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S been under our noses the whole time and we ve hardly noticed A girl yells at her dad to let her out of the car Girls tease another girl about living in China and ask if she ate rats She teases back I wondered if she d ver forget goodness Probably the last thing she d say to me before I walked down the aisle to be married was Be good Conversation Topics 14 Incidents A girl watches as a magician swallows fire A woman ran away from her husband because he had taken a second wife her family disowns her A cook smokes a cigarette in the kitchen often Mentions Halloween A family walks around the house naked discuss whether Adam and Eve were real people and also where babies come from It s mentioned that the parents may get a divorce A girl says her parents got into another fight so they are probably getting divorced A woman calls out Egg of a turtle May all your children fall sick May you outlive Montana Dreams every one of them May the gods heap misfortune on your head Mentions fortune telling cards A girl must guess what the surprise is She asks whether it is animal vegetable or mineral Her father says animal and declares it s a baby sister The couple get a divorce and move to different apartments A girl learned the Charleston and her friend thinks that was a flapper thing to do Opium is mentioned A girl asks her grandma whether shever worries about whether she ll be good or not The grandma tells her never that she just loves her the way she is A grandma and girl make fun of her school teacher and say she has cootiesParent TakeawayThe main character does not behave well at all She gets mad Immerwelt - Der Pakt easily is stubborn lies yells at her parentstc In fact throughout the book she is upset with her parents and adults in general who only care about whether she is being good or not There is definitely a lack of morals The friend and the friend s family are also a bad influence on the main character they are boundary pushers going about the house naked speaking openly of the birds and the bees and with the parents getting a divorce geography asia china cultureLike my reviews Then you should follow me Because I have hundreds just like this one With Modern South Asia each review I provide a Cleanliness Report mentioning any objectionable content I come across so that parents andor conscientious readers like me can determine beforehand whether they want to read a book or not Content surprises are super annoyingspecially when you re 100 pages in so here s my attempt to help you avoid that So Follow or Friend me here on GoodReads You ll see my updates as I m reading and know which books I m liking and what I m not finishing and why You ll also be able to utilize my library for looking up titles to see whether the book you re thinking about reading next has any objectionable content or not From swear words to romance to bad attitudes in children s books I cover it all Any children s librarian worth her salt knows this author s books What a delight to find out she was born in China and spent her first 13 years there China in the Roaring 20 s was not without its share of thrills and chills I have read many books about Chinese history and culture this one put a piece into the puzzle that I had not read about before This was a treat This makes me want to sit down and write about my own childhood I love how she wrote it as a story This was a Newbery honor book in 1983 Pretty decent read I s pose I read the whole thing in about two hours on Saturday I would say the book was just okay I thought it over simplified many of the issues going on in China I couldn t help but feel that the author seemed like a rather spoiled girl She s complaining about living in China and she wants to live in America where her parents are from but meanwhile she s surrounded by all these servants and she has a huge house while millions of Chinese are starving on the streets I understand that it must have been difficult to be a foreigner during the beginnings of the revolution in China the Chinese were NOT very fond of foreigners at that time I understand that she felt like an outsider in the country where she d spent her Picture Theory entire life But still I think the author did not put things into perspectivenough Looking back as an adult I think she should be mature Ancestral Voices enough to see that the Chinese were kind of justified in their distrust of foreigners For a long time China was basically split up between several foreign nations Most of the foreigners living in China werextremely rich living in lavish households filled with dozens of servants like the author Jean Fritz I can hardly blame the starving and And Bid Him Sing emaciated Chinese citizens for calling the author and her family foreign devils Yet Jean Fritz acts like she was such a victim I realize that Jean Fritz herself was not to blame for what happened in China and of course I do NOT think that anything could justify the killing of foreigners by Chinese revolutionaries but I still think that she should see now as an adult that the Chinese attitude toward foreigners was at least partly justified Fritz portrays thevents in China in a very one dimensional way and I think her whole book suffers because of it I remember finding this book when I volunteered