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Yx and Meguet The loyalty and affection between the two cousins s central Male characters enter the scene but they are much better developed and Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe intriguing than Corleu ever was We get a strong sense of something vital at stake Annteresting take on dragon lore Speechless is also featured whichs always a nice treat for me I am a huge fan of McKillip s later works and this one had been languishing on my shelves for some time It looked like a good bridge between some of the next books I was wanting to read and so picked Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, it up The first books something of a slog the writing Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, isn t uite as polished as to what I ve become accustomedn her later books and the plot moves Stranded With The Tempting Stranger in some very unfamiliar difficult to follow ways without any satisfying resolution The second bookn this compendium The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, is a much traditional narrative and the writing becomes just that little bit tighter so thatt compels you forward Still Suffer the Children (A Gardiner and Renner Novel Book 4) it wasn t until the last hundred pages or so that I finally got the story and everything clicked It seems to me also that thiss where she works out what Mindhunter is later to become her organic style of working magicnto stories In many ways this s the fight between a much classical version of magic as controlled and controllable power and something mbued Sweet Stallion into the essential being of her characters and their surroundings I really enjoyed watching this aspect of the novel play out and by the end I was even beginning to think I may miss these characters particularly Hex as his real development as a character only comesn the last dozen pages I really really want to know about his relationship with Meguet and how her power evolvesAt the end of the day t s a really good book just a shame that Summer Heat! it takes so long to get going I can see why Patricia A McKillips a leading name among fantasy writers This book contained The Sorceress and the Cygnet and The Cygnet and the Firebird The first was good but I was just accustoming myself to her writing style and there was a lot of world building was going on The second was very good The characters were well developed and the plot had lots of action This writer was recommended by one of my favorite authors Jane Lindskold and she was right I plan to read Loved these books The women of Ro Holding might be my all time favorite characters These are two tales or perhaps two thousand about magic The magic of slow reading where you put time and care Crushed Ice into each sentence until you see the spell The magic of vast characters who have remembered what they really are The magic of a storyteller who has no need of death to raise the stakes beyond the sky and has barely any need of villains to reveal the conflicts that rip us and remake us This magics particular. And of prose magic Locus Now for the first time n one volume she offers two of her classic tales The Sorceress and the Cygnet and.

Ly rare I miss t how I miss Risking It All itBut mostly these are two tales about love what love should have been all along has always been will be foreverI won t say any lest I destroy the magic You read my notes below onlyf you can t read the book I started this duology than a year ago but I decided to pause after the first few chapters because the writing was too dense and deep for the state Dog Food 2 in which my brain was at the time Now I m pickingt up again and Santa In Montana (Calder Saga it s breathtaking I Theresn t much I can say about this duology except to The Moonshiners Daughter implore you to readt The two books are as different as the sun and the moon yet bound together by the sam Just beautiful The Cygnet duology receives a 4 Emmas Orphans instead of 5 stars due to the first part of the duology Sorceress and the CygnetI found Sorceress and the Cygnetncredibly frustrating I still have absolutely no Saints on Stage idea what actually happenedn the climax I can t remember the last time I ve been so annoyed and frustrated at a book s endingDon t get me wrong I m a huge fan of McKillip and am familiar with her poetic prose and heavy Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, imagery But she didn t help the reader to understand what was happening at alln this book s climax Stuff happened and we are left with absolutely no childhood happy hours idea as to what any oft meant I haven t even been able to find a synopsis online somewhere that can explain t to me I moved on to the seuel Cygnet and the Firebird hoping that t would shed some light on the events but no such luckI also found t ncredibly frustrating to have become so attached to the original protagonist s plight and character only to have him be essentially replaced later Given Time in the book by other characters I loved the other characters by the way especially Meguet and the Gatekeeper though I am still upn the air as to how to pronounce Meguet s name lol Corleue The Book of Lamentations is still IN the story we justdon t see anything from his point of view any and his part of the story seemed to take a complete backseat to the characters of Ro Holding And he barely makes an appearancen the seuelBy Guide Through the Old Testament itself I would give Sorceress and the Cygnet a 35 star rating Apart fromts flaws I still enjoyed reading The Best-Case Scenario Handbook it McKillip s proses as usual a delight to read and her world and characters a delight to lose yourself to Read The Last Days of the Romanovs it for McKillip s usual candy of prosemagination and wonderful characters Just don t expect to know what the heck actually happened at the endThe seuel Cygnet and the Firebird I enjoyed reading The Fate of the Romanovs immensely It did not suffer the samessues as Sorceress did I loved the characters I loved how the plot unrolled and revealed Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, itself It was a very good read Bytself I would probably give LOSER it a 45 In fact you could probably readt as a stand alone without being lost at all. The Cygnet and the Firebird which delve Home-Ec 101 into the fate of the Ro family and an otherworld richn myth and mayhem magic and adventur.

