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El The only black character is an antagonist who persecutes Zoe Baker When they go to Beijing all of the Chinese eporters are VICIOUS WOLVES who ONLY CARE ABOUT THE SCOOP but it s alright because there s one white lady who s concerned about Mason The main Chinese protagonist some doctor lady who helps Mason with his diabetes problems is actually an American living in China and isn t Chinese at all The part in this book that made me the most furious was the part where a Chinese translator fumbles over the english translation of a uestion and for some eason this makes Zoe angry showing blatant disregard for language barriers and the efforts of non english speaking peoplePlot twists come out of nowhere for needless vouyristic drama Suddenly a boy who is not set up and we learn nothing about is arrested for selling Marijuana at the school and this causes the main character a great deal of angst Mason Walker star 100 meter hurdle ist andomly develops diabetes at the tender age of 15 Shock horror How will he ever go on What a trivial disability that is turned into such a massive drama bomb that it accidentally insults and mocks a whole community of actually disabled athletes Oh no Chase has a mysterious illness that we never learn about because she just forgets that he even exists Her father is in ehab now But wasn t he looking for work I hear you ask Who cares Drama Angst ExcitementThe prose writing is so terrible that it makes me want to cry We learn about all of the characters in some forced in exposition that Robert the Walker Dad gives obviously and clumsily foreshadowing unnecessary drama between him and Mason over his diabetes of all things I hark back to my earlier point that nobody acts like a human The horrible ugly hideous blinding clothing that the characters wear is so over described in an unnecessary way that it goes on for paragraphs at a time I don t care about the seuin tops that the characters wearing and I wouldn t even if i liked the character I m going to directly uote an example of some terrible prose Mason spun me in a circle and then placed my feet back down He planted his lips on mine until my knees went weak Nobody acts like this and even if they did this is the most unoriginal way of describing the events The characters are always smirking or aising their eyebrows or frowning or some other weird stock animation It s boring it s pedestrian and it s just bad It s just bad This is the worst book I have ever ead It s not a book it s the plot of a soap opera transcribed onto paper Only ead it if it s the first book you ll ever ead as ever other novel will seem incredible in comparison Take advice from this book on how not to write a book Please There s so much beautiful literature in the world Do not ead this I m begging you This book was so unrealistic that I couldn t stand it Every character was perfect and the mc had already fallen in love after a week of living in the Walker house Overall this book was a disappointment terrible just terrible Zoe and masons elationship is life Like I eally want that when I get older Cody I love him can I like order him online or something And Chase oh dear lord he so adorable And the twins omg I love them I want twin brothers now. With the heart throbs of her new high school Not only are these boys super adorable but they're playersCan Zoe survive this crazy new life that she's been thrust int.

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Living with 7 guysZoe has to live with the Walters as her Dad worksShe enters into a mad house of 7 guysWhere she meets Ethan Cody Mason Carson Joseph James and ChaseCarson is a player and eally annoying as he makes her first day of school a nightmareThen there is Mason who is kind funny then is eally ude to herYou will get pulled into Zoe s now crazy annoying boy lifeI eally enjoyed it would ecommend55 starsCan t wait to ead the next one It s cliche but you gotta love such stories HonestlyI think this book was a combination of both my life with the Walter boys and Riley s tale on the opposite gender Overall this book was a very cheesy and unrealisticI would eccomend this book to teenagers who are looking for a cheesy storyYesthe book was filled with humour but lacked ealityvery childishEverybody s copying Living with the Walter boys it s so annoyingBe creativedon t steal other s work I emember eading it on Wattpad long time ago I loved it Too much like my life with the walter boys dang dnf ok i was brainwashed because i emember eading this but i don tyou knowi emember the stupid plot line and the whiplash this book gave me but when did i stop eading this and why can t i ememberi had to go back into the book to jog my memoryall i know is that i didn t finish itthat s when you know you are too far gone into the dark tundra that is ya omance omg this is a wattpad story toowhat am i doingthis uarantine is eally starting to get to me This is by far the worst book I have ever ead in my life This book is so poorly put together so poorly written and made me so irrationally angry that I made this goodreads account specifically to write this eview