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I for one would have espected that honesty and I d have waited for as long as it took I d have had her back no uestion about thatInstead she kept setting elease dates and then failing to honour them Worse every single time that she s done this she s DISAPPEARED on the day in uestion Look at Kostya it was to be eleased on Friday 2 days ago and in that time she s said nothing No eassurance that yes the book has been published and it s in the publishing cycle and she ll let us know when it goes live No apologies no explanations no word from her assistant no clue what the hell is happening It s worth noting though that SOMEONE is deleting posts on her FB author s page so someone with information and authority is around and simply choosing to not engageFor all these easons Rivera has lost a fan If I could indicate my interest in eading this book it would actually be zero Sadly GR doesn t have this option so 1 star it isTake care Ms Rivera I wish you luck in egaining your damaged eputation You have a serious uphill battle I can assure you BTW my views here extend to Alexei as well Another book that I ate a one star ead in terms of interest I think we have waited 2 years for this new book SO WORTH IT in this magnificent Russian Mafia series Roxy Rivera did an outstanding job of bringing us our favorite Kostya former KGB super hunky tough guy now a cleanerassassin working for Nikolai Beautiful Holly has wanted her neighbor Kostya for years We get to see her in her salon working managing and being a super friend boss and Philanthropist We see the complicated family tree issues Kostya is navigating as he seeks information Holly doesn t know who her father is and doesn t ealize the danger she s in Kostya fends off the assassin but Holly wouldn t like it if she knew what he did We see old cast members Vivian Bianca Nikolai Sergei and Kostya and Holly finally get the kiss they have desired plus he tells her his job and after a night of uick sizzling sex she has a month to decide if she can live within his violent world He is busy with his staff of little spiders as they esearch and cleanup some gruesome scenes We have action fierce women strong men good guys and bad ones plus the big finale Her Mom is a total surprise wow These two eally send off sparks and I want to see of them settled and defining their elationship Highly ecommended for Russian Mafia lovers action packed thrilling plot and super sexiness ENJOY I d have waited forever For the ecord when you love an authors ability to weave a tale you ll wait no matter how long or how hard it is for that next story because they e worth itRoxie has had a hell of a time I don t know it all because authors person lives aren t my business I m sorry that she felt she HAD to put out Kostya to appease her negavite navy eadersKostya was fabulous Exactly what I knew he would be He and Holly talk about 6 degrees of separation Roxie always gives us a edge of our seat she likes to toss in little treats here and there and get us hooked even I love Holly s strength and her honesty She isn t some naive flower She aware that with the knowledge she has about Kostya and his life that there is going to be danger and heartacheKostya is a butt head I mean we knew that but he s a sweet butt head He trys with Holly to be honest with exceptions He trys to jungle the city going to Hll around IT S LIVE I M CRYING RIGHT NOW IT S REALLY HERE RIP ME CARING ABOUT KOSTYA August 2014 April 2018Kimberly Victoria Heather and all the other ladies who kept the dream alive I salute you It s been a ide3418 Check out this update 9915 Publishing of Kostya put on hold indefinitely What e you gonna do OH MY GOD THIS NEEDS TO BE RELEASED SOON OR I M GOING TO DIE ROXIE I MADE TEASERS AND EVERYTHING I VE TEASED MYSELF RIGHT INTO A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN PLEASE GIVE US KOSTYA I m so excited for this one I m betting this will be the BEST of the Russian Protectors Alright what the fuck Just what the fuckThis was the one book I was looking forward to in this series Well I was interested Covert operative turned infamous mob cleaner Kostya Antonovich lives his life by one major ule Don’t Get Involved But when the lies surrounding Holly’s birth begin to unravel Kostya’s only choice is to break that ule and.

