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Felt that John Ellis book provided me an excellent and detailed account of World War I from the ground level The book is concise yet very informative EYE DEEP IN HELL as certainly triggered my interest in learning about the Great War Excellent look at the experience of trench warfare in the Western Front from 1914 1918 This was reuired reading for a college course on World War I I don t know why I Londons Glory (Bryant May, have such a morbid fascination with this bizarre war but this book will make your skin crawl withorror as it described in detail what it was actually like to be down in those trenches day after day I did keep thinking that if you told a group of women now guess what your country wants you to go down into this trench filled with frozen mud lice and giant rats and stay there for four years until of course a shell lands on you you die of some loathsome disease are poisoned with gas we decide Jingle Bells hey let s everybody jump up and run into that nest of machines guns across the way or you lose your mind the women would say you re kidding right country Think again and go shopping and out to lunch instead I like John Ellis He doesn t write as much ase used to which I think is a shame He was one of the first istorians to really examine what the average soldier experiences in war Not just combat but the day to day life of the soldier in and out of combat He arrived on the scene mid seventies about the same time as fellow istorian John Keegan but while Mr Keegan as gone on to receive accolades wealth and fame Mr Ellis as faded into relative obscurity Which is a shame because Knights Templar in Britain his books are often found in the bibliographies of recent books thatave been Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, huge sellers such as Stephen Ambrose mega bestseller Citizen Soldiers Ambrose and otheristorians now write in the style of eyewitness Nature Cure history combined with The Big Picture that was pioneered by Ellis and Keegan and Cornelius Ryan Eye Deep in Hell was one of the first books that Mr Ellis wrote and is probablyis most well known Simply put Mr Ellis looked at what life was like for the average soldier on the ground in World War One Before this book there The Bookshop on the Corner had been other writers naturally to examine the life of the trench soldier in both fiction and non fiction But nonead examined it in such great detail Mr Ellis even covers the field laundries and the kitchens that fed the men In addition to the detailed accounts the book is lavishly illustrated with photographs Like Mr Eilis s WWII follow up book in 1980 The Sharp End The Fighting Man in World War II this book might seem fairly typical in 2011 but it s one of the first of it s kind and is still a very good read I strongly recommend it I read this book several years ago while doing research for a short comic I was writing The book is well researched and gives a very in depth look at the daily lives of soldiers on the Western front Ellis draws from a number of first The Fixer (The Fixer, hand sources mainly the diaries of soldiers at the front and the book as a whole works as a great jumping off point for discovering some of those firstand accounts I plan on re reading the book soon and will leave a detailed review once I ve done this. The constant struggle of men to find meaning amid excruciating boredom and the specter of impending death.

I like my One of Your Own history packed full of tangents details and painfully dry exposition This bookas all three and is therefore my favorite book about trench warefare during WWI Sure you can find books that are comprehensive or focused on the Nina human element and stuff like that There are many books on the subject which are better written and flow like poetry But this book once you start to process all the information that it contains is a punch in the face which is precisely what a book about WWI should be This book made me feel like I was in the trenches In 2015 I came across a review of this book I wrote in 2001 for a Military History college course Iad not recollection of reading this book but I also forgot about reading James McPherson s For Cause and Comrades earlier in the same class which this review implies that I Super Gran (Super Gran, hated it at the time When I read McPherson in 2013 I thought it was great Here is the entire review with a little editingWorld War I is infamous Infamous for theideous life in the trenches the ridiculous loss of life in suicidal charges into the face of enemy machine guns and numerous firsts in warfare such as tanks and poison gas Eye Deep in Hell attempts to give an account of life in those infamous trenches on the Western Front and does an impressive jobFor Cause and Comrades Why Men Fought in the Civil War atte I like this book precisely because it is what it purports to be a look at trench warfare in WWI mostly from the view of the soldiers themselves Other books dealing with The Great War of course mention this most Jay McGraws Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies horrible aspect of the war devote part of a chapter toow this approach to warfare came in to being and maybe discuss the lurid aspects of what these men actually went through but until reading this I Legally Sane had no idea of the simple Hell that being stuck in this would be Did you know that soldiers drowned in the mud in the inland fields of France Did you know that at times the German soldiersad to resort to eating sawdust because their food supplies became so low Did you know that at times during the war certain countries made it mandatory for soldiers when off the trenchline to spend time with prostitutes And did you know that the Christmas Truce wasn t the only time opposing combatants encountered each other peaceably It was nothing for a soldier covered in mud lice and other filth to be digging a new section of trench and uncover body parts or that men at times slowly died screaming in No Man s Land because to attempt to retrieve Shadowspell Academy him would mean certain death for the others inis suad This was a Anna Del Contes Italian Kitchen horrible war and my Grandfather was involved in it Whene was still alive Dead Center he never talked about whatappened what Murder Moonflowers (The Herbalist he saw I understand a little better now This book was so very educational It was a first reader for learning about WWI Trench Warfare It was not as graphic as some of the tales from the trench that I read later but it was much informative Iighly recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn about WWI Illuminates the Horrific Primal Nature of the Great War While World War I as always been dubbed The Great War it may actually be the Forgotten War in terms of Millions of men lived in the trenches during World War I More than six million died there In Eye Deep in

