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From the beginning to its karmic conclusion It was clear the book had been read up to page 149 crumbs between the pages the occasional suashed insect but after page 150 the rest of the book was pristine the spine was uncreased We got a reasonable set of prints from the cover and ran them though the database of usual suspects We got an immediate hit they belonged to Paul Bryant who we knew from a lot of smart aleck stuff on Goodreads We picked him up at 1130 am on Tuesday hanging around Waterstones He didn t give us any trouble We took him downtown and put him in the box read him his rights He didn t want a lawyer That was smart We don t like lawyers muchHe wanted to know why he was there so we xplained We said that we don t like book reviewers who don t finish books they review 149 pages out of 645 is like nothing He said it s not nothing it s 23% We asked him not to get lippy and Claim The Crown explained that we could cuff him if he would like us to Wexplained that we don t think reviewers have any right to have an opinion on something they haven t read He said that in this particular case he had no grudge against the book unlike many he had previously abandoned The records show this guy is a serial abandoner He said that he would be very happy to watch the Scandinavian Noir miniseries they will surely make of this book But he said that whereas on screen the clunky crime clich s of modern thrillers are often successfully sidestepped by the delicious playing of the actors say Sophie Grabol as Sarah Lund or Sofia Helin as Saga Noren on the page they just lie there and die there So you get lines like Are you telling me that you allowed yourself to be outwitted Goldsrud How far did he getWe said that when you read a Joe Nesbo book you aren t Nerds expecting William Faulkner He said that all due respect he knew that butven so We issued him with an official warning stop trying to be popular stick to your fancy arse Don DeLillos and Cormac McCarthys You know what s best for you Next time we won t be wearing kid glovesHe said that line could have come right out of The Son That s when he had the minor accident a report of which has already been filed This is a very good stand alone novel from Jo Nesbo author of the series featuring the brilliant Norwegian homicide detective Harry Hole This psychological thriller features two protagonists The first is a young man named Sonny Loftus Sonny s father was In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, exposed as a corrupt cop and took his own life Completely destroyed by the loss of the father he adored and disillusioned by the revelations about the man Sonny turns to drugs Now in his middle thirties Sonny has spend half his life in prison and he s now serving time for crimes that he did not commit As a reward for confessing to crimes perpetrated by others he is givenasy time and access to an on going supply of heroinSonny has a rare gift of Bark empathy and hasarned a reputation among his fellow prisoners as a figure who can absolve them of their sins Whether he actually can or not is immaterial but the prisoners who confess to him almost always feel a deep sense of relief once they have done so But then one day Sonny receives information that turns his world upside down His reaction is to make a very clever break from the prison and set out on a mission known only to himselfThe second major protagonist is Simon Kefas the policeman who attempts to track Sonny down Simon was Sonny s father s partner and best friend and than anything On Such a Full Sea else Simon wants to protect Sonny from the conseuences of his own actionsThe story s point of view shifts back and forth between the two main characters and the tension mounts from start to finish Both are flawed and very intriguing characters and in thend the reader may have a tough time deciding which of them to root for It s an absorbing story from Nesbo that will appeal to a variety of readers specially to the fans of his Harry Hole novels I confess beginning The Son with a healthy degree of skepticism I was continually trying to second guess the rationale for writing a police thriller sans veryone s favorite detective Suffice to say I think my uestion was answered by the nd of the novel you won t be disappointed to pick up this book While there are some similarities with the classic series such as a flawed detective hero Kripos fighting with the local crime suad I guess its no different from the cliche of FBI taking over the locals investigation The Sten he confesses to their crimes Inspector Simon Kefas is a dedicated police officerSimon has worked for the Oslo police force for years He's just been assigned a new murder investigation and a new partner al.

Reading Jo Nesbo a reader uickly realizes that Nesbo is always capable of producing a good book but also has in him the ability to write a great book Nesbo s 2000 Harry Hole book The Redbreast is an xample of Nesbo s writing at its bestHis 2014 novel The Son is another Mastered (The Enforcers, exampleFirst of all this is NOT a Harry Hole novel The Son is a stand alone book that centers around protagonist Sonny Lofthus a convicted murderer and heroin addict We find Sonny in prison and the reader uickly learns that he is in jail for crimes he has not committed He confesses to a murder and inxchange he is supplied a steady stream of needle drugsWhy he does this and how he has become this damaged bag of human goods is a central part of Nesbo s charismatic prose But the most noteworthy aspect of the book is the integral and ubiuitous allegorical uality of the narrativeRipe with allegory and metaphor The Son is a modern day morality play with strong and resonant references to the Bible and with Western civilization Christian faith Lofthus is described in ways that would make him a Christ like figure only in negative and the vengeance he seeks from Oslo s underworld crime network is shown in stark and penetrating contrast to the clearly Man, Son of Man emblematic Christian frameworkWhile Nesb Jo Nesb is a pure gold phenomenon Anconomist active musiciansongwritervocalist Alter Ego ex footballer retired due to injury he confessed in 2013 to be behind the pen name of Tom Johansen novelist of a successful children s book series featuring Fart Powders and a wildly popular mad cap Doctor Proctor he s considered the top Norwegian crime fiction author globally and now with his new anti hero there is five star splendor in The Son30 year old Sonny Lofthus is kept in a perpetual catatonic state through a constant supply of drugs Left in a position to beasily set up for the crimes of others he is imprisoned at Oslo s most modern state of the art institution Staten an impenetrable structure that itself oozes vil from very brick of its foundation Lofthus s name is Uncommon Wisdom even tainted by the fact that his father committed suicide a disgraced officer gone astray by his own corrupt misdeeds There is a power struggle of good andvil in Nesb s uberdark novel I m not just talking good guy bad guy stuff or ven a seasoned crime hero with a looming shadow like Harry Hole The difference in Sonny Lofthus s case is that although 30 years old he has the mind of a teenager an untested innocence has been in prison nearly half his life and is already in the fires of hell Immediately the reader sympathizes with his character Immediately we know that any ill conceived actions he does next will be tolerated because we want him to prevail Counterbalancing this black soul is an aura of mystification Sonny appears to have the touch of a miracle worker he can see into the deepest of a man s soul he can absolve the worst of sins weighing on the guilty conscience he can heal the sick well maybe spiritually anyway And he s highly intelligent too Maybe he is the almightyWhen Sonny learns from an inmate that his father was set up and was in reality murdered he plans his scape in the clever high tech fashion that only Jo Nesb could pull off nothing would get in the way of the bloody string of vendettas he has in mind Nesb readers Art expect the mind bending plot twists and palpitating thrills the highly sophisticated criminal systems and Norwegian underworld network they re here New are the half way hostels the publicly funded programs that provide sanctuary for drug addicts to get off the streets of Oslo This is such an interesting concept one I would love to see compared to the ridiculously over priced drug rehabs in this countryThere s a lot tontertain the die hard Nordic noir reader once finished you d want to read it again straight away I look forward to much of Sonny Lofthus I highly recommend this new Nesb crime thriller apparently to become a TV seriesWe love Sonny Jo Skoal 45 Stars This is an God Is in the Crowd excellent tale of revenge superbly written and verynjoyable I usually avoid mysteries with too many gory murder details but this one was a satisfying and dark tale of the struggle between good and Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard evil The protagonist in the audio version of this story was so soft spoken and hisnemies so reptilian that his uniue ways of dispatching The Matriarchs (The Family each malevolent character seemed totally justified It s a stand alone novel which I prefer rather than a series I wasngrossed. Sonny is a model prisonerHe listens to the confessions of other inmates at Oslo jail and absolves them of their sins Some people Notes for the Everlost even whisper that Sonny is serving time for someonelse that he doesn't just li.

