Nick Davies: Hack Attack How the Truth Caught Up with the World's Most Powerful Man

Resentatives of our democracy the Crown Prosecution Service were able to muster 17 million one full time solicitor and one administrative assistant to make the case News International spent 30 40 million aggressively defending its representatives and deployed an army of legal representatives and support staff Why does it matter It s an xample of what happens when greater powers are invested in private corporations than in our public services The corporation is able to devastate any attempt to make them take responsibility for the harm they ve done to the public good The government that the people have The Real Witches Kitchen elected to represent as best as possible their collective interests and to protect them from harm is no longer able to wield true power in the face of the buying power possessed by the corporations There is nothing defending the lives and well being of the public we are all at riskIt goes deeper News International is an organisation that recognises that governments are the only bodies able toxercise any control over their behaviour Therefore News International deliberately advocates the shrinking of governments the reduction of their revenue the weakening of their regulatory powers the most stringent controls over their spending News International does so in order to The Preachers Kid ensure that it possesses a competitive advantage over the only organisation able toxercise any restraint upon their corruption It attacks tax levels attacks public service in general in order to reduce the O Testamento expertise and skills available to the judiciary to the police force to the tax authorities to all levels of our politicalstablishment making it less likely wrong doing will be detected prevented or punishedThe hacking scandal was not a case of a few celebrities getting their fingers burned Of the hackers Gangbang Slut exposed after all those years one had hacked a minimum of 5500 people another had hacked a further 1600 Those people included the family and friends of a couple who s child was abducted It included the family and friends of a murdered school girl the newspaper s representatives went further and didn t hand overvidence that at the time they believed indicated where the girl was they wanted to claim credit themselves and to sell papers so didn t give it to the police News International went after the family and friends of two girls murdered in the town of Soham In other words if you your family your parents your children your friends anyone you know gets caught up in a tragedy all their conversations and information medical records police records bank records One Con Glory employment records diariestc and yours too would immediately have become something News International stole and used to make profit for their companyNews International destroyed 210 million Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows emails during the course of the investigations The leaders within the police service who led thearly investigations were being wined and dined by and were friends with the people they were meant to investigate the police deliberately misled parliament the public the courts and the inuiries The Press Complaints Commission which was meant to The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ensure that newspapers respected the laws of this country saw its role as being to deflect criticism away from its richest benefactors and was too scared to speak out against them because it would mean News International the Sun the Times the News of the World Sky News would send teams out to attack and slur them The governments both Labour and Conservative were too busy trying tonsure good coverage and to avoid attempts to undermine them with sleaze stories critical coverage and attacks that they were unwilling to speak out and decided instead to give jobs to people who had broken the law to attend their parties call them friends privilege their views News International was allowed to tell your government and my government what their policies should be Surely that s meant to be the right of the peopleAt root in amidst the sheer scale of it all there s a simpler story of bullies and damaged people who gain satisfaction from the Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, exercise of power over the little people it s a tale of people who grew up as we all did on the bible tales of doing unto others as you would have done unto yourselfThen abandoned that in favour of personal profit over any moral consideration It s an amazing book Well written lengthy but with so many moments of stunning revelation that you ll barely be able to close your mouth at times for sheer fury I found myself punching the air through sheer frustration as the suit wearing white collar criminals slipped through the net while setting themselves up as judge and jury oververyone A Fairly Honourable Defeat else Amazing Nick Davies Hack Attack An amazing book and I d like to bow respectfully to the author for what sounds like a harrowingxperience over than a decade So it was that a whole generation of English men and women were told that they should lose the welfare state and the trade unions and the protective laws for which their ancestors had fought and the balance of power should be tipped backwards by a century and because this would make them free and in case they hesitated for a moment and uestioned the idea that the wealthy lite would know and care about their welfare than their own parents and grandparents they were also offered a little cash Vote to return to laissez faire capitalism and we will cut your taxes You may lose your society but you will gain a bigger TV A very great theft was organised on the simple basis that its victims had nothing to lose but a decent life. H government It is also a thrilling nail biting account of an investigative journalist's journey showing us how the uest unfolded and is a shining xample of the might of good journalism This is not simply a story about journalists behaving badly this is a story about power and truthAmbitious comprehensive gripping ssential Hack Attack is the definitive book about the biggest scandal of our age There will be no other book like it.