Ow little is remembered of the orrible manner in which it was fought John Ellis EYE DEEP IN HELL provides an excellent detailing of Exploring Limits (Exploring Limits, how armies endured almost four years of killing and dying in the bowels of endless filthy trenchesEllis offers readers a rather blunt portrayal of the average infantryman s experience in the trenches on the Western Front from 1914 1918 Starting with a basic overview of the inevitable circumstances that led to such static warfare Ellis begins to meticulously delve into specifics from trench construction specifics to food and entertainment activities not to mention combat and death By chronicling every conceivable facet of life in the trenches we get a much clearer picture ofow terribly miserable uniue and personal the war truly was While the book leans to documenting the Allied armies trench experience mainly British and French almost every topic is countered with a German perspective as well I found this particularly appealing in that it gave the book a great deal of balance EYE DEEP IN HELL is told in a manner that gives readers a comprehensive understanding of The Herbalist (The Herbalist how utterly miserable it mustave been for the men who experienced life in the trenches While I Possum had a basic knowledge of trench warfare Ellis rendered that knowledge superficial it was much worse than Iad previously thought Vivid accounts of men living in knee deep stagnant water contaminated with Mina olen muinasjutuliselt rikas human waste and rotting corpses The men were always wet cold andungry they were exposed to perpetual artillery bombardment and constantly spied on by enemy snipers eagerly seeking an opportunity to kill any man who briefly and carelessly exposed Attached (Coronado Series, himself Even worse were the accounts of wounded men too weak to keep themselves from drowning in the water and mud of their own trenches the overwhelming putrid smell of rotting corpses swarms of flies and an incident where one soldier realized the movement of a corpse in no man s land was due to rats feasting on it from within Ironically theseorrors listed are what men experienced from WITHIN the trenches going over the top leaving the trenches to attack the enemy is another ghastly experience all together as men are senselessly ordered to charge point blank into enemy artillery and machine gun fire EYE DEEP IN HELL provides a well rounded education in the weaponry euipment tactics and wholesale slaughter of Western Front in a brief but insightful manner Readers will readily realize the futility of a war in which men were either sitting ducks in their trenches or charging suicidal into direct enemy fire EYE DEEP IN HELL doesn t ignore detailing Boazs Wager (Montana Collection, Book 2) how men cracked under the circumstances andow others amazingly found ways to endure entire segments of the book are dedicated to the attitude of the men doing the fighting the methods they used to cope and Essential Case Studies in Public Health how technology advancements saved countless lives Poems excerpts from letters and an abundance of pictures throughout the book add both a personal and graphic uality that enhances Ellis writingI was looking for a book to give me a clearer idea of what trench warfare was like and got than I bargained for with EYE DEEP IN HELL Ell the author explores this uniue and terrifying world the rituals of battle theabits of daily life and.

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