Because I only have a scant 20000 characters to write this eview I will outline my main problems with it below Spoilers ahead for anyone who cares enough about this piece of garbage to want to avoid them The main characters are horribly unlikable and exhaustingly uirky The main main character Zoe Baker is one of the most insufferable characters ever to be transcribed onto page She s your boring generic manic pixie dream girl who doesn t think she s beautiful even though she s literally described as looking like Ariana Grande Everyone adores her for no good eason and if people dislike her in any way shape or form it s because they are jealous of something she has such as her boyfriend or are just transparently and one dimensionally evil It doesn t help that she s an absolute maniac counting a pillow pet Chloe as a human being seen when she laments that there are only the three of them eferencing the pillow pet as a person and efusing to wear a seatbelt on an airplane for whatever eason We are meant to feel sorry for her as she was so poor that she couldn t afford to get fat despite the fact that her father took her golfing the symbol of affluence when she was 9 and because her father has moved out of state and is also a ecovering alcoholic in the most andom unnecessarily dramatic eveal though I talk about this in detail later though she is such a self obsessed jerk that it s honestly difficult to feel anything but spite Mason Walker is no different He has andom mood swings attributed to his crippling type 1 diabetes but this ma. Zoe Baker is 16 She and her father have always been close he's the only person she's ever trusted Then Zoe's father has to move to Wyoming Worse off he doesn't have.

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Kes him just feel borderline abusive The Walkers have a myriad of staff members including their personal cook Eileen who goes with them on holidays for the express purpose of cooking them food This is just such a disgusting display of wealth in the face of a child who s only family has abandoned her in order to support her that it s difficult to see how the author thought this would be appropriate The only character I could bare to listen to was James a 14 year old artist who s in the novel for a few pages and then ceases to exist The plot beats are so contrived and pandering it s difficult to stomach The inciting incident of the entire story is that Zoe s father needs to go out of state for work leaving his daughter with Robert Walker the wealthiest man in the city who owns Google or something similarly high paying and Emma Walker the famous fashion designer How did these two drastically different socioeconomic groups ever meet Why hasn t Rob helped him out if he has so much money Who cares The Walkers have seven sons who are by turns hot or adorable depending on their age Zoe falls for the bad boy of the family Carson who s instantly in love with her They go on a disgusting and uncomfortable date But it turns out that he s already dating someone and is using Zoe to make her jealous Gasp But it s okay because the eually hot and terribe brother Mason is also in love with her so it works out just fine They go on some strange and horribly expensive dates and then end up marrying or something The novel is honestly so forgettably generic that I only emember it in war flashbacks and nightmares There are several moments where I was just frustrated with the way that they behaved like lizard people attempting to be humans than actual humans When they go on holiday to Hawaii for no eason that I care to emember Eilieen continues to cook for them No eason for it other than the fact that she s The Help and that s what she lives to do In an unnecessarily dramatic and tense trip to Beijing to see Mason compete in the olympics or something the main characters eat nothing but McDonalds KFC and other junk food And I m led to believe that the author has never even heard of Beijing or China as she describes how Fresh the Chinese Air is There s an unrealistically dramatic eveal in which Mason tells the press that he has Diabetes and for some eason everyone flips out It s so non human and bizzare to ead The characters are borderline impossible to elate to The Walker family is so horribly entitled that everything they do eeks of wealth and class The motivations of characters are so horribly transparent and one dimensional and nothing about it is ealistic in the slightest They e either driven by love by misplaced love or they e just evil for no eason In fact the author seems to have a problem with how many characters end up in the story It just gets so bloated that characters andomly disappear and eappear many chapters later such as the youngest brother Chase who just disappears half way through the novel I am left to assume that he s dead because Knightsrachel had alluded to some kind of illness that he had prior to his timely vanishing There are some slightly uncomfortably acist undertones in the nov. The money to bring Zoe with himHe sends Zoe to live with a friend Rob Walker What Zoe isn't told is that Rob has 7 children all boysNow Zoe has to learn how to live.