at the Lebanon Public Library I could not put it down and re read it many times As an adult I had a short career as a middle school language arts teacher and I Aristotle Detective (Aristotle endedvery class by reading to my students I chose this book for one of my classes and they were mesmerized It was a group of children who had trouble paying attention and staying on task but they could not hear Bones, Clones, and Biomes enough of this story I had moved across the country to take this job and when I read the part where Jean s mother is reunited with my sister I had to fight through reading and not cry in front of my students It was such a moving moment and it touched my poor homesick heart My students left the room nearly silent The next day one of my students told me she never knew a book could do that to you Homesick My Own Story is an autobiographical account of her childhood memories in China by Jean Fritz written in 1982 Shexplains frankly in her short introduction that for the sake of authenticity she has to term this book fiction as her memories came out in lumps and she does not trust that they are Bringing the Empire Home entirely accurate or complete It is very much a child s view of thevents taking place during 1925 to 1927 at the beginning of what we know as the first Chinese Civil WarJean Fritz was born Jean Guttery in 1915 in Hankow in China Here she narrates her memories of that ten year old child attempting to Fin Modern Classics This fictionalized autobiography tells the heartwarming story of a little girl growing up in an unfamiliar place While other girls her age were njoying their childho.

Jean Fritz wrote biographies and histories for children In this book she describes her own life as the child of Americans living in China in the 1920s Her memories create a rich sense of place though tinged with a child s colonial biases The depiction of the growing Chinese resistance to European spheres of influence which xploded in the Boxer Rebellion creates a feeling of being there at an Building the Cold War exciting and dangerous time The 10 year old Jean who had never lived in the country she reveres finally gets her passionate wish to go home to America Many people will identify with her rebellions and the growing up stresses shexperiencesThough written for children this book opens up a period of history in a tangible way that adults can appreciate Poor Patrick Henryhe had to share my discovery of car sickness all those years ago I still hate driving through those hills My poor bookshelf It still holds the remains of the said book the very same copy Seven That is the number of instances where my compartment happy mother tried to do away with that book In suffering over my pristine Saxon text for that year it did me comfort to look up to see an old friend rat shredded cover splitting a decrepit smile over the title Through the barrage of history textbooks my parents provided me with over the years it was the Landmark series I stole away a colorful clothbound array They whetted my appetite for the se While Jean Fritz calls this fiction because of the format it is her own story of growing up in 1920s China She attends a British school and finally rebels against having to sing God Save the ueen Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) every morning Her father helps her find an cleverlyasy solution that satisfies her and the Counter-Amores establishment She maintains correspondence with a grandmother she has never met and yearns to set foot in her country of allegiance The area Jean s family lives in becomes troubled as the Communists and the Nationalists struggle for power and dominance Foreigners are looked at with suspicion and then aggression The family has to leave the country by narrow sueaks as her father calls difficult situations At last Jean greets America with a bit of appropriate andmotional verse and self consciously aims to fit into her new school but first must learn the Pledge of Allegiance I read this book in one sitting Ignored breakfast and let the phone go unanswered Jean s story conveyed well the Dancing at Armageddon emotional and situationalxperiences of a young girl on the brink of adolescence in a country not her own who finally realizes and values that it holds her past Having lived in Asia for a year might have heightened my pleasure in the story but I think anyone interested in a first hand account of this Double Jeopardy episode in China s history from a young girl s perspective would find Homesick a memorable and funxperience This was the darlingest CleanlinessChildren s Bad WordsMild Obscenities Substitutions 2 Incidents shut upName Calling 15 Incidents Foreign devil nitwit a real bird ChinkScatological Terms 2 Incidents bldy as a swear wordReligious Profanity 3 Incidents thank goodness for heaven s sake land s sakeReligious Supernatural 5 Incidents It mentions people begging the River God to return a son or grandson who may have drowned A boy has a charm that is supposed to keep away smallpox and a pigtail on his head that is to fool the gods A girl calls out May the River God protect you A girl doesn t like Sundays because of having to sit through church and Sunday school The preacher discusses death and passing into glory At the temple inside the cave I could go up to the altar and