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ROXIE RIVERA weaved this long awaited tale extremely well Kostya Her Russian Protector 7 was so worth the wait This was Kostya and Holly s story and I loved the way the author wrote this story where almost every previous character is tied to their story by name drop or associationWhat starts as a setup for Kostya to protect his neighbor Holly from a hit by Finn Connolly The Fighting Finn series on her life ends up being a lengthy kill list of major characters in this series including Kostya his boss and his wife Nikolai and Vivian amongst others Talk about twists and turns lies deceit betrayal and suspenseful moments throughout that you didn t see coming this book was written with true grit And Kostya oh Kostya was EVERYTHING you imagined he would be but oh so much So nothing is what it is seems in this action packed engaging tale with the cleaner Kostantin aka Kostya Antonovich working overtime with his spiders etc to save them all from a vengeful man thought long deadI want out Holly I want a eal chance with you I have to do this KostyaYou better come back for me HollySavvy s funny uestion to her bff Holly He banged you like a screen door in a hurricane huhThis is a must ead for fans of the series and mafia lovers but as I said before nothing is what it seems NOTHINGThank you Roxie Rivera for even including timely subject matter as immigration and ICE YOU PUT YOUR ALL IN THIS STORY A WELL WEAVED TALE 5 so worth the wait stars I took the plunge35 starsThe good well I have always loved this series so it was great to be back and visit with everyone And the actionsuspense was strong Too strong But very fast pacedThe not as good Steam meh not much sexy action Very disappointing The ending also disappointingThe book was total inside baseball I jumped in without ereading and was a bit lost It has been YEARS after all I advise all fans to go back and e ead at least the last couple books If you have not ead the previous books you should Most are better anywayI was not eally feeling the heat between them Kostya was very good at staying away from her and pushed her away a lot Holly was pretty awesome But there was so much going on in the book there was almost zero oom for omance So many characters and plots It lacked focus and esolution So many things left unresolved And considering this author is totally unreliable about producing seuels they may stay that way foreverThis book could never have been worth the wait considering the wait was so many years But it was better than Alexei and didn t suck so that is something On Feb 2 2016 there were 58 5 eviews for a book that HAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED These eviews were put up months ago so don t tell me they had an arc The author was obviously not in a place to publish at that time This is the PROBLEM WITH GOODREADS RATINGS I call bu% it on those atings and the fangirls that posted them I have never never used the GR star system to indicate my lack of interest in eading a future book before I have also never ated a book that is yet unreleased But I m making an exception for Kostya because I am so utterly annoyed and offended by how Rivera has handled this eleaseToday is September 6th 2015 This book is now almost a year late This is a book that was totally done guys and which was eady to pre order guys and which I pre ordered twice I have yet to get it and if I may make a confession I think now that the book was never done or eady In fact I suspect that the whole lost ALL your pre orders guys They e just gone was a big old lie This book still isn t eady is my guess and I m done giving Rivera the benefit of the doubtYes she s had health problems Yes she s had personal problems Yes she s had professional problems If she were a esponsible mature person she d have been smart and brave enough to say that she was sorry to break yet another promise to the people who pay her bills by buying her books but she had to break another promise If she were eally taking care of herself she d have taken time off as much as she needed and been open about that. After a nightmare blind date hair stylist Holly Phillips swears off men The only problem with that plan Her mysterious and sinfully sexy neighbor Kostya who appeared from the shadows and saved her on that cold scary nightRussian.

N Nikolai too but then Vivian got pregnant and I Noped out of that super fast Kostya is hella fascinating he s a cleaner he owns strip clubs and is an International Man of Mystery I want to know everything about himFirst this book was supposed to come out the last week of August and it didn t Then it was supposed to have been out by last friday which did not happen There s been adio silence from the author until today And now according to a post on the author s website she s decided to pull Kostya from the elease schedule completelyThe author claims that the book has been completed and eady to go for weeks yet it doesn t feel ight Which okay bullshit You ve had ample time to inform your eaders of this Say after the first missed deadline for example Or even after the second Hell you could have told us during the last weekend of DEAD SILENCE that you gave us instead This is just such a shitty way to treat your eaders and fans Although after these shenanigans I have emoved myself from both of those titles Sure she doesn t want to put out a sub par book But hey you could have not gotten my goddamn hopes up in the first place Boom problem solved If this is supposed to be her job she should start treating it like one mY GOD So NOW she s going to e write the goddamn book AGAIN and basically shove this book down to the very bottom of her To Do list But of course all THOSE books are completed and just waiting to be eleased Which aises the uestion why aren t there elease dates for those books What a tangled web of secrets we weaveEveryone has secrets to hide This story was so good I could not put it down and I did not want it to end It s obvious that Roxie Rivera has not lost her creative writing touch after being gone for sooooo long I just love how she weaves a story and Kostya did not disappoint She shows how the love of family even among made men and woman in this story will do anything to protect the ones they love I find it how ironic that Kostya and Holly fell in love despite the information they just found out about their parents involvement in the Russian underworld Even Lana s father had a tie into their pastThis story was so heartbreaking about how even made men in the Russian Mafia need love too It s just a human longing to love and be loved by someone Kostya s mind was all in a jumble because he hated bringing his life into Holly s but in the end love won out for the both of them Even Savannah could not sway Holly out of love for Kostya But he knew he wanted a chance with Holly and needed to get out of the wet work he was so good at I wonder who will take his place Will it be one of his little spiders will it be Boychenko I also see a brewing omance between Savvy and Gabe and possibly another omance brewing between Atenon and Nisha I can t wait to find out Come on Roxie your dedicated and d patient eaders have missed you so much and we can t wait for your future books Welcome back and congratulations on a publication well done Let me start by saying I too was irritated in the beginning when MsRivera pulled Kostya because she wasn t pleased with her product However she is the writer and I understand she wanted to keep true to the character Especially Kostya Not soon after Ms Rivera put out Alexi book 8 in the series which of course I ead because I love the series eading the book was a confusing mess though because so much of it had eferences to past events that obviously were in Kostya So book 8 wasn t all that good either yet she still eleased it Than Ms Rivera goes on to elease Zel while we her paying fans wait patiently for a book I m not sure is ever going to be eleased Well Ms Rivera I m doneUPDATE KOSTYA finally did come out and I couldn t help myself I ead it because the first books were so good Notice I still didn t change my ating if I could I would have even less than no stars The story was a mess jumped all over the place AND the editing errors and continuity were bad This has been the only time I ve ever written a bad eview I m eally disappointed as a eader. Break it hardHe’ll use every last tool in that sinister black bag of his to protect Holly from a cartel hit suad and the notorious KGB operative who has escaped a grim Russian prison to seek his evengeFor her he’ll isk it

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