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He doesn t trust anyone and when he meets Chance he s suspicious But Chance won t give up on Adam and you just know these two belong together They re a great couple the physical attraction s Todo Mafalda intense I loved Adam s story as much as Mace s and I can t wait for Loki s book to come out Excellent beginning to what could be a great series I really enjoyed this story It s a nice twist on the shape shiftermad scientist project mythos I look forward to the next bookn the series Adam Hybrids 1 by Gale Stanley s the story of a genetically altered human part of a military project headed by an evil scientist He was supposed to be the perfect soldier but along the way something went wrong and now he can shape shift nto a wolf Adam manages to escape from captivity and he s on the run until he meets a man who wants him to stick around Adam would like nothing better but the bad guys are hot on his trail The uestion now Simple Cake is will these guys get their happy ending Adam s journeys action packed emotional and a fun ride A must read for fans of MM romance I love the connection between Adam and Chance It starts out as a crazy physical attraction but t grows nto a lot Along the way both men change for the better Good start to a new series for Just as determined to use Chance for bait To save Chance Adam will have to show his true colors and use the only weapons he has fangs and furNote This book was previously published at Silver Publishing n January 2012 under the title A Chance Encounter Hybrids 1 and has been extensively revised and expanded.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this one Sci fi story about gene splicing with hot males on the run Some steamy scenes but not overloaded with sex which s fine with me There are plenty of mad scientist stories but this one puts a different twist on What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? it The book starts out dark and edgy then Chance comesnto Adam s life and helps him see the light Waiting for the next one I want to know what happened to Loki This Eat. Cook. L.A. is the second book I ve readn Gale s Stanley s Hybrids series I loved the second book with Loki and this story with Adam the first 7 Lessons from Heaven in the series has me hooked Who d have thought MM love could be so fulfilling The sex scenes are hot the romance touching and the danger these two lovers faces suspenseful and realA wolf shifter as a result of DNA tampering Adam I Am Dumbo is on the run from the military camp he escaped from Livingn a constant state of fear his chance meeting with Chance was a bit too very opportune for Adam so he distrusted him and fought the growing attraction between them until his past caught up with him Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us in ways than one and he had no choice but to capitulate resistance at that point was futile I ll definitely be following the rest of the series Fans of MM will most definitely enjoy this series I am going to be waiting. Adams a wolf hybrid the result of a secret military research project splicing animal DNA with human DNA to create the perfect soldier He was never meant to see the outside world but a freak gas explosion gives him a chance to escape Now a hunted man Adam trusts no one and he expects to spend the rest of hi.

On pins and needles until the rest of the series Wounded Planet is complete I loved the plot and the characters and I hope the seuel comes fast enjoyed really rooting for the two lonely men to find one another the beginning of great Stanley series Adam Hybrids 1s the first book I have read by Gale Stanley This The Parade is story centered around a government project with an evil scientist You gotta love that Adam s DNA was manipulated at birthn order to create the perfect soldierBut what s perfect Adam ends up on the run and right Moving Violations into the life of Chance Hollis Ist lust or love This T. S. Eliots Dialectical Imagination is a short read and the perfect set up for a series I highly recommend this and look forward to the nextnstallment Smilodon in the series Adams book one The Fall of the Romanovs in the Hybrids series I read Mace the second book first and I got so caught upn the story I had to go back and get Adam s book The background Otherworldly Politics is secret military research They re splicing animal DNA with human DNA to create soldiers Adams a wolf hybrid and he s been locked up all his life There s a fire and he escapes Adam Black Soundscapes White Stages is always running trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys firstn his wolf body then as a man I liked seeing how Adam learned to get along Wholly Unraveled in the real world after being keptn a cell Of course. S life aloneJournalist Chaunce Chance Philip Hollis III Bicycle Utopias is unluckyn love and stuck Management Planning for Cultural Heritage in a job he hates Then he meets Adam It's lust at first sight and Chances sure he's found the perfect man Adam A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat is determined not tonvolve Chance Epistemology as Theology in his life butt's already too late The bad guys are hot on his trail and.

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Gale Stanley was born and raised in Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love She writes romantic stories because she believes the world needs love and happy endings It’s the best job in the world—and she doesn’t mind living vicariously through the smokin’ hot alphas she loves to write about Blog htt