Don t miss the pilogue of this book For those of us who followed the phone hacking scandal from the beginning this was a great overview and a blow by blow rapid fire account of how it started developed into the biggest scandal in British journalism and how it The Man Without a Face ended It is also a fascinating study in determination on the part of the author who broke the story originally and who followed it through despite having a full case load of other stories to write Nick Davies is the writer who brought us Flat Earth News and Dark Heart read them if you haven t and deservesvery award going for his Olympic level persistence in seeing this battle through As he mentions in the Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) epilogue the war s not over His reflections on what it all means was truly fascinating and a fittingnd to this marathon of brilliant investigative journalismAnd don t miss the Gone (Gone, epilogue Have I said that already It s fair to say that reporting is a great dealasier than most reporters like to pretend People tell you things you do your best to check them out and then you tell a lot of other people what you ve found There are some hidden subtleties in there and a few simple skills but generally speaking there is nothing very clever about it is how Nick Davies describes his craftIt s important to note just how vitally important this book and other books like it are Threads Of The Shroud especially in the current political landscape As Murdoch owns so much of the media many of these books don t get thexposure or praise that they deserve and as a result many can miss out This sits alongside Dial M For Murdoch as a hugely significant source on what was going on in the UK mainstream media for far too long and not just in the papers but also in the corridors of power All Seated on the Ground elsewhereWe cannot underestimate the patience willpower and sheer strength of character it must have taken Nick Davies Alan Rusbridger and many others to go through with this long term investigationspecially when most people were vehemently against them in the initial stages many of the major news organisations were not only reticent to back them but went out of their way to rubbish them the likes of Boris Johnson and Stephen Glover who would later go onto change their tune Let s not forget The Guardian were taking on the largest news organisation in the country and the largest police force and the largest political party and for good measure the Press Complaints Commission To call them brave is a vast understatement their persistence and determination and not to mention damn hard work Untitled. eventually lead to one of the most shocking scandals to surface in the UK in recent times uite simply this is one of the most important pieces of journalism tomerge in the UK in the 21st CenturyDavies really does uncover uite a disgusting world crawling with serpents reptiles and plenty of vermin He shows how a succession of governments and leaders has allowed Murdoch to grow from a relatively unknown Aussie outsider in the 60s to the political king maker he is in the UK today as Davies illustrates Since 1979 no British government has b A true and honest account of blackmail intimidation malice invasion of privacy and toxic falsehood We know it s a nasty selfish and crooked world at times but when those who practise such malice bullying and corruption have such a strangle hold on our police and our politicians we should become concernedvery concerned Guardian journalist Nick Davies has written a gripping account of his David and Goliath struggle with Rupert Murdoch and the Fleet Street hacks Davies claims only a pyrrhic victory but he does for a short period of time strip the veneer from the corporate monster and Wiring expose the rot and power that threatens our democracy He s a brave man and this is an important account of corruption and abuse of power from a corporation that wieldsnormous influence not only in Britain but the USA and Australia and threatens the very principles on whi Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are such fundamental cornerstones in the foundations of democracy that it becomes an affront and outrage to the principles by which we live and are Governed when the Fourth Estate abuses its protections and priviledged position in undermining the very Democracy that vests so much trust and Against All Odds empowerment in it Nick Davies account of the systemic abuse by the Murdock Tabloid press of that trust as revealed by the hacking scandals is not so much a tale of biting the hand that feeds as one of visciously savaging and maiming itDavies book is fundamentally about power and the casual arrogant abuse of power it is also about truth or the lack it For in a democratic political system abuse of power corruption cannot live in the open they need to be covered by a web of deceipt lies and secrecy The book depressingly shatters ones confidence not only in the Journalistic profession but also in the Police regulators and ultimately in the highest institutions of Government who not only Toadyed up to and schmoozed with seedy muck rakers but actually recruited one of their ringleaders and brought a criminal into the heart of Downing streetMore shocking than the phone hacking itself are the passages detailing the influemce of Murdock and his Lieutenants on political decision making and policy arising from the Politicans fear of bullying or monstering at the hands of Murdock henchmenDaives meticulously and painstakingly outlines his own trail in uncovering the scandalvery second chapter chronociles his steps progress and setbacks in his investigatio. Since 2006 award winning investigative journalist Nick Davies has worked tirelessly determined driven brilliant to uncover the truth about the goings on behind the scenes at the News of the World and News International This book now brings us the definitive inside story of the whole scandal How a network of lawyers politicians and celebrities worked with Nick to xpose the facts and to stand up to Rupert Murdoch arguably one of th.