On stands out as an unusual tale of revenge violence redemption and morality Not wanted to xaggerate this novel too much although it is very good Nesbo almost reaches Shakespearean heights in his portrayal of needy characters making tragic choicesThe plot is a slow but satisfying build It takes a few chapters before the story starts to gather momentum and most njoyable part of the book is unlike a typical thriller where the majority of the impetus to keep reading is around solving the mystery The Son successfully sucks you into the lives of the characters and wanting to see the outcome for themSo for fans of Harry Hole or Nesbo s other books are there other books really The Son should be a stable in your diet For newbies or No Biggy! even anti fans I still recommend The Son as a solid stand alone book Nesbo stays away from making this book too Nordic Noir so if you re worried about reading something as heavy as a Larson book don t be in fact I think this book is set in summer if that happens in Norway Sometimes it s hard toxpress just how good a book is Finding just the right often used words and phrases to depict how it made you feel but anyway here goes The Son has gripping unrelenting action bent coppers drug dealers human traffickers the dregs of the underworld and then there s Sonny Lofthus The Son who is on a mission to rid the world of some very unpleasant characters to avenge the death of his police officer father There s a villain called The Twin and also a police mole who nobody knows the identity of but Sonny is determined to find them all It was hard to put this book down and when I did I was constantly thinking about it there were so many clues to investigate I decided part way through the book who the mole was and then changed my mind and then changed it again It definitely worked its way into my psyche I found myself rooting for Sonny and wanted a good outcome but it was hard to see how that was ver gonna happen Nesbo did a great job of making a protagonist with an agenda appear childlike and innocent Highly recommended 15 hysterical predictable tedious stars Second Most Disappointing Read of 2019 Award Last year I read Nesbo s Macbeth and although very disappointed I was also fairly ntertained and garnered a 25 star rating from me I felt that perhaps I might be interested and impressed in his own original work rather than an adaptation of a classic I was wrong I picked this up as I needed some respite from killer clowns It a biography on Alexander the Great and some pop anthropology I craved a dark Attracting Birds to Your Backyard exciting diversion and chose this book which has an average rating of 407 Nope nope nope This started as a fairly interesting three star read that plummeted around the halfway mark with predictability histrionic heroics and individual psychologies that were both simplistic and inconsistent Myyes kept rolling my predictions all came true and I was both agitated and bored while reading this I skimmed the last third as I wanted to complete this pronto I will not return to Nesbo He is not for me and there are so many other authors that write mysteries and thrillers that I want to Deep Listening explore I have readvery book in Jo Nesb s Harry Hole series and Bird-by-Bird Gardening enjoyed them all so I decided it was time to try his stand alone books too It was a good decisionThe Son is like a Harry book but with other police instead of Harry Except of course the main character is an anti hero who you spend most of the book rooting for If Harry had been there then Sonny would not have stood a chanceThere were so many twists and turns in this story that I almost lost track of what was happening butnjoyed the action which was ongoing and gripping Sonny is a drug addict The Works of Saint Augustine escaped prisoner and multiple murderer but so charming and smart that I kept hoping the police would fail Of course there is a grand finale whereveryone shoots Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone everyonelse but you will have to read the book yourself to see what My Teacher Is a Robot eventually happens to our heroI am giving this five stars because it was so good I was unable to put it down I finally read my first Jo Nesbo book and I mostlynjoyed it I found the storyline of The Son gripping and the characters likeable I always Supper Club enjoy stories set in prisons andven if there is a breakout and I root for the runaway Despite the large number of characters featured in the book I had no problem remembering them as they were all asily distinguishable One thing I was slightly disappoin. L on the same dayBoth of them knew Sonny's fatherTo Sonny he was the man he idolised to Simon he was his best friend Both were left devastated when his corruption was revealedBut neither of them knew the truth.

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