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So you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which nable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar This book actually made my daughter yawn in a good way I think the words just were so sweet and dreamy My daughter saw herself in the character Perfect for any little imaginative creature going through a castle and royal family phase My daughter Dottie is 6 years old and autistic and despite my heavily steering her towards MY favorite things at her age Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy everything blue and cat she adores pink purple and unicorns and princesses and letsveryone know it Our village librarians saw this one in the new books and pulled it out for the weekly book wagon just for our own little princessThis is a great book with multiple repeats of the title and lots of beautiful illustrations to look at Dottie is still. M A beautiful rhyming text is accompanied by atmospheric illustrations which will delight and soothe all little girls as.

A great story for young children who are trying to Lawman Lover (Outlaws, establish a bedtime routine The book follows a young girl through her routine of tellingverything goodnight The princess tells City Girl in Training everything in the castle and her family goodnight The only issue was that there were some gender stereotypes The story shows the girl who loves pink and all things girly Is a great book for getting the imagination going andncouraging a routine with young children A simple toddler and up book about all things princesses getting ready for bed simple and cute It s a simple narrative but the illustrations are positively magical A must read to the little girls that like princesses and fairy tales thingsAges 3 6Cleanliness mentions magic slippers and fairiesLike my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of verything in the book. As a little girl says goodnight to her dressing up clothes and dolls she is transformed into a princess in a magical real.

In the pre reading stage she can identify her letters and knows the sounds they make but doesn t string phonics together into words but she loves looking at images and calling our their names We found this book to be a great bedtime book and it ticked off the A book about a world leader as we do a modified 2020 PopSugar Reading challenge with Dot Okay maybe I wanted to be a princess named Isabella at that age too SOOOit is the same old good night to verything What I liked about it and why I rated it so high was yes she was a princess but she was putting all her toys away in the castle I loved the imagination My only silly critiue is when the little girl is in the ball room her ring up towards her mouth looks like a cigarette But then I realized it is her ringif I cared Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files enough I would take a pictures and share butjust a notenot a big deal Simple andasy bedtime story. They snuggle up in bedA follow up to the wonderful Goodnight Tractor and Goodnight Digger this is the perfect bedtime boo.

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When I'm not up to my knees in nappies I write children's books I also spend a fair amount of time eating chocolate I try to write funny read aloud books that parents will enjoy as much as children after all if you have to share the same stories umpteen times you may as well enjoy themI hope you like my books enough to read them umpteen times Thank you Michelle