David DiBenedetto: On the Run An Angler's Journey Down the Striper Coast

Book It was a very nice readWorks CitedDiBenedetto David On the Run An Angler s Journey down the Striper Coast New York NY William Morrow 2003 Print Full of action humor and most importantly good fishing David DeBenedetto s On the Run is a great example of its type outdoors writing A somewhat ironic dust jacket blurb from the Los Angeles Times declares it is hard to put down and they are exactly right Whether schooled in the catching of striped bass or not any fisherman will enjoy On the Run A fun read perfect for an angler of any evel on a beach vacation It reads a bit short possibly owing to the author s concise journalistic style There are some great characters here and I wish I got to spend some time with them If you ve enjoyed McGuane s Longest Silence any Gierach or Hersey s Blues then this belongs on your How to Negotiate Your First Job list I have read this book many times over and I have bought many copies for friendsDavid is hilarious what great visuals I read parts of it to an assembly of 200 8th graders and they were doubled over withaughter It is a bit salty but worth every word I d ike to go fishing right now please I m not a huge fan of fishing save the few times I went as a child so I don t know why I picked up this book If you ike fishing it s a great choice Even though I don t I was still able to find some redeeming ualities in the writing descriptions of ocean scenes interesting stories of the fisherman Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, lifestyle and the idea of someone so enthralled with an outdoor endeavor that he will run to meet a swell of fish I don t evenike fishing but I m still giving this book 3 stars I The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore liked the easy reading style of the book I could easily put myself into the writer s place and imagine floting in the ocean fishing I too would beooking for Jaws and be ready to get back to shore at first chance. Ngler who claims that catching the world record striper in 1982 sent his ife into a tailspin Along his route DiBenedetto also delves into the natural history and biology of this great game fish and depicts the colorful cultures of the seaside communities where the striped bass reigns supre.

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A very good book that details the author s journey following the migrating Stripers The trip begins in Maine in September and ends three months ater at the Outerbanks in North Carolina The book includes history of Striper fishing the effort to bring the Striper back from the brink of extinction and some great fish stories all of which were true and I am sure some of which really happened A great read especially by those who New Exploration love to fish for these elegant fish After reading this book I went out fishing right away This gets me exited again for fishing in the oceans in Maine Also the book gave me some good tips on how to fish and where they might be that I didn t know before Definitelyooking forward to reading this again Borrowed this book from Bruce while on the sailboat Although not for everyone it is an interesting and brief history of the Striped Bass on the East Coast New Englanders will enjoy the journey down the coast and anyone who has even once hooked a fish will enjoy it Eric GattoniMrs ZuckerAmerican Literature Period 5January 15 2016A Great ReadThe book On the Run by David DiBenedetto is a great book about the travels of a fisherman down the east coast The author who is also the narrator of the story starts his journey at the beginning of the fall run in Maine and travels down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina He spends three months of autumn in 2001 to explore and understand the movements of fall striped bass and all the fish that follow Striped bass are the trophies for anglers who fish up and down the Northeastern coast They are known for their ability to be caught from the beaches of the eastern coast They can grow to around 70 inches and can weigh upwards of 125 pounds although they are very rarely caught over 70 pounds The fall run drives anglers crazy up and down Each autumn one of nature's most magnificent dramas plays out when striped bass undertake a journey from the northeastern United States to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in search of food and warmer seas Writer and angler David DiBenedetto followed this great migration the fall run for

He coast This book tells what an angler is thinking and doing during that time I would strongly recommend that anybody into fishing should take a shot at reading this bookThis is a very good book although it is very important that the reader knows about fishing I switched to a Hab s Needlefish and the stripers walloped it DiBenedetto 143 At this point in the book David is fishing in a pod of feeding stripers He decides to switch The Shaping of Western Civilization lures A Hab s Needlefish is aure that floats and is twitched across the top of the water Some people who don t have much knowledge of fishing may not understand that part of the story There are many parts just ike that On his next attempt he nailed the approach and on his first cast with a pencil popper he hooked a thirty five pound bass 163 Most people who don t fish would have no idea what a pencil popper is For people who don t know a pencil popper is another topwater ure that entices fish There are The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles little detailsike that throughout the story that would confuse some readers Other than those very small details it is a very good bookDon t take these Medicine and Religion little problems as a reason not to read this book There are aot of great parts in this book A few casts The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, later I felt a solid thump on myine and set the hook 10 At this point in the story David is skishing off the coast of Montauk Skishing is when an angler swims while he fishes This part gets better on the next Valentino line Immediately the fish began to have its way with me I plunged face first into the water 10 This is a funny part in the book I just imagined somebody swimming out in the ocean with a eight foot fishing rod flipping face first into the water There are a bunch of funny pieces of this storyThere is also aot of excitement As I went to cast Melnyk s rod uivered then bent deeply 5 I highly recommend this. Hree months in the autumn of 2001On the Run offers vivid portrayals of the zany and obsessive characters DiBenedetto met on his travels including the country's most daring fisherman an underwater videographer who chucked his corporate job in favor of filming striped bass and the reclusive