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Hurch would be terminated as well I remember feeling heartbroken My friend was going to be sent home from his mission and beyond that excommunicated He wasn t my companion ust a friend He wasn t going to prison like Elder Lee So Elder Jenkin s level of emotion should have been much higher than mine because he was in a serious situation I would not have been able to tell anyone about any reassignments or transfers as real missionaries refer to them with any of the robotic business like manner that Elder Jenkins used It s as if Elder Jenkins was made of cardboardElder Lee the protagonist was a completely unbelievable character as well He has a completely nonsensical one dimensional way of thinking He continuously focuses on how he needs to follow the prophet but the book fails to mention that numerous prophets have taught Love thy neighbor and Thou shalt not killThe Plot or lack thereofHalfway through the book I started asking myself Why am I still reading Of course the answer was that I got this book for free in exchange for reading it cover to cover and sharing my thoughts on it Beyond that I don t know why anyone would finish There was nothing that made me care enough to finish the book The plot starts out like it might go somewhere We have a missionary who committed murder There is genuine horror there But it very uickly devolves into lots of long boring scenes in the courtroom or researching the life of Aaron Lee Why should I care The protagonist is a psychopath and a one dimensional one at that Was I supposed to care how he was sentenced I didn t Was I supposed to care about his fate I didn t Was I supposed to wonder where his belief system came from I was mildly curious about that but there was no payoff for my curiosity The final answer to that uestion is view spoiler He feels it s really important to follow the prophet Naturally rather than follow the prophet he instead follows the strange cult started by his father whom he hates and calls the prophet a coward for not espousing the beliefs of the aforementioned cult hide spoiler Very predictable and not well written Pretty disappointed But I finished it so I could give an honest review. Ective Klingensmith's mind He and his partner Detective Robbins are about to find out in a ourney that will expose secrets from the past and will take them from Salt Lake City to the red rocks of southern Utah.

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Amazing amazing amazing best book ive read in awhile I found this book interesting if a bit one sided It would have benefited from of a sane LDS view interjected throughout the book As it was it felt like a balance between LDS extremists and non members It was worth the read but felt like it had very little character development throughoutI do recommend it as an interesting read I wish it had some characters that would have felt than 2 dimensional As it is the only character who stood out was Aaron Lee because he was the focus of the book As a warning LDS members will probably find the book disturbing in places and uncomfortable to read through if they don t know the whole of the LDS churches history Disclaimer I received this book for free through the Goodreads First Reads program Otherwise I can assure you I would not have completed it I have a lot to say about this book I don t know where to start I guess I ll start at the beginning it s a very good place to startI was only a few paragraphs into the book when I started thinking that these missionaries didn t sound like missionaries at all They don t talk like missionaries they don t act like missionaries That s the lead in to my first issue with this bookComplete Lack of Knowledge about Missionary life and cultureI actually said out loud as I was reading Did these guys even talk to a single missionary before writing this book I uickly learned No they didn tTo illustrate that point let me bring you to a point early in the story when Elder Lee tells Elder Jenkins he is not feeling well so Elder Jenkins goes to the dinner appointment alone To anyone who has never served a mission this sounds like a perfectly normal thing to do The author probably thought that as wellLet me ust tell you this would never happen Missionaries are governed by a strict set of rules One of those rules is that companions are to remain together at all times Do missionaries sometimes break rules Sure they do But you have to understand members of the church want their missionaries to be shining examples and representatives for the church As such they can and will report misconduct to mission authorities Having a missi. Alternate Cover Edition 9780985842109Mormon missionary Elder Aaron Lee is a murderer; although he does not see it that way He and his mission companion walk the Salt Lake City streets spreading the teachings of.

Onary leave his companion alone to go to a dinner appointment with a member of the church is like someone robbing a bank and then dropping by the police precinct to brag about it It would never happenLeaving your companion alone like that is an offense punishable by immediate termination as a missionary Both missionaries would have known that Elder Jenkins would have chosen to cancel the appointment rather than go aloneSince the entire plot hangs on that particular scene it s kind of a big dealThat is probably the most glaring issue but there are little things like that on every page that show a complete lack of knowledge about missionary culture and vernacular Things like missionaries referring to each other by first nameEnough about that on to my next point Terrible EditingAnother uestion I asked myself early on was Did anyone even proofread this book Again the glaring answer was noMost of the story is written in past tense Every once in a while it switches to present tense for inexplicable reasons It was very Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) jarring It happens at least 3 or 4 times and I can t imagine it would have gotten past even one proofreading Probably the most amusing editing error was when the character Steven Thomas suddenly became Stephen Thomas I had to turn back a couple pages and try to make sure we were still talking about the same character It was weird and randomWooden Unbelievable CharactersThere was not a single character in this book that seemed like a real personThe scene where Elder Jenkins says he s being reassigned blew my mind Elder Lee is inail for murder His life is completely ruined I understand Elder Jenkins is probably not going to emote heavily to a police detective but he sounded like a robot in that scene Not to mention that a real missionary who abandoned his companion would be facing church discipline for allowing his companion to commit murder but that hearkens back to my first issue of this book having no resemblance to real missionary serviceWhen I was a missionary there was a fellow missionary in my district who became too involved with a woman His conduct was such that he would be terminated as a missionary and his membership in the The LDS Church His life changed forever the day he killed James Barone a gay man living in Salt Lake City UT What would lead a Mormon missionary to murder That was the one uestion that kept looping through Det.