Anna Adams: Another Woman's Son

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Reader I learned their sad story over and over again all while the hero and heroine were falling for each other There were no surprises to the story and no real outstanding romantic passion It was a sweet story but could have been told in a novella This reader was disappointed. Shocked to discover that Ben doesn't have any such ualms He's determined to keep what remains of his family intact; no matter what Which is why he's trying to convince Isabel that together they could make the perfect parents for To.

T and interesting topic ANOTHER WOMAN S SON started out as such a promising story but after the first two chapters it was clear the hero and heroine had each been suckered by their respective spouses I knew the feelings of each and I loved the innocent in it all baby Tony As D husband are killed leaving baby Tony with ust her sister's husband Ben Now Isabel is faced with a terrible decision Telling the truth would mean taking Tony from the only father he's ever known but how can she possibly lieShe's.

It was an interesting book Don t know if it was one that I would read again but definitely had a little suspense in it The plot of this story seemed to be slow in unraveling to me The idea was a good one but I ust wasn t thrilled with the way the plot was developed Differen. Whose baby is heThree months ago Isabel Baker's life came crashing down after her husband confessed he'd fallen in love with another woman; her sister; and that they'd had a child togetherThen tragedy strikes and Isabel's sister an.

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Anna Adams was in the US Navy also working on a business degree full time when her first child was born That little guy changed her life created priorities She wanted her children to grow up believing they could do the most unlikely thingsLike writing which she'd done since she was old enough to force someone to listen to stories and then old enough to pick up a pencil and a piece of paper