Mindi Flyth: Changed into Her Pussy

Used to his new form and Lisa subjects him to various kinky humiliations But as shocking as this transformation s for Alex Lisa s n for a few nasty surprises

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Alex awakes to discover that his sexy girlfriend Lisa s actually a witch and she has used her dark magic to transform him nto a certain part of her own body Wil.

L Alex ever escape from the prison of Lisa's pink panties This tale of erotic body horror s full of vivid details describing Alex's bizarre situation as he gets.

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Mindi Flyth creates dark erotic tales of magical and sci fi transformation usually featuring transgender themes Mindi's erotica features transformations described in such vivid detail that you can almost feel them happening to you You'll viscerally experience all the terror confusion and guilty pleasure of your body changing of everything you know being stripped away leaving you to start li