Maia Anne Fisher: Anna Mackowiak Marek Olszewski The Polish Dentist who pulled all her Exs Teeth out

Made the unbelievable somewhat closer to believableI liked swinging the story around to not present any of the players as reall. If' if you likeWhat if the Polish Dentist Anna Mackowiak really did pull all of her Ex Marek Olszewski's Teeth outAlso by the same author Human Dog Puppy Play EroticaFemdom Extreme BDSM A Night to Remember A Life DismantledThe Photographer Female Domination Forced Feminization BDSM Male ChastityDegradation A Study in Humiliation Female Domination Medical Fetish Chastity Forced Feminization BDSM Studie.

I really enjoyed writing this one It s a short but I think it s the right length for the story I thought afterwards all the var. When the story of Anna Mackowiak the Polish dentist who pulled out her ex boyfriend Marek Olszewski's teeth out hit the news the world was uite shocked It seemed unbelievable it opened up all sorts of debate as to whether it was true or not and what could possibly drive a female dentist to throw her career away by doing thisI was fascinated by the story and a little disappointed that it wasn't true wh.

Ious factors taken into account the cheating the stealing the fact that his teeth weren t in a great state I actually thought it. En it was revealed to be a hoax That got me thinking what if it was true What if the story that it was a hoax was the actual hoax the event having been covered up Could it have happened How could it have happened So I sat down to novelize the news hoax to make a story out of it It's of a horror story than an erotic story to be honest but it has it's erotic moments so it's maybe a hybrid story a 'what.

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