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Considering I have read almost all of Patricia McKillip s books published ones at least this book was a surprise Those among you who thought the Riddle Master of Hed had obscurity riddling Exterminating Angel it s pages aren for a treatthis one Culture and Customs of Norway is evenntricate convoluted subtle and evasive but as beautifully written as one would expect to come out of PK s pen BUT The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, it does get to a point where the layer upon layer of reality mixing with fantasy thus madet the first PK book I took my time finishing Cygnet compromises of two books and Shake, Rattle and Roll if you asked me to explain the scenario and describet I would say read A Private Midnight it It would be euivalent to explaining an exuisite dreamn all The Weavers Idea Book it s vividnessn mere wordsHowever t s also easy to compare her world with this one and find the mundane similarities and the parables It s worth reading but not for everyone I have read many of her books and particularly love these Magical The Road to There indeed The story of this books the story of a year I read The Sorceress and the Cygnet at the beginning of this year and I just finished The Cygnet and the Firebird What both books have to recommend them1 A plentiful cast of sympathetic female figures Templars in America including one of the satisfying depictions of female authorityn Nyx s mother and two sisters who while they re meant to contrast sharply with Nyx are remarkable Used (Getting Inside of V, in their own ways Nyx s older sister Irisn particular Inside a Barn in the Country is exactly what the regrettably dull and faded flower Laureln Winter Rose ought to have been2 Two complex and The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums intriguing central heroines the mage Nyx and the warrior Meguet I admire both but Meguets my favorite3 McKillip s remarkable writing style which Athena is not uite like any other fantasy author s It s not always easy to followt keeps a reader on her toes but Tales from the Toolbox it has such a wonderfully poetic uality aboutt ndeed at times t s rather like reading prose poetry It draws the reader nto a landscape of dreamsYet I did not enjoy both books eually The Cygnet and the Firebird s my distinct favorite and not simply because Det ordnar sig it s the freshestn my memory The Sorceress and the Cygnet I felt was hampered by a rather dull hero Corleu and his even duller barely there love The Admiral interest Every time a scene focused on Corleu I sped up my readingn order to get through The Homunculus it uickly to get back to Nyx and Meguet Imagine McKillip started out to tell a story about Corleu but as her work progressed she discovered that her heart and her Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) imagination were really with the women of Ro Holding and she had to force herself to continue Corleu s plot thread to bringt to a conclusion The Cygnet and the Firebird does not have this problem By this time McKillip knows and understand which characters really nterest her and she focuses suarely on In the realm of fantasy one name stands out from the crowd For many years Patricia A McKillip has charmed readers with her uniue br.

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Patricia Anne McKillip is an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels distinguished by lyrical delicate prose and careful attention to detail and characterization She is a past winner of the World Fantasy Award and Locus Award and she lives in Oregon Most of her recent novels have cover paintings by Kinuko Y Craft She is married to David Lunde a poetAccording to Fantasy Book