner the New Englander knows that he will Cincinnati and Other Plays either die fromxposure or torture at the hands of the Chinese who would not take kindly to the pilots who had been dropping napalm on them so Rudner takes his plane down also 17 miles behind Speak Out! enemy linesThis is a great story but it takes up a small percentage of the book which is a kind of puff piece for the remainder of it telling us the background of the two main pilots but also introducing us to the other members of the suadron and helping us to understand the why component of the story Injoyed it a lot and although it almost could have been told in half the pages it was worth reading What an I Like You the Best excellent book 4 Stars for this riveting flying story You can put yourself into the cockpit with Tom Hudner or Jesse Brown caught between the sheer thrill of flying a fighter and the tension of flying into battle over North Korea Not just flying and fighting but also you join the Marines at Chosin and the pitched battles after the Chinese join the fight The two fights are brought together on the fateful day that Jesse is shot down and Tom crash lands next to him to try and save him Tom s story is good but Jesse s is all the impressive Where he came from and his family wife siblings are the heart of the book for me Having flown in Korea above and below the clouds in the mountains in bad weather working as an airborne FAC to bring airpower to support the guys on the ground in peacetime admittedly this story was vivid I have been given an opportunity to review the book Devotion An Epic Story of Heroism Friendship and Sacrifice by Adam Makos I read this 420 book in two days day one was while I was receiving my infusion of Rituximab Devotion inspired me It melted my heart It gave me an adventure to be a part of I deeplynjoyed reading about the friendship of Tom Hudner and Jesse Brown during the Korean War as pilots I The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles enjoyed reading the other stories of friendship between the soldiers of the war What captivating me the most is the friendship between Brown and Hudner One was a share croppers son and African American and the other was a rich kid from New England How did these two become such great friends Friendship and devotion like this was uncommon back in the 50 s but it happened This book is just as wonderful as Unbroken and just as powerful So worth the time to read Devotion An Epic Story of Heroism Friendship and SacrificeMy thoughts on this book are rather long because of themotions that it has stirred in me Pride of the fighting men grief for their losses and happiness for the good that came from itThis is a true story about men fighting in the Korean War the forgotten war It s called that because in 1950 WWII had just The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico ended and no one wanted another war Americans were tired of losing loved ones men coming home missingyes and limbs scarred with battle fatigue It came about because of the rise of communism and the influence of Stalin on Mao on the North Koreans North Korea backed by Communist China and Russia was invading South Korea and General MacArthur was told by President Truman to put a stop to the NK advance We may be back in North Korea very soon fighting once again for the same reasonsIt began in June 1950 and the initial push by the American Army was overrun and practically chased out of the country by Soviet aircraft and Chinese soldiers The US Marines Naval and ArmyAir Force fighters and bombers were brought in to provide support the ArmyAn African American sharecropper from Mississipi Jesse Brown decided he was going to fly airplanes after the first one buzzed the tobacco field where he was working His parents were Lone Star Standoff educated and with their influence and Jesse s hard work his dream came true He became the first African American Naval carrier pilotTom Hudner a Naval Academy graduate from the country club set in Fall River Mass also became a Naval carrier pilot stationed at uonset Point Naval Air Station RI Jesse Brown joined him there and Tom and Jesse became fast friends The commanding officer of the air wing at uonset Point told all of his pilots prior to Jesse s arrival that there was no color division and they were all Naval aviators If anyone has a probllem with that they could pack their bags and go home now To me that was a sign of a great leader and the character of their commanding officerThe air wing from uonset Point was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Leyte Their first deployment of Marines and Sailors was to the Mediterranean Sea with the 6th fleet One of their first stops was Cannes Fr on the French Riveria Not bad duty All the unmarried men from the ahip set out to fall in love There was a surprise for some of the Marines who were. Defend a nation that wouldn’tven serve him in a bar   While much of America remained divided by segregation Jesse and Tom joined forces as wingmen in Fighter Suadron 32 Adam Makos takes us into the cockpit as these bold young aviators cut their teeth at the world’s most dangerous job landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier a line of work that Jesse’s young wife Daisy struggles to accept Then comes the war no one xpected in faraway Korea   Devotion brings us into the foxholes with US Marines and soaring overhead with Tom and.

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Hailed as “A masterful storyteller” by the Associated Press Adam Makos is the author of the New York Times bestseller A Higher Call and the critically acclaimed Devotion Inspired by his grandfathers’ service Adam chronicles the stories of American veterans in his trademark “You Are There” style landing him “in the top ranks of military writers” according to the Los Angeles Times In pursui