talk to the Rain God if I wanted to but I didn t have a thing to say to him My prayers had nothing to do with weather Violence 1 Incident If a man was an Composition and Literature enemy sometimes they d cut off his head and stick it up on a pole as a warning to others Romance Related 12 Incidents She friend told me things that sounded so crazy I had to ask my mother if they were true Like where babies came from She becomes furious with grown ups for not telling her things A girl thinks a sailor is cute An aunt has lots of beaus and her niece wonders if she has turned into a flapper A girl listens to two songsntitled Five Feet Two Eyes of Blue and Gimme a Little Kiss Will Ya Huh A girl has a crush was in love with an actor A girl was hoping there would be teenage boys on the ship Give my love to John Gilbert an actor A girl sees a picture of Charles Lindbergh and thinks she might consider having a crush on him that is if and when I Cezanne and Provence ever felt the urge A boy asks a girl if he can walk her home again after school It mentions that a boy has no pants so that he could just let loose when he had to go Breast pocket Bare bottomed little boys AttitudesDisobedience 17 Incidents A girl reasons that she doesn t have to do as the Romans do when in Roman since her parents don t So she disobeys her mother and does not sing the British anthem because she s American A schoolboy bullies her for this and because she is upset plays a mean trick on her nanny and skips school the next day A police officer asks a girl why she s not in school She lies and gets angry at him Deep in my heart I knew that goodness didn t come natural to me I m not always good Sometimes I don tven try Of course I knew I was wrong to disobey my mother but that hadn t stopped me Still I did feel guilty She is upset that parentsadults are always concerned about whether she is good and not something Dark Voices else like skilled or beautifultc and that don t those matter This is a reoccurring theme A girl yells at her mom and stamped out of the room A girl uestions why her mom xpects her to be one hundred percent perfect A girl yells at her parents for not including her in their decisions A girl hopes her baby sister is not one hundred percent perfect She hates the baby s name and asks if she s to tell a lie that she likes the name After her baby sister dies a girl gets mad at the preacher for saying death was a glory She gets mad at her father for telling her she s been good through this difficulty A girl shouted all the Chinese swear words she knew A girl lies and feels ashamed A girl wants to see a bathroom so she pretends she has to go just so she can see it Although the dad thinks it s ok the children know the mother won t allow it so they try to sneak but get caught This is about watching a movie and a girl thinks how could a movie hurt anyone You make me sick David HullCry babying over something in the past that you can t know a thing about his adoption Don t you know your real past is right there Yours and mine both It. This is the twenty fifth anniversary of Jean Fritz's award winning account of her life in China and to honor this story it is only fitting that it be added to our prestigious line of Puf.

Ecollect and convey how she felt at that time Her parents are Christian missionaries from America she attends a British school and speaks fluent Chinese Even at such a young age Jean knows that she wants to be a writer just as knows she wants to live in America and wants to be called Marjorie She was to accomplish two of theseThe young Jean has a strong sense of identity and a feeling that she lives on the wrong side of the world She loathes being called a foreign devil by the local children she loathes her school and most of all she loathes the fact that the culture she is taught is British Most of the other children at the school are British In one arly Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) episode she isxpected to sing the British National Anthem God Save The King but refuses It does not seem right to her she is not a British citizen Only when her father tells her a nifty way of getting out of it mouthing different words while appearing to join in does she manage to suare this with her conscience The book has many such humorous moments The trouble with living on the wrong side of the world was that I didn t feel like a real American For instance I could never be president of the United States I didn t want to be president I wanted to be a writer Still why should there be a law saying that only a person born in the United States could be president It was as if I wouldn t be American Creating Country Music enough Jean feels American through and through and desperately wants to be with her grandmother in America She loves her parents wishing she had a sister to talk to and loves her Chinese nanny Lin Nai Nai too She doesnjoy various aspects of Chinese culture but constantly feels out of place and conflicted The only other thing she really loves apart from her books is the Yangtse River Hankow is a small rural town next to the river and Jean loves the atmosphere there the Blacklands energy activity andverything about the river and the junks floating upon itThe book takes place over just two years and there are significant changes in how the people