N while the alternate chapters construct a fly on the wall narrative of what was going on pieced together from interviews with Journalists investigators politicans police officers and testimony from the Leveson nuiryWhilst Daives is undoubtably fearless brave determined and crusading he does adopt a moral high ground position which is somewhat dismissive of those he considers beneath him intellectually one suspects there is a mild case of if not uite vindictiveness then certainly minor score settling and belittling He also loses the run of himself somewhat in The DOS exaggerating the influence of the Murdock press over such monumentousvents as the decision not to join the Euro to go to war in Ira as well as fiscal policy under the Labour Governments A rant against neoliberalism is also completely out of place in the final chapterDespite these minor flaws the Central achievement of this book is that by Against All Odds exposing the truth about power and how absue of power corrupts the truth it restores faith in the ability of Journalism to be a force for good for truth and for justice to prevail in the democratic system that guarantees Journalism its freedoms Daivesxpose is Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism evidence that honest open journalism can act as a powerful antedote in overcoming andxposing its own darker side First five star review of 2016A riveting account of how one journalist from the Guardian dared to take on News Corp one of the world s biggest media conglomerates and Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils expose the wrongdoings of its British tabloid News of the World later known as the phone hacking scandal A brilliant work of investigative journalism that deserves to be read Highly recommended A true and honest account of blackmail intimidation malice invasion of privacy and toxic falsehood We know it s a nasty selfish and crooked world at times but when those who practise such malice bullying and corruption have such a strangle hold on our police and our politicians we should become concernedvery concerned Guardian journalist Nick Davies has written a gripping account of his David and Goliath struggle with Rupert Murdoch and the Fleet Street hacks Davies claims only a pyrrhic victory but he does for a short period Davies narrative jumped around a lot and while interesting at first got rather tedious after a while It was sad to see the dishonesty among news organizations and the financially powerful I suppose I shouldn t have been surprised and I guess I wasn tntirely but it was still sadIt didn t take too long to note that the political right were the bad guys and the political left the good guys I thought it interesting that when someone s illegal andor immoral actions were Payment Due exposed by Murdock s papers it was terrible that hisher life was ruined but when investigations by Davies or his allies were published and ruined someone s life it was just that wrongdoer getting what heshe deserved This is a book about power Some investigative journalism is involved but as Davies points outarly in piece his inuiries were not a Watergate style mystery chase Clear Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, evidence indicating that sustained phone hacking had taken place at the News of the World and other publications was there in the public record following it up wasn t a matter of hunting down unlisted numbers and working dead drops with mystery sources but one of forcing the Metropolitan Police to release the mountain of incriminatingvidence they had seized and withheld from victims and the public at large While investigative reporting got the ball rolling the crucial tool was the court system Much of this book is the story of Davies Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, efforts to inform recruit and collaborate with other journalists lawyers and hacking victims to pursue News Limited in court in the process forcing Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service to reveal the hardvidence needed to break down the official fiction that hacking had been limited to a rogue reporter This ffort was crucial for while it was clear to Davies that the collapse of the rogue reporter defence was a matter of time the breakthrough that momentarily severed the political class s deference to Murdoch the Milly Dowler revelations came just in time to scupper News Limited s bid for the remaining stake in BSkyB and with it complete dominance of UK satellite television and untold richesview spoilerInterestingly this campaign was substantially assisted by Max Moseley the former F1 boss a hacking victim and crucially an old man with nothing to lose and large trust fund to pour into the litigation fforts of those who had suffered similarly at News Limited s hands hide spoiler just closed Nick Davies Hack Attack It s the account of the ten year battle to finally bring to light the role of Rupert Murdoch s News International organisation in using illegal means to acuire information the way the organisation deliberately attacked individuals and their families if an individual dared to protest their behaviour how News International created a climate in which neither police regulators nor politicians dared tackle their corruption because the conseuences would be massive assaults and vilification by a news organisation that owned a vast percentage of news coverage online on paper and on TV in the UK and internationally It s about how that organisation Turbulence explicitly and knowingly lied over the course of a decade to the police to the regulator to the courts to all the democraticallylected representatives of the British peopleHere are a few numbers In the court trials that took place over the last few years the rep. E most powerful men in the world; how News International attempted to protect itself with lies and threats and money; how the police and the press regulators failed; how the prime minister Tropical Bioproductivity ended up with the wrong man inside his office Hack Attack discloses in detail for the first time the fullxtent of crimes committed by the corporation and other Fleet Street papers and probes the relationship between Murdoch and his network wit.

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