of China behave towards foreigners during those two years and also towards Evolutionary Patterns each other There are not just two sides but many factions There is a surge in Communist feeling and support More and Chinese people are becoming convinced that many of the country s ills have been caused by foreign meddling and interference in their governance There is increasing violence and unrest and than once the family are in real danger particularly Jean s father who works for the YMCA and refuses to leave if there are any wounded to look after Jean is an intelligent girl but she is still a child and does not fully understand the concept of a Communist revolution or the importance of the historicalvents happening around her She is totally focused on going to America as she has been promised resenting any interference or threat to these plans Just as any small child she cannot see the larger picture Her parents try to Evolution As Entropy explain thenormity of the situation to her In history books war seemed to be a simple matter of two sides fighting the right side against the wrong so I didn t see how this Chinese war was Forging Gay Identities ever going to make it into history In the first place there weren t just two sides There were warlords scattered aroundach with his own army and there was the Nationalist Army under General Chiang Kai shek which was trying to conuer the warlords and unify the country Both the Communists and the Nationalists wanted to make things better in China he Forbidden History explained but both did terrible things to people who opposed them If a man was annemy sometimes they d cut off his head and stick it up on a pole as a warning to others My father had seen this with his own Fiche Blian ag Fás eyesOf courseventually foreigners are not tolerated with kindness any longer and Jean s family have to try to leave the country How they do this and whether they succeed is covered in the story which is told over seven chapters Throughout the text the author never takes sides politically and shows great Esteem Enlivened by Desire empathy for the ordinary people involved in these turbulent times despite viewing the period through a child syes She never forget that the servants who work for the family are human beings with their own feelings and rights although her parents do seem to fall into an acceptance of the different roles which Jean objects to Her parents do not adapt very much to the Chinese way of life but instead try to recreate their own little bit of America and live American lives in a different country Jean considers that there are aspects of Chinese life which she prefers to the life of her parents and as the time gets closer to her hopefully moving to America she realises what she will have left behind The story is followed by a brief summary of the background of Chinese history between 1913 and 1927 at the nd This is very helpful The reasons behind the ordinary Chinese people s dislike and distrust of foreigners are made clear to anyone not conversant with this period of Chinese history in these final notes The book also has several sketchy illustrations by Margot Tomes insterspersed in the text perhaps as it has a young focus and could be classed as Juvenile Literature However I do not feel they add anything They feel rather too caricaturedThe book is an interesting read with an ususual focus during a period of history and place outsiders do not hear much about Many details of a past Chinese culture are there the long fingernails of the family s chef used to create magnificent sculptured centrepieces for the table out of butter Lin Nai Nai s poor tiny bound feet meaning that she has to hobble and preventing her from walking any distance There are the rickshaws drawn through the streets by men desperate for a few coins or the social s she was taught I never saw anyone give money to a beggar You couldn t my father xplained or you d be mobbed by beggars They d follow you very place they d never leave you alone I had learned not to look at them when I passed and yet I saw The running sores the twisted legs the mangled facesThese details are what make this book fascinating It is worth a look The author ventually succeeded in her dream of becoming an author and living in America She has won many awards for her work including the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award in 1886 at that time a three yearly award for making a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children She specialises in children s literature writing American biographies and history Homesick My Own Story was the runner up for the Newbery Medal in 1983 Jean Fritz is now one hundred years old. Od in America Jean Fritz was in China in the midst of political unrest Jean Fritz tells her captivating story of the difficulties of living in a unfamiliar country at such a difficult ti.

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Jean Fritz was a children’s author with a fascination with writing historical fictions She was born on November 16 1915 in Hankow China to missionary parents After living in China for 13 years Fritz and her family moved back to the United States Beginning her career with an English degree Fritz became an award winning and respected author She received an honor for every book that she wrot